Project E(x)ternship: Serve as a Host

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A Job Shadowing Program

Project E(x)ternship is an alternative Spring and Summer break career exploration program that offers Seaver College students the unique opportunity continue to investigate career interests and make professional connections while job shadowing in various work environments across the world. This program is valuable for students who want a chance to "test the waters" of a career path without making the long term commitment of an internship or full-time job. Project E(x)ternship also allows alumni, parents of Pepperdine, and friends of Pepperdine to reconnect and serve the waves community in a meaningful and tangible way.


Project E(x)ternship will resume in the 2017-2018 school year.


Frequently Asked Questions about Project E(x)ternship

What is the difference between an E(x)ternship and an internship?

Externships are short-term job shadowing experiences that offer no pay and typically last one to three days. Students shadow alumni, parents, and friends of Pepperdine to get first-hand exposure to a specific career field. The extern selection process is governed by the Seaver College Career Center. Internships are long term work commitments to an organization in exchange for compensation or academic credit. Interns are selected and hired by the host organization.

When does Project E(x)ternship take place?

Project E(x)ternships take place during the Seaver College Spring & Summer Break.

2016 SPRING BREAK: Monday, February 29 - Friday March 4, 2016

2016 SUMMER BREAK: Monday, May 2, 2016 - Friday May 6, 2016

(Hosts will select between one half day to five days during one or both of these weeks.)

What are the benefits of Project E(x)ternship to me and my organization?

Serving as a Project E(x)ternship host gives you a unique opportunity to connect with current undergraduate Pepperdine students and influence their career development in a real way. You have a chance to meet potential new talent for future summer interns and full-time employees and increase the exposure of your company and career field.

I work from home/don't have an office. Can I still participate as a host?

Hosts must work in a place of business to participate in Project E(x)ternship. Students cannot shadow hosts in a private home office.

When is the deadline to register to host a student?

SPRING BREAK: Friday, November 5, 2015

SUMMER BREAK: Friday, March 4, 2016

What are the expectations for a Project E(x)ternship host?

Project E(x)ternship hosts are expected to serve as positive career role models in a professional setting, allowing students to "shadow" them through a typical day of activities. You can invite students to participate in meetings, interview colleagues, tour your organization, complete small tasks, and observe general business proceedings.

Am I responsible for the student's housing, transportation, and other expenses?

No. The students assume all of the expenses associated with their experiences.

I don't live in Southern California. Can I still participate as a host?

Yes. While many students prefer to shadow a local host to limit their expenses, in the past students have traveled during Spring & Summer Break to pursue job shadow experiences in their home towns or cities of interest.

Can I host more than one student?

Yes. The number of students you host is up to you. Please indicate your preference on the registration form.

How does the selection process work?

Alumni, parents, and friends of Pepperdine register to host 1 (or more) undergraduate student(s) by the registration deadline. Students then apply for specific Project E(x)ternship opportunities, after reviewing the hosts' job, company, location and descriptions online. Seaver College Career Center staff conduct student interviews, make student selection, match students with hosts and send acceptance and introduction emails. Students are required to attend professional development training to prepare them for a successful project E(x)ternship experience. This training will be completed before students partake in their E(x)ternship opportunities. Hosts will receive guidelines/expectations and can direct all questions and concerns to the Seaver Career Center Office Manager Madelline Abourched.

Am I guaranteed a student match?

Because the number of hosts and student applicants varies each year we cannot always guarantee a match but do our best to provide opportunities for hosts to participate in Project E(x)ternship and other Seaver Career Center programs.

Why should I serve as a host?