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Job Shadow Day: Serve as a Host

Host Testimonials

"The little we can do to educate, enlighten or inspire can be very beneficial."

"This is a wonderful program and it was a true pleasure to host."



Introduce current Pepperdine students to your industry by hosting them in your workplace for a day or half-day shadowing experience on Job Shadow Day.

Fall Job Shadow Day: Wednesday, October 30, 2019
Spring Job Shadow Day: Wednesday, March 25, 2020

During this program, students will come prepared with questions, interest, and a desire to learn about your career path. Serving as a host on Job Shadow Day is a great way to support current students by providing opportunities for career exploration. It's also a good way to build your Pepperdine network and potentially connect you with future job candidates for your organization.

Registration for the 2019-2020 Job Shadow Day program is now open for hosts located in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Frequently Asked Questions

I work from home/don't have an office. Can I still participate as a host?

Hosts must work in a place of business to participate in the Job Shadow Day program. Students cannot shadow hosts in a private home office.

When is the deadline to register to host a student?

Please register as a host by September 30, 2019.

What are the expectations for a Job Shadow Day host?

Job Shadow Day hosts are expected to serve as positive career role models in a professional setting, allowing students to "shadow" them through a typical day of activities. The format and schedule will vary between companies but a typical job shadow day may include:

  • Observation of individual employees' activities during their workday
  • Informational interviews with employees
  • Meetings with executives, department heads, or other individuals
  • Lunch with recent hires and/or alumni
  • A tour of the company

Am I responsible for the student's housing, transportation, and other expenses?

No. The students assume all of the expenses associated with their experiences. 

I don't live in Southern California. Can I still participate as a host?

Because Job Shadow Day is a one-day experience, we are currently seeking hosts in the Greater Los Angeles area. If you are interested in serving as a host but are not local to the Los Angeles area, we encourage you sign up for our Thrive Mentoring Program (virtual).

Can I host more than one student?

Yes. The number of students you host is up to you. Please indicate your preference on the registration form.

How does the selection process work?

Alumni, parents, and friends of Pepperdine register to host 1-3 undergraduate student(s) by using the Job Shadow Day registration form. Students are required to submit an application and attend a Job Shadow Day orientation to prepare them for a successful experience. Based on the host and student responses received, we will work to match students and with a host that closely aligns with their industry or job function of interest. Although a match is not guaranteed, we look forward to matching as many students with alumni & friends of Pepperdine as possible. The Career Center will notify hosts if/when they are matched with a student and will provide details and instructions on how to coordinate the shadowing experience. 

Why should I serve as a host?

Serving as a Project E(x)ternship host gives you a unique opportunity to connect with current undergraduate Pepperdine students and influence their career development in a real way. You have a chance to meet potential new talent for future summer interns and full-time employees and increase the exposure of your company and career field.