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Waves of Success Graduation Luncheon
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to bring tickets or a confirmation email to the luncheon?
A: No tickets or a confirmation email are needed to get into the luncheon. Registrants can check-in at the Waves of Success Graduation Luncheon table at the entrance of the graduation prior to the start of graduation or at the luncheon after the graduation is over. Luncheon attendees will be receiving wristbands which must be worn to gain entry into the buffet lines.

Q: What is the luncheon seating situation?
A: All guests will be assigned to round tables that can accommodate up to ten guests each. Attendees will receive their table assignment upon checking-in at the luncheon. If the party is larger than ten, the remaining guests will be seated at a roundtable near the rest of their party. If the party has less than ten people, the guests will be combined with another party that also has fewer than ten guests.

Q: I have a guest with a physical handicap. How will you accommodate that?
A: When you register to attend the luncheon, please describe the type of assistance that the guest will need. We do our best to seat parties with handicap guests near the front edges of the outdoor tent so that they can get to and from their seat as seamlessly as possible. If the guest will have trouble walking from the graduation to the luncheon, ask the Public Safety officers driving golf carts for a ride to the luncheon.

Q: What is the exact location of the luncheon?
A: The luncheon takes place on Alumni park; at the opposite end from where the graduation takes place. Guest seating will be inside of a large, shaded tent which will have clear walls to protect from potential wind.

Q: When does the luncheon start?
A: The graduation technically concludes at 12:30pm but often takes longer than that to complete. We also understand that graduates and their families want to take photos with friends and family. So, in an effort to make sure that guests get a chance to eat around the same time as one another, we open the buffet around 1:30pm. If guests arrive to the luncheon early, they are welcome to sit at their assigned table but must wait for the buffet to open before getting food.

Q: What will be happening at the luncheon?
A: As the first alumni event for the new graduate, this is their chance to become familiar with the Seaver College Alumni Relations office. Student Alumni Organization students will be welcoming the guests and alumni will be handing out commemorative alumni pins to the graduates. There will be a prayer and then short speech from the executive director of the alumni relations office. There will also be an opportunity to take photos as a family as well as play outdoor games.

Q: Can I buy tickets at the door for the luncheon?
A: This event historically sells out one week before the registration deadline. Luncheon tickets will not be available for purchase at the door.

Q: I am not sure exactly how many guests can make it to the graduation. What is your refund policy?
A: Since this luncheon is very popular, we suggest that you purchase tickets for the amount of guests that you think will attend. This event usually sells out one week before the registration deadline. You can cancel guests and get a refund any time before the refund request deadline-Friday, April 14th.

Q: What is the suggested attire for the luncheon?
A: Malibu in April has unpredictable weather throughout the day so we suggest that you dress in layers, bring sun protection, and wear footwear that works well on grass.