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Alec Laterovian

Alec Laterovian

"I chose Pepperdine because I always felt it was the perfect environment in which I could thrive. I felt that the prestige of the school, along with its faith-oriented background and tight-knit community would not only allow me to meet people that would change my life now, but maybe even more importantly, impact my future for the better."



Hometown: Northridge, CA
Transferred From:
California State University, Northridge
Major: Finance

"Hello! Congratulations on starting your process to transfer to Pepperdine. I am so excited to help you transition into this new community.

I came to this dream school after being admitted a second time and knew that I had to take the leap of faith, like you did, to achieve my dreams. I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley and transferred from Cal-State Northridge. I love to eat at different restaurants and have eaten at lots and lots of restaurants in the LA area. Also, I am a HUGE Manchester United fan and love to watch and play soccer.

As far as advice, I can offer you this: some of the greatest people I met during my first semester here have been transfer mentors or members of my transfer class. Get to know whoever you meet, because they want to get to know you well. I can't wait to meet you and I am excited to help you transition to this wonderful school in beautiful Malibu."

Connect with Alec: alec.laterovian@pepperdine.edu