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Milton J. Shatzer

Professor Emeritus of Communication
Communication Division, Seaver College
CCB 255


  • PhD, Communication, Michigan State University, 1987
  • MMiss., Missiology, Abilene Christian University, TX, 1976
  • BS, Biology, University of Toledo, OH, 1970
  • Lindlof, T.R., & Shatzer, M. J. (1998). Media ethnography in virtual space: Strategies, limits, and possibilities. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, 42(2), 170-189., 1998
  • Boyd, D. A., & Shatzer, M. J. (1993). Television viewing habits of Saudi Arabian young adults. Gazette, 51, 137-148., 1993
  • Shatzer, M. J. (1989). Listening and the mass media. In R. N. Bostrom (Ed.), Listening behavior: Measurement and applications (pp. 177-193). New York: Guilford., 1991
  • Shatzer, M. J., & Lindlof, T. R. (1989). Subjective differences in the use and evaluation of the VCR. In M. R. Levy (Ed.), The VCR age: Home video recorders and the mass communication process (pp. 112-131). Beverly Hills, CA: Sage., 1990
  • Lindlof, T. R., & Shatzer, M. J. (1990). VCR usage in the American family. In Bryant, J. (Ed.), Television and the American family (pp. 88-109). Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum, 1990
  • Golden Key
  • Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Societies
  • International Communication Association
  • National Communication Association (formerly Speech Communication Association)


  • Intercultural/international communications, the influence of college study abroad programs on U.S. undergraduates.


  • First-year Seminar: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Prospects for Peace Through Better Communication
  • Media Worldwide
  • Intercultural Communication
  • International Communication and Negotiation
  • Media Impact and U.S. Minorities
  • International Studies Senior Seminar (International / Intercultural Specialization)