Meet the Faculty

Photo of Felicity Vabulas, Ph.D.

Felicity Vabulas, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Division: International Studies and Languages Division
Office: Pendleton Learning Center (PLC) 196
Phone: (310) 506-4865

  • Ph.D., Public Policy, The University of Chicago, 2013

Dr. Vabulas earned her Ph.D. and M.P.P. in public policy from the University of Chicago. She earned her B.S. in business administration from the University of Illinois. Dr. Vabulas' doctoral dissertation is entitled "Enhancing Monitoring and Enforcement in Intergovernmental Organizations: When and Why States Grant Consultative Status to NGOs." At the University of Chicago and Northwestern University, Vabulas taught classes on international organizations, foreign policy, research methods, and five practicum classes on global policy. Her research focuses on the political economy of international organizations and foreign lobbying. She has three ongoing research projects. Her first project examines when and why states exit international organizations (IOs). This set of papers investigates both suspensions as a multilateral diplomatic sanctioning tool as well as unilateral IO withdrawals (like Brexit). Her second project studies states' increasing use of informal intergovernmental organizations such as the G7 and G20 rather than traditional IOs with treaties and permanent secretariats. Her third research project examines how foreign lobbying affects U.S. foreign policy including how it alters human rights, trade, and foreign aid allocations. This research includes work published in the Review of International Organizations and forthcoming articles in International Studies Quarterly.


  • Global Economics, INTS 351

Key Awards/Affiliations:

  • Winner of the 2015-2016 University Professional & Continuing Education Association (UPCEA) Excellence in Teaching Award
  • International Studies Association Travel Grant, February 2015
  • National Science Foundation Grant 1023967 (PI: Jon Pevehouse): Foreign Interest Groups and American Foreign Policy, August 2010
  • P.E.O. Scholar Award, P.E.O. International, August 2011-June 2012
  • University of Chicago: Doolittle-Harrison Conference Award, March 2011, November 2009
  • University of Chicago: Program on Political Institutions Conference Award, March 2011, September 2009
  • University of Chicago: Program on Political Institutions, Graduate Fellow, 2008-2009
  • Harris School of Public Policy Studies: Women in Public Policy Conference Fund Grant, Spring 2012, Winter 2011, Spring 2010, Fall 2009, Spring 2008
  • University of Chicago: Program on Political Institutions, Research Grant (with Boris Shor), 2007

Academic Interests:

  • Democratization
  • Diplomacy
  • Global Governance
  • International Law
  • International Organizations
  • International Political Economy
  • International Relations
  • Lobbying
  • NGOs
  • Research Design
  • US Foreign Policy

Selected Works:

  • Organization Without Delegation: Informal Intergovernmental Organizations (IIGOs) and the Spectrum of Intergovernmental Arrangements, 2013