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Strategic Plan for Seaver College

Seaver 2030: Divine Pursuit

An updated and revised draft of the College’s 2030 strategic plan is provided for your review and consideration. This draft of the plan has been modified extensively based on feedback provided in eight public forums held in November 2020 and numerous email messages from the Seaver community. The Core and Leadership teams, consisting of faculty, staff, students, and leaders from all areas of Seaver College, have also reviewed the plan and provided extensive commentary. The feedback was thoughtfully considered and utilized to prepare the current draft of the plan. 

The strategic plan for Seaver College is intended to define the College's path forward as we continue to endeavor to realize God’s plan for our community. The six values, Christian faith, truth, excellence, diversity, humility, and service, and three themes, Thriving Community, Global Engagement, and Inspired Graduates, that form the core of the plan remain unchanged from earlier drafts, but the objectives of the plan and the rationale for each have benefited from community feedback. The plan continues to conclude with a final section, Distinctive Identity, that serves as a summary while also casting a vision for Seaver College in 2030. Metrics to track our progress on each objective and a timeline for implementing the various components of the plan are included in this draft. 

You may read the revised version of the 2030 Seaver College strategic plan at the link below.

With the release of this near-final draft of the strategic plan on February 3, 2021, Seaver College opens a 30-day review and comment period that will conclude on March 5, 2021. During this period, I invite you to review the plan and offer written feedback on it. Please submit all feedback to seaverstrategicplan@pepperdine.edu

All comments will be reviewed as they are received. Each will be granted careful consideration for incorporation into the next draft of the plan. Following revision, University senior leadership and the Board of Regents will review the penultimate draft of the plan to provide feedback and ensure alignment with the University strategic plan. The final draft of the Seaver College strategic plan will be released to the college and university communities in the summer of 2021.