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Strategic Plan for Seaver College

Seaver 2030: Divine Pursuit

The strategic plan for Seaver College is designed to illuminate the College's path forward as we endeavor to realize God’s plan for our community.  At its core are six values that have shaped the history of Seaver College since its founding and will continue to guide its future. 

As you read the plan, it begins with a section articulating the College's core values and continues with three themes—Thriving Community, Global Engagement, and Inspired Graduates—that give context to the goals and objectives for Seaver College during the current decade. It concludes with a final section, Distinctive Identity, that serves as a summary while also casting a vision for Seaver College in 2030. 

At this time, the goals and objectives in the plan are intentionally and purposefully broad, allowing each to be refined and addressed with specificity in the future. In the next draft of the plan, we will include metrics for each objective that provide greater definition for the reader. We will also detail the process used to develop the plan, highlighting the significant degree of community engagement.

The current draft version of the 2030 Seaver College strategic plan is available at the link below. 

The leadership of Seaver College and the committees charged with developing the 2030 Strategic Plan welcome your feedback and comments on the current draft of the strategic plan. Please submit all feedback to seaverstrategicplan@pepperdine.edu

All comments will be reviewed and granted careful consideration for incorporation into the next update of the plan. Thank you.