To most of us, there are few concepts more appealing than "belonging." We want to be part of an organization, a club, a church, a group of friends, a clan or family. While Pepperdine University is first and foremost an academic institution that prizes excellence in teaching and learning, nevertheless, it has been, and hopefully always will be, a place where a wide variety of people feel comfortable— where they feel genuinely at home. We believe that, just as tapestry is enriched and enlivened by a variety of textures and hues, so our University takes on beauty, intricacy, and vibrancy through a rich diversity of people.

This sense of belonging is part of our heritage. When the unthinkable struck America on September 11, 2001, nearly everyone in our nation was united, joined together with a singleness of purpose. At least for a while. That degree of unity and resolve seems to have faded significantly for many Americans. But not at Pepperdine. We continue to commit ourselves to one another and to our nation. We welcome all who would join in our mission—we want to be a belonging place for many different people and many different kinds of people.

As a community of learning, we leave to others the unstable worldview of relativism, and we affirm the absolute nature of truth. And from the absolute truth that every individual is of infinite worth, we draw the truth of diversity. Thus, we believe that our sense of belonging comes to us, inevitably, from God himself.

Thank you for your interest in Seaver College. We envision the school as a place of excellence not only in thought and academic training, but also in warm associations. We hope you will find in it an element of "home."

Andrew K. Benton