It has been rightly observed that we never rise higher than our dreams. Nor are we likely to stumble accidentally into greatness. Rather, we must illuminate the path we intend to take with as much clarity as possible. In April, 1995, the Pepperdine University Strategic Planning Committee adopted the Seaver College Integrated Strategic Plan. This plan presents a comprehensive picture of the college as it is and an image of what it hopes to become.

What is presented here is the all-important introduction to that larger plan. The goal of this introduction is to paint with a broad brush what is detailed with considerable specificity in the complete planning document – laying out what we believe ourselves to be and helping us see our way into the future.

Thanks are due to the dozens, perhaps hundreds, of Pepperdine University faculty members, staff persons, and administrators who have contributed their time and energy to the development of this plan.

Dr. Rick R. Marrs
Dean of Seaver College and
Blanche E. Seaver Professor of Religion