Faculty-Staff Scholarship Applicants

Name Student ID# Email Address Local Address City State Zip Permanent Address City State Zip Country Phone Major Division Expected Grad Mo Expected Grad Yr GPA Units Completed Recommender 1 Division Email Recommender 2 Division Email Signature Response to Mission Statement Timestamp Waive
David Cook100240512david.cook2@pepperdine.edu909-952-0596BSPHYSICSNatural Science1220183.85116Gerard FaselNatural Sciencegerard.fasel@pepperdine.eduJohn MannNatural Sciencejohn.mann@pepperdine.educMy sense of purpose has transformed immensely over the past year. I love my major (physics), but until recently, I was having some trouble figuring out what my true calling was, as each job I explored just did not seem like the right fit for me. Although I did not do well when I first came to college back in 2010, I have completely changed my attitude and performance, both in and out of the classroom. After graduating, I have decided to fulfill my dream of going to medical school to become a doctor. This was my original plan going into college, but I did not have the drive or commitment necessary to do this. After going to UCSB and doing poorly, followed by a few years at a community college, I assumed medical school was simply no longer an option. Even while starting at Pepperdine, I assumed I would come finish my physics degree and find work immediately after. Although I will still be finishing my degree this fall, Pepperdine has shown me how rewarding an education can be when you make the most out of it, which has encouraged me to continue getting the education necessary to do something I will love. I have always wanted to be a doctor, as I really enjoy helping people, and would love a job that presents me with new challenges every day, providing me with a chance to change the lives of people in need. Pepperdine has shaped my career path and overall purpose in amazing ways over the past year, and because of this, I believe I am an ideal candidate for this award.Mar 12 2018 07:03:55:000PMw
William T Perrin100260445william.perrin@pepperdine.edu310-614-5100BAPHILOSReligion and Philosophy0420193.78886.5Mason MarshallReligion and Philosophyjohn.m.marshall@pepperdine.eduGarrett PendergraftReligion and Philosophygarrett.pendergraft@pepperdine.educOver the past year, I have learned that I really enjoy evaluating arguments. This new understanding has led to a bit of clarity for what I see as my purpose. I already held the belief that in order to live a fulfilling, purposeful life, I would have to meet certain abstract ideals, like moral rightness, justice, personal satisfaction etc., but the past year has made the particular actions and decisions required to meet those ideals even more clear to me. For example, I think in order to feel fulfilled I will need to have a job where evaluating arguments is a central part of the profession. While that certainly limits my choices, it does so in a helpful way. Having too many choices is often a detriment to making a decision, rather an aid to making a decision. So, this narrowing of options is rather beneficial. My classes at Pepperdine have largely informed this new understanding I have attained. My philosophy classes in particular, have helped me realize that evaluating arguments has always been at the core of the things I enjoyed doing. So, armed with this new information about myself, it has become a bit more clear to me how I will meet the abstract ideals that I think I must do to live a meaningful life.Mar 9 2018 02:17:41:000PMw
Christian Sanchez100420907christian.sanchez@pepperdine.edu310-709-9301BACHEMSTRYNatural Science0520193.7085Joseph FritschNatural Sciencejoseph.fritsch@pepperdine.eduMatt JoynerNatural Sciencematt.joyner@pepperdine.educAs I entered into this academic year, I had much to learn. While classes form the base of undergraduate education, my lack of knowledge arose not from information I needed to gain from a textbook, but rather from the skills and truths that God was planning on passing along to me. Having held various leadership positions at my time at Pepperdine such as the Spiritual Mentor for the Latino Student Association and co-chair of the Regents' Scholar Student Board, these positions could not compare to the opportunity to serve as the Residential Advisor for a freshman hall. I had only been offered this position less than a month beforehand, and I found myself trying to play catch-up with reality. Nevertheless, serving as a student leader in Housing and Residence Life has proved invaluable to my formation as a leader. As first-year students have come to look up to me, I am constantly aware of the fact that I will disappoint their expectations if I am not following God's example as a leader worth following. Throughout this academic year God has been refining me through both my failures and my successes as a leader. As I continue into this coming academic year where I am blessed with the chance to serve as the resident advisor for a freshman hall once again, I know that God will continue to shape and mold me closer into his image as a leader.Mar 10 2018 08:44:33:000PMw
Ryan William McDowell100447398ryan.mcdowell@pepperdine.edu480-375-8433BAECONSocial Science0420183.71141Skylar RolfBusiness Administrationskylar.rolf@pepperdine.eduAndrew YuengertSocial Scienceandrew.yuengert@pepperdine.educUpon reading the Gospel accounts of the life of Jesus, I realized that He really did one thing while He was here on Earth. Jesus served. Jesus came to serve, lived to serve, and died to serve. In fact, everything He did or said was ultimately for that purpose. To me, being equipped for a specific type of service is immensely appealing. I want to help people navigate the rules and ordinances of our country and its structures. I want to help people recover from disasters, accidents, and misfortunes. I want to bring about good through processes of mediation, negotiation, and reconciliation. To me, service means providing. That's why I want to go to law school. Serving is not helping, nor is it fixing. Serving is a relationship between equals, and it brings about healing. The world is not broken in need of someone to fix it, it is full of broken people in need of others to serve them. And in doing so, one just might save them. I finally feel as if Pepperdine's mission is something I can actually live in the post-graduate world. That is why I am applying to this scholarship. Law school can bring prestige and money for those who seek it. I don't know if that will be me, and frankly, I don't care. But I do know that I will be taking on financial debt and adding it to debt already accrued during my time at Seaver. I'm not sure how I will pay it, but I trust I will find a way. Maybe this scholarship is the Lord's answer to a prayer. Maybe it is not. But I am thankful for tJan 29 2018 06:28:08:000PMw
Talia Cao100462263talia.cao@pepperdine.edu9092631383BABIOLOGYNatural Science0420193.89120.5Dr. Matt JoynerNatural Sciencematt.joyner@pepperdine.eduDr. Janet TrammellSocial Sciencejanet.trammell@pepperdine.educServing as a tri-lead for Pepperdine Colleges Against Cancer I learned the value of effective communication across media. Serving as a mentor taught me the importance of personal communication. Serving as the president of the women's club soccer team while it was active last semester taught me the necessity of being objective in decision making. What the above goes to show, from the grasping of a moment to the lessons learned, is that fear of the unknown does not prevent me from taking the step off the ledge nor does it cause a reluctance to experience growth. While currently I may not be the best leader or have the largest presence, I do know that I am growing. Growing in leadership ability not for selfish gain or notoriety but for the ability to serve communities I am apart of and to serve those around me. Colloquially in the present day and age leaders are viewed as people of power, people for whom others do work. Said view is not my own and while it may place me in the minority I would rather be true to my beliefs than to follow popular culture. Awarding me the faculty-staff scholarship would not be giving the scholarship to the best candidate or the most notable candidate, but it would be giving the scholarship to a candidate committed to sticking to her beliefs and values even if that requires taking the road less traveled. In the words of Robert Frost, two roads diverged at the outset of this year and I, in remaining true to who I am, took the road less traveled.Jan 31 2018 09:23:44:000AMw
Conner Gray Brase100472140conner.brase@pepperdine.edu9494661321BSBUSADMINBusiness Administration0420203.81448.5Brian ThomasonBusiness Administrationbrian.thomason@pepperdine.eduTimothy WillisReligion and Philosophytimothy.willis@pepperdine.educDuring this past year abroad, I have found myself craving what is familiar, what makes me feel at home. I often find my head stuck in a whirlpool, shocked with the sheer unfamiliarity of my surroundings. My first year at Pepperdine is now a distant memory as my current reality bears no resemblance to my once familiar freshmen year. My relationships with family, friends, and connection back to the States has changed dramatically, and at first, that was quite unsettling. With my environment being completely different this year, I have learned to turn more and more to my relationship with God who has remained the same. He hasn't gone anywhere. I can connect with Him anywhere; even when I am stuck on a train halfway around the world. He is still there and allows me to have direct access to Him. This connection has grown in its daily importance to me now as I am reliant on connecting with my only bit of familiarity here in this very foreign land. It is something quite special to be able to experience worship in many foreign languages and know that no language barrier exists between me and God. I might not be able to understand exactly what is being sung around me but that doesn't change how God connects with each person in the room. This year abroad has broadened my view of God, and my worldview, knowing that amid my change of perspective, He is my faithful guide who has not and will never leave or forsake me.Mar 6 2018 02:38:46:000PMw
Catherine Mary Riley100472315catherine.riley@pepperdine.edu612-597-2570BAGERMANInternational Studies and Languages0420193.8989.5David DowdeyInternational Studies and Languagesdavid.dowdey@pepperdine.eduGreg MugerStaffgreg.muger@pepperdine.educPlanning and organizing Global Learning Week as an intern in the International Programs Office allowed me to grow greatly as a leader and foster love and understanding in our Pepperdine community. The goals of Global Learning Week were to increase global citizenry, promote our international programs and highlight the cultural clubs. I worked with various clubs, departments and organizations to tailor each event to its specific purpose. The largest and most impactful of these was GlobalFest, in which each cultural club and international program location had a table showcasing their culture or country. Hundreds of people participated, student interest in clubs increased and the IP Office received many applications for our abroad programs following the event. Organizing and planning GLW allowed me to exercise leadership while pursuing my passions for international learning and engagement. Understanding each other is necessary for following God's command to love one another, eradicating fear and thus hatred, the opposite of love. Central to Pepperdine's mission statement is a commitment to Christian values, which call us to love others. In fact, Mark 12:31 tells us that, after loving God, loving one's neighbor is the second greatest commandment of all: "The second is this: 'Love thy neighbor as yourself.' There is no commandment greater than these". Through creating outlets for discourse between cultures and worldviews, I was able to lead by promoting love on Pepperdine's campus.Mar 7 2018 06:12:09:000PMw
Emily Grace Basse100484826emily.basse@pepperdine.edu2102881955BSCMPSMATHNatural Science0420193.5782Stan WarfordNatural Sciencestan.warford@pepperdine.eduCari MyersReligion and Philosophycari.myers@pepperdine.educComing from a large, engineering-focused state university, among all the different aspects that drew me to Pepperdine, the focus on faith-based purpose was especially appealing to me. After spending three semesters here, the difference this focus makes is tangible. As a computer science major, I have often struggled to find where my gifts fit into a Godly purpose for my life, I am not an inspiring orator, a doctor-in-training, or an overseas missionary, but someone who finds my calling is at a desk, behind a computer. However, as I have become more integrated into the Pepperdine community, through various responsibilities, I have come to learn that my purpose might not look exactly like my neighbors. My calling is not to be a pastor, but rather to use my gifts in technology in hopes of driving the world in a better direction. Through working in the Application Development department here, as well as being a grader for several computer science classes, I have been able to see firsthand professors and staff with similar strengths who have found purpose while pursuing careers that are not strictly faith-based. My greatest contribution to the world will always be to use my God-given strengthen in my field to the best of my abilities. Receiving this scholarship will allow me to continue to hone my technical skills that will allow me to fulfill God's purpose for my life, wherever that may take me.Mar 8 2018 05:55:14:000PMw
Janice Manka Nyam100504673janice.nyam@pepperdine.edu2404134707BAINTMARKTCommunication0420193.5653Gregory Daum Religion and Philosophygregory.l.daum@pepperdine.eduBrian HemsworthCommunicationbrian.hemsworth@pepperdine.educLast semester, I decided to create more time towards strengthening my relationship with God. My plan was to continuously attend Sunday service despite my hectic school and internship schedule. My first Sunday at church, the Sunday school director gave an announcement expressing her need for sunday school helpers. Having spent my first two years in community college teaching Sunday school back in Maryland, I felt almost pushed towards this call. On the sign-up sheet, I added that I had experience providing care for individuals with developmental disabilities. Coincidentally, the director emailed me saying there was a new kid in her class with special needs called Oliver. She asked if I felt comfortable being his buddy during Sunday school. Seeing as my previous experiences were a perfect fit, I wholeheartedly committed to being Oliver's buddy every Sunday morning. Although there were times when I felt I was depriving myself from attending service while I accompanied Oliver, I soon came to the realization that I was learning so much more from his relentless curiosity and tenacity. Serving the kids helped me realize that the best learning experiences come in unexpected mediums. My growth through service makes me an ideal candidate for this scholarship because I believe despite the extent of my commitment to education at Pepperdine, nothing should ever hinder my readiness to answer a holy call to lead a life fueled by service, purpose and exemplary leadership.Feb 26 2018 02:31:38:000PMw
Taylor Griest100505386taylor.griest@pepperdine.edu3076908550BAPHILOSReligion and Philosophy0420193.8263Tomas BogardusReligion and Philosophytomas.bogardus@pepperdine.eduGarrett PendergraftReligion and Philosophygarrett.pendergraft@pepperdine.educThe past year of my life has influenced my purpose significantly. I spent last spring in New Zealand taking classes on environmental sustainability. Although it wasn't an easy decision to withdraw from the Heidelberg program and from Pepperdine for a semester, it was the best decision I could have made. During that time, I grew in my resolve to not let what is popular or expected of me dictate my decisions. I spent Wednesday afternoons with an after school kids' club, in which I learned that kids, as well as all humans, respond to sincerity and genuineness above all else and it is my goal to always strive to be that way. My time there taught me that it is not my purpose to be successful, but to live genuinely and give all I can to loving the community around me.Through the loss of my grandparents last fall, my appreciation for my family has deepened. My mother sacrificed her job and life at home to take care of her parents during the last few months of their lives. My purpose has grown to include serving my family and those in my life in a way as selfless as my mother has. I am an ideal candidate for this scholarship because it would help me continue to develop my purpose of advocating for environmental justice. The experiences I have had in the past year have left me in a place in which I am ready to apply these interests to my areas of study. I think that I have found a sense of prioritizing balance that will help me at Pepperdine as well as afterward.Mar 8 2018 11:19:20:000PMw
Grace Kruse100505519grace.kruse@pepperdine.edu7193606290BAINTMARKTCommunication0420193.5582Ben Postlethwaite Business AdministrationBen.postlethwaite@pepperdine.eduTuan HoangHumanities/Teacher Educationtuan.hoang@pepperdine.educPepperdine strives to train students to live lives of purpose, service, and leadership—elements essential to becoming an impactful individual. I have found that a strong sense of purpose is foundational to my own future service and leadership. Early in the fall semester, I discovered marketing and design as a natural outlet where my love for aesthetics and style could make an impactful first impression. Throughout the year I have seen myself grow exponentially because of the freedom discovering my career purpose has created. In my first official graphic design course, I was able to see where my creative and analytical mind could be combined to mold my creativity. In finding my vocational purpose in design, I began to focus on more than just the subject, I became acutely aware of the service and leadership I saw around me in my professors. I still have another year at Pepperdine and am excited to continue to grow and lead the Digital Design club and tutor in the Digital Art department. Pepperdine has provided me an excellent foundation to go out into the world and make an impact. I have found an occupational purpose at Pepperdine that allows me to put my skills and passion to work in a meaningful way. In applying for this scholarship I hope I can continue to make the most of my time here at the University and make a difference in the world beyond. Mar 12 2018 05:01:20:000PMw
SIYU DONG100507667siyu.dong@pepperdine.edu626-223-4601BSACCOUNTBusiness Administration0420194.0098Dongkuk LimBusiness Administrationdongkuk.lim@pepperdine.eduKatherine FryeHumanities/Teacher Educationkatherine.frye@pepperdine.educServing as the new president of the Exchange Center for Overseas Study (ECOS), I have pushed myself so hard to learn, to grow, and to challenge during the past year. The ECOS is a non-profit organization I co-founded with my friends to help students from my hometown Ningxia, China to study abroad. Since I became the president, I started to reorganize the whole group to work more efficiently and to expand our influence more successfully. By hiring people, I learned to find out their merits and assign them to the most suitable positions. By implementing a set of regulations with a practical system of rewards and penalties, I established a positive working environment and motivated members to contribute. By uniting students around the world together, I improved my interpersonal abilities to effectively communicate with others. By setting up goals, specifying each person's responsibility, and managing the group, I enhanced my decision-making strategies and became more detail-orientated. All of the skills I learned throughout the process not only helped me to become a successful leader, but also helped ECOS to be a professional organization. Additionally, the most important thing I realized is that my goal is not to make myself outstanding, but to coordinate all the members as one entity and achieve the goals. With my strong academic background and my growth in leadership during the past year, I am confident that I am an excellent candidate for this scholarship.Feb 2 2018 03:33:02:000PMw
Sarah Etinas100509201sarah.etinas@pepperdine.edu808-222-2973BAENGWHumanities/Teacher Education0420193.90192Dr. Lorie GoodmanHumanities/Teacher Educationlorie.goodman@pepperdine.eduDr. Darlene RivasHumanities/Teacher Educationdarlene.rivas@pepperdine.educMy journey to find my purpose has not been an easy one. For years, I struggled to admit both to others and to myself that I wanted to be a writer. I remained in the confused, disorienting sphere of an undeclared student as long as possible before finally declaring an English Writing & Rhetoric Major just under a year ago. Because I chose this major, I have been able to take so many courses over this past year that I have genuinely loved, and each and every one of them has improved my style of writing and influenced my way of thinking. In Style & Editing, I learned to transfer my true, honest voice onto the page. In Topics in Multicultural American Literature, I came to admire the work of Langston Hughes. In Literary Theory, the most influential class I have taken at Pepperdine, I learned how to see, not only texts but also the world through many different lenses, including feminism, Marxism, and deconstruction. These courses, coupled with my year abroad in Lausanne, Switzerland, have helped me to develop a purpose. I now want to pursue a career as a travel writer - however, not in the typical way. Rather than trying to encourage people to go to this tourist destination and do that visitor activity, I hope to be a kind of travel writer that exposes people to the traditions, values, and beliefs of other cultures. I hope to encourage my readers to become less ignorant of other cultures and instead, see the beauty in each and every one of them.Feb 20 2018 05:27:50:000PMw
Sophia Flint100510012sophia.flint@pepperdine.edu4793723902BAINTEInternational Studies and Languages0520193.9674.5Dan CaldwellInternational Studies and Languagesdan.caldwell@pepperdine.eduFelicity VabulasInternational Studies and Languagesfelicity.vabulas@pepperdine.educThis year I have grown in leadership in a way I would never have expected to when I started my journey at Pepperdine. One flaws that I am working to overcome is that I tend to underestimate myself and fear I am not capable of holding leadership positions. This year I have made an active effort to combat those fears. A major outlet for my growth in leadership is that I was elected president of my sorority, Pi Beta Phi, this year. While I knew I would want to serve on the executive board, I never imagined being president until a few fellow members suggested it to me. At first I shied away, thinking I could never do it. Slowly, I opened my mind to the idea and began to learn and believe that I would be capable to lead a group of girls, to cultivate a community based on our common values, and to humbly serve my friends through this position. While at first I was excited to lead the women of Pi Beta Phi to recognize the vision I have for the sorority- one that encourages personal and spiritual growth- I quickly learned that I learn more from the girls than I do teach them. This posture of constantly learning- whether it be practical things like time management or lifelong skills of communication and encouragement- is my favorite thing about leading Pi Phi and is shaping me into a more equipped leader to leave Pepperdine ready to lead elsewhere. Mar 8 2018 11:31:19:000AMw
Logan Bradford Hicks100510062logan.hicks@pepperdine.edu6158871529BSACCOUNTBusiness Administration0420193.717103Marilyn MischBusiness Administrationmarilyn.misch@pepperdine.eduRob ShearerBusiness Administrationrobert.shearer@pepperdine.educServing as an RA in Fifield House and as an intern in the Pepperdine University Office of Admission has provided many opportunities for me to develop my leadership skills. In addition to developing a better understanding about what makes a good leader, I have also learned how to be a good listener and how to inspire others. As an RA, I have learned a leader must always present in the group, listen and be genuinely interested in the people you want to lead. My co-RA, Ryan Reeves, and I listened and learned our guys enjoy things like our Two-Dog Tuesdays cookouts, Waffle Wednesdays and other social events. Spending time with our residents and listening to their interests helped us create a strong community in Fifield similar to the one that shaped my own experience. Another aspect of leadership I have learned is to simply lead by example. As built-in role models, RAs must exemplify how to assimilate and succeed on campus, while maintaining attributes like respect and honesty. Working in the Office of Admission, I have observed the influence a leader can have on others solely based on actions. Simple things like following the dress code, arriving on time, and treating others kindly and professionally have a powerful impact. I am so thankful Pepperdine has given me both of these opportunities to cultivate my leadership skills. I will apply these skills as I advance throughout my career. I look forward to finishing my year as an RA and an intern and to keep growing as as a leader.Mar 8 2018 12:37:26:000PMw
Kathryn Rose Semple100510339kathryn.semple@pepperdine.edu208-954-0424BATHEATREFine Arts0420193.95116Dr. Tuan HoangHumanities/Teacher Educationtuan.hoang@pepperdine.eduDr. Ryan BoardFine Artsryan.board@pepperdine.educDuring the first years of college, it is easy to use one's age as an excuse for things such as disorganization, unpreparedness, and mistakes in general. However, as a junior I have realized that my work influences others both academically and socially. New students look up to upperclassmen within their majors and activities, and this year I have had various interactions with younger students seeking guidance among their peers. I have been a tutor to some in academics and a voice of reason to others. In moments of overwhelming chaos and confusion, I was able to guide them and reassure them of their own abilities. I have also come to understand that when I step up in a performance, I am being watched by those who find value in adapting my practices. Therefore, it is my responsibility to be prepared and committed every day in order to ensure the success of myself and of others. Additionally, I have realized the value that kindness holds in interactions with others, especially within my own mentor relationships. As a leader, I strive to follow the model of Christ and become someone others can look to for help and compassion without fear of embarrassment or retribution. As I step into my senior year, I hope to continue to develop these skills and contribute through leadership within the fine arts department. I believe the funds from the Faculty-Staff Scholarship would greatly assist in furthering these goals. Thank you very much for taking the time to review my application.Mar 2 2018 10:08:28:000PMw
Noel Desiree Kildiszew100510600noel.kildiszew@pepperdine.edu7608157969BACOMIPCommunication0420193.7274Sarah BallardCommunicationsarah.ballard@pepperdine.eduZachary LoveStaffzachary.love@pepperdine.educMy academics have always been important to me. However, it was not until this year that I was able to understand the underlying purpose behind my love for school. High academic achievement is a standard that I hold myself to. Receiving a decent GPA and making the Dean's list are tangible ways in which I can see I performed well. But, in the fall 2017 semester, I felt a shift in that purpose. I realized that with my internship with the Office of Admission, Resident Advisor role for Housing and Residence Life, and a full course load, I could not set the bar so high for myself. If I did, I would inevitably fail. Instead of pressuring myself to work on my academic record, I made my goal to learn. Although simple, my new perspective took the pressure off the grade, redirecting that energy toward a passion for a pure education. Over the course of the fall semester, I uncovered in me a drive for learning that never manifested before. My past pursuit of high letter grades is now repurposed in a pursuit of knowledge. It is not about the grade I receive. Rather, what matters is what I genuinely learn from the course. This new discovery has allowed me to see that I am passionate about furthering my education. After my undergraduate career at Pepperdine, my hope is to continue pursuing knowledge at graduate school and later on for my doctorate. I am grateful for the edification of professors at this institution who have challenged and encouraged me to think critically and creatively.Feb 2 2018 01:30:58:000PMw
Rachel Won100510662rachel.won@pepperdine.edu8088957004BACONTRACTNatural Science0420193.6388Dr. WarfordNatural Sciencestan.warford@pepperdine.edu Professor LinkBusiness Administrationbrian.link@pepperdine.educI thought I knew my limits, but it wasn't until last semester that the endurance of my heart for service was challenged. As a Resident Advisor (RA), I expected to serve my residents by resolving roommate conflicts and programming engaging events. And though I did perform these actions, there was a highly sensitive situation that consumed me. Offering up time, energy, and concentration, I was drained of my emotional capacity. Even with the right support from outside resources, I was tired of relentlessly pursuing this resident with no signs of success. I honestly wanted to give up. Nevertheless, I experienced small breakthroughs. The breakthroughs came when I was most doubtful and hopeless; it came when I could not rely on my own strength. It came when I become entirely reliant on God because I knew there was nothing left that I could possibly offer. During the beautiful moments of minor progress, I began to understand more of how service operates. Amis exhausting circumstances, my ability to serve residents depletes rapidly without an eternal perspective. I can serve sufficiently when I recognize that I am not in control. I am not the one "changing" people, but I am only an agent for change. Simplistic as it seems, it was in my weakness that God strengthened my understanding of Him which challenged me towards growth. Next year, I will continue my role as an RA, and I will undoubtedly continue to grow in my experience of true service.Mar 8 2018 05:55:59:000PMw
Omar Jaliyl Murphy100511372omar.murphy@pepperdine.edu(503)887-9866BACOMRLCommunication0420193.56122Lauren AmaroCommunicationlauren.amaro@pepperdine.edu David HolmesHumanities/Teacher Educationdavid.holmes@pepperdine.educWhen I started my first semester of college, one of my biggest fears and most significant challenge was uncertainty. I started at Pepperdine as an undeclared major, and I struggled to find my purpose in the first two years. I was surrounded by other students who were sure of their choice of major which left me feeling obsolete. I was told indecision is a waste of time and money, which only furthered my worries; I was racing against the clock to find a suitable major. The problem was that I did not want to declare just any major. I wanted a field of study that would challenge me, and, at the same time, would speak to my interests. I ultimately found my place and conquered my indecision when I declared Communications: Rhetoric and Leadership as my major. I found exactly what I was looking for in a field of study, and I discovered my place through my coursework, experience abroad, and my Pepperdine community. My search for purpose began with my major, and the coursework I enrolled in my first two years at Pepperdine had a significant role when it came to my major choice. Had I not enrolled in Great Books my freshman year, I may never have found the path I am currently on today. Great Books was a course that I chose to enroll in thanks to my mother; her close friend Kendra Killpatrick recommended the course as a first year seminar and I made the selection based on their guidance. The first couple weeks were difficult, as I adjusted to a new city and college environment. As I seMar 12 2018 05:00:37:000PMw
Madeline Grace Hassell100512502madeline.hassell@pepperdine.edu9186066206BSBUSADMINBusiness Administration0420193.70291.5Robert ShearerBusiness Administrationrobert.shearer@pepperdine.eduLila CarlsenInternational Studies and Languageslila.carlsen@pepperdine.educOne year ago, I was in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The people I was surrounded with each walked lives of purpose that I aspired to replicate. It affected every aspect of their lives. People went out of their way in order to impact those around them positively and they coupled that with a purpose in faith. This idea to me was one that I fought for a long time. I tried to keep my purpose separate from the faith I pursued. It took up until about a year ago for me to realize that not only were they similar, but could be combined into one and the same. Throughout my semester spent in Argentina, I built a new purpose. Pepperdine and the community showed me how to build a purpose with a foundation in faith and I watched it grow to a blossom. I have also learned that if I am willing to stand on my faith, the goals I came into Pepperdine with - excel academically, make connections, get a high paying job - are easily attainable. The values that Pepperdine instills within the students here are powerful. They have personally affected my purpose in this world and this life. Because I have taken this to heart, I am the ideal candidate for this scholarship. The business division scholarship is valuable for each applicant in a wholly unique way. This scholarship is a stepping stone for me to place more aspects of my life on my foundation of faith and chase this purpose I have found in Christ to succeed and to impact those around me in the same way Pepperdine has impacted me. Feb 5 2018 03:50:40:000PMw
Alec David Royal100512648alec.royal@pepperdine.edu6262721075BSACCOUNTBusiness Administration0420194.0107Marilyn MischBusiness Administrationmarilyn.misch@pepperdine.eduDongkuk LimBusiness Administrationdongkuk.lim@pepperdine.educOver the course of the fall 2017 semester, I lived a life of service. Upon leaving Heidelberg, I was elected to the Executive Board position of Service Chair in the Psi Upsilon Fraternity and appointed to the Pepperdine Ambassadors Council for the 2017-2018 academic year. At the beginning of last semester, I began organizing and managing service events for Psi Upsilon. We initiated our year of service volunteering for Mt. Crags. Later, we inspected nearly 3,000 flags for the Flags of Service display on Alumni Park. We also had the opportunity to represent our late brother at the Out of Darkness Walk. Volunteering at the Los Angeles Food Bank and the Malibu Triathlon were two of my personal favorite service events. During my tenure as the Service Chair, Psi Upsilon completed 1207 hours of community service. Although setting a record was fulfilling, my foremost job, as an organizer and role model of service, was to manage impactful events and lead by example. As a Co-Advancement Liaison on the Pepperdine Ambassadors Council, I am presented with impactful opportunities to serve. Working with Crest Advisory Board donors, walking retired faculty across the stage at Pepperdine Honors, and planning a convocation event to help create a culture of Christian giving at Pepperdine have all allowed me to serve the University. I serve on PAC because I believe in Pepperdine's mission and values. Overall, my junior year has endowed me with many opportunities to lead a life of service.Feb 18 2018 03:48:09:000PMw
Sydnie Morgan Greger100512949sydnie.greger@pepperdine.edu480-234-2914BAPSYCHSocial Science1220193.8785Rachel HasselbringStaffrachel.hasselbring@pepperdine.eduJennifer HarrigerSocial Sciencejennifer.harriger@pepperdine.educLooking back on the essay I wrote for this scholarship last year, it makes me extremely grateful that my sense of purpose has evolved so much. The events of the past year have truly shaped how I evaluate my purpose in this world. Let me take you back to November 8, 2016, the night of the presidential election. I sat in my dorm room obviously frustrated with politics, but more so disappointed with the America I saw surrounding me--how individuals were coping, the way people spoke to each other, the hateful facebook posts. I looked around and decided that instead of being disappointed with the America surrounding me, I wanted to be a part of building a stronger, more caring, and well-adjusted next generation. Prior to this, I knew I wanted to go to medical school to become a psychiatrist, but this realization caused to recognize that I would love work with children in my career. After extensive research into the field of child and adolescent psychiatry, I discovered ten residency programs in the United States where you can become triple board certified to practice child and adolescent psychiatry, general psychiatry, and pediatrics. It has now become a goal of mine to pursue this route of training and someday open a practice that offers both psychiatric and general practice services for my pediatric patients. This way I can care for my patients' physical and mental health all under one roof. This scholarship would aid in minimizing the debt acquired on my road to this goal.Feb 23 2018 03:28:38:000PMw
Madelyn May Whitaker100514349madelyn.whitaker@pepperdine.edu214-686-5051BSSPORTMEDNatural Science1220183.9992Priscilla MacRaeNatural Sciencepriscilla.macrae@pepperdine.eduStephanie CooperNatural Sciencestephanie.cooper@pepperdine.educAfter the first time Dr. Cooper showed me how to perform a VO2 max test, I completely failed to calibrate the machine and continued to fail for several sessions. I was frustrated and extremely self-conscious, terrified of taking a participant through the experimental protocol alone. However, after additional practice with Dr. Cooper, I soon enjoyed coming into the lab for research and discovered a passion for the concepts of exercise psychology. Similarly, on my first day in Dr. Jasperse's lab, I remember becoming overwhelmed at the technical and detailed nature of his research, fearing that I would never grasp the theories behind his study. Once again, after several weeks of working in his lab, I realized that the technicality of his research no longer frightened me, but rather inspired me to study exercise psychology utilizing similar protocols. These experiences with research over the past year have transformed my dreams for my future career as a professor. The mentorship I received from both Dr. Cooper and Dr. Jasperse, as well as many other sports medicine professors, has not only taught me the basics of designing and performing an experiment, but also the methods of guiding students towards their callings. My purpose now not only encompasses becoming a professor and researcher, but also becoming a mentor to future students.Feb 20 2018 01:22:10:000PMw
Troy Thomas Kramer100515188troy.kramer@pepperdine.edu6024325970BAECONSocial Science0420193.6296Jeff BanksHumanities/Teacher Educationjeff.banks@pepperdine.eduLauren DesaiStafflauren.desai@pepperdine.educThis academic year can be characterized by my desire to take on leadership roles and foster growth in both the organizations I work for and myself. Coming back from studying abroad in Argentina, I wanted to be more involved on Pepperdine's campus. I had already been accepted to Pepperdine Ambassadors Council for the year and was excited to be a representative for the student body to Alumni and the local Malibu and LA communities. I dived head-first into Catholic Student Association and became the Vice President of Internal Affairs, where I helped spread the word about our on-campus masses and promote community among the Catholic students on campus. I also became the Vice President of my fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon, where my job emphasizes building relationships with the other Greek groups on campus and promoting camaraderie within the fraternity as well. As a leader, I've learned the importance of keeping in mind the best interest of the group and empowering others to become involved as well. This year has taught me to be both a Christian leader and a Servant leader. Being a Christian leader has been invaluable in discerning how to make important decisions for others because I've learned to pray to God for guidance and strength. Being a Servant leader has taught me how to do things for others without the expectation of something in return. As I continue on to the next school year, I intend to continue being a leader on campus and live out the mission of Pepperdine.Mar 12 2018 02:58:20:000PMw
Collin Steele Mantz100515291collin.mantz@pepperdine.edu2546248596BSINTLBUSBusiness Administration0420193.759110Dr. Farrell GeanBusiness Administrationfarrell.gean@pepperdine.eduDr. Michael GoseHumanities/Teacher Educationmichael.gose@pepperdine.educThis past year I have grown substantially in the area of leadership as I have taken on integral roles in my fraternity, residence life, and in founding new clubs. As I near the end of my college career, I become increasingly aware of the need for strong leaders on campus. As a member of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity on campus, I was tasked with planning this semester's formal. It is a more difficult process than I imagined and has been a source of stress for me. Through this experience, I have improved my time management and people skills, all while serving an organization that is a positive force on campus. Living in J. Pen, not as an RA but as an RA roommate, has given me ample opportunity to engage with freshman and support them with their transition to college. Through this position I have come to be good friends with many students younger than me, and I have advised them to the best of my knowledge on studying abroad, girls, classes, and many other things they have been concerned with. This year I have spearheaded the creation of the Pepperdine Sailing Club and have been attempting to grow this organization as it moves towards an official campus organization. This action demonstrates my ability to lead and develop important campus organizations to leave a lasting positive impact on campus. This club will result in a new social outlet for students, a way to learn about nautical maneuvers and water safety, as well as increase the physical health of the student body.Mar 5 2018 06:39:54:000PMw
Jeremy Cumbee100515893jeremy.cumbee@pepperdine.edu7142271893BSBUSADMINBusiness Administration0420193.51683.5John NedBusiness Administrationjohn.ned@pepperdine.eduMarilyn MischBusiness Administrationmarilyn.misch@pepperdine.educIn the last year, Pepperdine has been a tremendous catalyst for my growth in leadership. During my time in the Lausanne Program, I worked closely with the Program Director, leading small groups and worship nights, and organizing and executing unprecedented trips to rural parts of Europe. Currently, I am highly involved on campus as the Vice President of Alpha Tau Omega, taking on a full course schedule, and working part-time for a Wealth Management Firm in Malibu. I am constantly challenged and shaped by these elements of my college experience. Leadership specifically, has been an integral aspect and product of the challenges I face every week. I believe my experience over my years at Pepperdine has epitomized the university's vision for a foundation of faith and education that supports student leaders on and off campuses around the world. Pepperdine's vast body of Alumni have shaped my personal development through my current job opportunity and by providing seemingly unlimited mentorship opportunities. Christian education has been a double-edged sword, sharpening my faith as well as my ability to lead others with confidence and unwavering values. I am an ideal candidate for this scholarship because of the amazing growth I have experienced in leadership in my experience at Pepperdine; a growth I clearly feel, and others can clearly see.Mar 12 2018 04:13:20:000PMw
Emily Rose DeWitt100516162emily.dewitt@pepperdine.edu8056685824BALIBARTSHumanities/Teacher Education0520193.9584.5Carrie Birmingham Humanities/Teacher Educationcarrie.birmingham@pepperdine.edu Stacy Rouse Staffstacy.rouse@pepperdine.educMy name is Emily DeWitt, and I will be a fourth-year student at Pepperdine next school year. I am pursuing a Liberal Arts Degree and a teaching credential with hopes to work in the field of special education. I am from Saipan, a small U.S. territory in the Pacific. My aspirations are centered around working in underserved educational regions such as those in Palau and Saipan. As an individual who was given the opportunity to pursue higher education, I would like to return to the communities that raised me and give back to them. This past year, I have taken on leadership roles including serving as the intern for the Pepperdine Jumpstart program as well as serving as a Resident Advisor in a sophomore hall. The relationships I have formed while serving in these capacities has affected my emotional, spiritual and academic growth, shaping me to be a better leader, friend, and individual. I have been with Jumpstart for 3 years, and am continuously learning valuable workplace skills and new ways to engage my community. Serving as an RA has given me insight on interpersonal relationships. Serving in these roles has helped me discover how to use the gifts that God has given me, in addition to allowing me to build connections with staff members and peers who have provided me with invaluable guidance and advice. Granting me with this scholarship will provide me the opportunity to continue growing and sharing my gifts on campus, in my community, and in my future career as an educator. Feb 16 2018 12:34:19:000PMw
Hannah Lauren Emerson100516178hannah.emerson@pepperdine.edu9095686927BSBUSADMINBusiness Administration0420194.090Alice LabbanBusiness Administrationalice.labban@pepperdine.eduJeffrey JasperseNatural Sciencejeffrey.jasperse@pepperdine.educ Before coming to Pepperdine, I was consumed by a desire to excel in my studies because I was sure that the only way to discover my purpose was by performing perfectly in school. As a result, I found that I was beginning to idolize my grades in a way that was taking my focus away from my faith. However, over the past year, I have encountered several individuals who have guided me towards living a life of purpose. I have felt overwhelmed by the level of support that I have received from specific friends and mentors at Pepperdine who do not expect anything in return for their advice. Such people have shown me that discovering my purpose is so much more than simply selecting the correct major or career path. Instead, it is about possessing a selfless manner of influence that mirrors the unconditional love of the Lord. Just as a boat creates waves and ripples as it voyages swiftly through the sea, I hope that people will know where I have traveled because of the mark that I have left behind on those who I encounter along the way. I am not certain as to the form that this purpose will take, but I do believe that it makes me a strong candidate for this scholarship. I know that the first step in achieving my goal is to complete my education at Pepperdine. Therefore, this scholarship would enable me to begin investing my resources in future endeavors, such as graduate school, in a way that would allow me to prepare to influence and encourage others to discover their purpose.Feb 12 2018 12:29:05:000PMw
Sydney Claire Jones100516892sydney.jones@pepperdine.edu503-915-1233BSBIOLOGYNatural Science0420193.97109Matt JoynerNatural Sciencematt.joyner@pepperdine.eduLila McDowell CarlsenInternational Studies and Languageslila.mcdowell@pepperdine.educThroughout my Junior year, I have enjoyed serving others. On Saturdays, I go to Malibu Labor Exchange to tutor English to the Hispanic immigrants. Not only do I talk about how to conjugate a verb in English, but I also have the opportunity to get to know them. In between the vocabulary words and grammar corrections, I hear about his three daughters, or her home in Guatemala, or his pet dogs. While it is a great opportunity to give through volunteer work, I gain a lot through the Spanish conversation and their stories. In addition to tutoring at MLE, I have volunteered for three spring breaks at The Painted Turtle's camp in Lake Hughes, CA and was Pepperdine's Project Serve Leader for the trip this year. At camp, I get to work with kids who have serious medical conditions and make sure they have some fun. It is rewarding to give the campers the freedom to sing silly songs, eat spaghetti with no hands, ride a horse, and just enjoy normal camp activities. These service experiences of working with Spanish-speaking adults and The Painted Turtle's kids have given me an even greater desire to serve others. As an undergraduate, I know that now is the time for me to build the foundational traits of conversation and empathy that will allow me to serve, work with, and get to know people of all backgrounds and stories in my future career. Through service work, I am able to not only help others learn some English or have a blast at camp, but also get to know them as people.Mar 3 2018 11:00:17:000PMw
Lauren Marie Grzybowski100517226lauren.grzybowski@pepperdine.edu267-495-6236BSBUSADMINBusiness Administration0420193.74782Steven BauerBusiness Administrationsteven.bauer@pepperdine.eduCari MyersReligion and Philosophycari.myers@pepperdine.educThis past year I have seen the most progress on my path towards my purpose and connecting that with my major. I owe this to Pepperdine and its academics. Coming back from studying abroad for a year was not easy, but I knew that that period in my life was over, and it was time to move on and take the next steps to help me grow. I was ready to start my Business Administration major classes because I knew they would provide me with the knowledge and experience I need to help me find my purpose. Two classes in particular that really stick out to me are Financial Accounting and Principles of Marketing. These classes pushed me in the best way possible. I really have a love for them, and can see myself in one of these areas in the future. In Marketing, we had a project where we created a new product for a company and got to see it all the way through. I was extremely proud to see the growth and confidence I had in that class at the end of the semester. The tools from that "real-world" experience are ones that I can definitely apply in the future. Before this year, I was still very unsure of my life after graduation, but these classes have made me excited for my future. I am enthusiastic to embark on my senior year and take more upper division Business classes. I will continue to work hard and finish out strong. I will take all the opportunities Pepperdine has to offer to ensure I am prepared as can be to live a purposeful life, especially in regards to my occupation.Mar 12 2018 01:13:19:000PMw
Carol Dasom Lee100517306carol.d.lee@pepperdine.edu812-202-5031BSSPORTMEDNatural Science0420193.92100Dr. Priscilla MacRaeNatural Sciencepriscilla.macrae@pepperdine.eduProfessor Michael SoucyNatural Sciencemichael.soucy@pepperdine.educPurpose is a word that has been ingrained in me, especially as a college student about to leave the structured academic system that I have been accustomed to for the past fifteen years. As a human, I want meaning in my life because it gives me a new type of structure through the security of knowing that I am on the right path, doing what I am meant to do. My definition of purpose has changed at Pepperdine, from meaning "career" to now suggesting a more holistic approach to life. Through my experiences this past year, I have thrown away my narrow view of purpose and solidified what it means to live out the fullness of God's purpose for me. From comforting grieving friends, praying for a sick family member, and consoling people going through discouragement after discouragement, God revealed to me that my purpose is much more simple than what I have dreamed it up to be. My purpose was to be a loving friend to those who were grieving and to be a prayerful and encouraging daughter when my dad got sick. To my classmates, I am meant to be a loving classmate and to my teachers, a hard-working and respectful student. A career is an extension of purpose but not an end in itself. Now, purpose to me is to be a woman of Godly character and to live a life that is pleasing in God's eyes, which is not limited to my career but how I act in all situations. Through this revelation, I am now able to live a life of true purpose and to encourage others through their own searches for purpose.Mar 8 2018 11:14:37:000AMw
Madison Field100517571madison.field@pepperdine.edu4075163645BSBIOLOGYNatural Science0520193.90585Donna NofzigerNatural Sciencedonna.nofziger.plank@pepperdine.eduJames WhiteNatural Sciencejames.white@pepperdine.educLast spring semester, I applied to be on the Regents' Scholars School Board, not realizing that the entire RSSB was graduating in April. Left with a blank slate, six new members faced the daunting task of fulfilling the responsibilities of the RSSB. While intimidated by the unknown, I embraced the challenge as an opportunity to lead the charge to reinvent the RSSB's purpose and vision. My primary reason for applying was that I was unhappy with its organized functions and lack of presence during my freshman year. Because I have surrounded myself with a wonderful Pepperdine community, my mission was to reach out to underclassmen and help build a Regents' community that is exciting. During the summer, I devised new events that the RSSB could organize that would capture the essence of the new mission. For example, I suggested the Book Club book, Love Does, because it captures the importance of God's love and redirects the focus of a life prioritizing academics to a life prioritizing other people. Throughout the past year, I have worked to write on the blank slate, hoping to build a better Board and community for the present and the future. The work is often frustrating and disheartening because progress is slow, but this position has allowed me to humble myself when plans do not work, translate my visions into reality, and confidently handle conflicts. With my growth on the RSSB, I have had the chance to develop into a Pepperdine student who represents the mission statement.Mar 10 2018 08:44:33:000PMw
Emma Catherine Stenz100518655emma.stenz@pepperdine.edu707-474-7081BSBIOLOGYNatural Science0420193.9790.5David GreenNatural Sciencedavid.green@pepperdine.eduMatt JoynerNatural Sciencematt.joyner@pepperdine.educThis past summer, I participated in SURB where I explored the realm of research science, both suffering through failed experiments and celebrating any semblance of interpretable results. My research work culminated in an international cell biology conference in Philadelphia, one of the capstone moments of my college career. While these experiences were phenomenal, SURB offered me much more than research experience; it showed me that pursuing a PhD was not the right track for me. When searching for truth, our society celebrates the profound discoveries, yet struggles to understand the value of the failure. We rejoice in the development of vaccines, yet invalidate the worth of all the negative experimental results which built the scientific foundation for that discovery. Similarly, we tend to value only the experiences which reaffirm our purpose, minimizing the many dead-ends we may have also pursued. In my quest for purpose, I have pursued many of those so-called fruitless paths, most of which ended with the confident statement, "No, thanks". While my experience with SURB ended similarly, with the help of prayer and mentoring, I can understand the value in knowing the "no's", rather than just the "yes's". Because of opportunities offered by Pepperdine faculty, I have gained insight into what my calling truly is; this valuable knowledge has helped solidify my intent to become a physician, a career which will hopefully allow me to fulfill my purpose.Feb 20 2018 02:33:51:000PMw
Megan Elaine Manquen100518947megan.manquen@pepperdine.edu909-222-9126BSMATHNatural Science0420193.8191Dr. Kevin IgaNatural Sciencekevin.iga@pepperdine.eduDr. Kendra KillpatrickNatural Sciencekendra.killpatrick@pepperdine.educThe mathematics department at Pepperdine has given me much more than expected. The rigorous academics have provided both difficult and rewarding times. The professors continue to bless me with knowledge and passion for mathematics. The more unexpected blessings have stemmed from the entire math community as a whole. As a student who has at times struggled with finding a place at Pepperdine, my classmates have given me a community that extends beyond the classroom. Developing these close relationships has presented the opportunity to grow as an individual and a mathematician. I am a leader amongst this group of classmates. Reflecting on my place in this community, I see immense growth in my leadership and self confidence. I entered intimidated by both the intelligence and the predominantly male population in the department. Now I have grown into someone that is confident enough to be a leader amongst this same group. My skill set as a leader has been practiced as a servant leader and a leader by example. I believe my leadership among my classmates is very important. My natural role has been to create a positive group dynamic, organize notes from lectures, keep track of deadlines, and organize time to work on homework and study together. I am also the person they come to to be an encourager and a confidant. I have found many instances in which I provide a listening ear and offer advice to my classmates that extends into our personal lives. I have been so blessed this community.Mar 7 2018 10:47:53:000PMw
Claire Nicole Becker100519023claire.becker@pepperdine.edu402-350-4578BSBUSADMINBusiness Administration0420193.7897Cameron WrightBusiness Administrationcameron.wright@pepperdine.eduCarolyn GalantineBusiness Administrationcarolyn.galantine@pepperdine.educFor the past few years of my college career, any time I was asked what I wanted to do with my life, my answer was always "I have no idea." I didn't have an answer, nor did I have any idea where my life was going. It was 2 months ago when I finally had my ‘aha' moment. I was searching for internships on Handshake, when I stumbled across a position for Deloitte. I began reading the job description, & everything finally clicked. I was looking at an internship for a Deloitte Consulting Strategy & Operations Summer Scholar. As I read through the bio, the only thing I could think about was how good I would be in this position, & how I could grow and learn from the experience. As it turns out, the internship was posted by mistake, and I was unable to apply. Instead of giving up though, I jumped through hoops to get in contact with someone about a potential consulting position. I made some connections, and I was offered an interview in late summer for a full-time position after I graduate. I finally realized that my purpose in life, and what I want to do, is to help others solve their problems. Deloitte offers many different types of consulting, and I am still trying to decide whether I want to be a part of the Strategy & Operations, or the Human Capital service line. Either way, I would get to be helping other people and their businesses solve a multitude of problems to achieve their goals. This is what I was meant to do, and I can't wait to push my limits to succeed in the future.Feb 9 2018 10:21:10:000AMw
Monique Abigail Go100519193monique.go@pepperdine.edu9092033738BAINTMARKTCommunication0420193.5791Klive Oh Communicationklive.oh@pepperdine.eduBrittany Skinner Staffbrittany.skinner@pepperdine.educOne thing I am one hundred percent certain about is how the experiences I have had at Pepperdine has thought me to be a better steward of the world. Thinking about this past year, the area of growth I have seen the largest improvement on is in service. As a member of the Student Programming Board at Pepperdine, I am able to get insight on how we can better bring together the students of our campus. By serving them through event planning and offering students a place where a community can be built, there is a slow unveiling of what I love doing. I absolutely love connecting with individuals and bringing people together to serve a higher purpose. This passion of mine became even clearer after returning from the Project Serve trip I participated in for Spring break. I was given the chance to work alongside the homeless community and people who are living in poverty. I was able to serve the community by pouring love upon each individual I spoke with. Through the relationships I built, I noticed how a community was being fostered. Barriers were torn down and all that was left was acceptance and understanding. After discovering how I can be a good servant, that is now all I ever want to do. I even applied for my first mission trip for the summer so I can continue serving in every way I can. Because of how much I have grown as a servant and understanding the truth behind Pepperdine's mission, it is clear to me that I am an ideal candidate for this scholarship.Mar 11 2018 11:42:31:000PMw
Matthew Walker Ludwig100519214matthew.ludwig@pepperdine.edu9165248023BSBUSADMINBusiness Administration0420193.99121John NedBusiness Administrationjohn.ned@pepperdine.eduWilliam ArnoldBusiness Administrationwilliam.w.arnold.2@pepperdine.educ"Pepperdine is a Christian university committed to the highest standards of academic excellence and Christian values, where students are strengthened for lives of purpose, service, and leadership". When I came to Pepperdine in the fall of 2016, I came to find my purpose. I wanted a great education grounded in Christian values that would guide me to live a life honorable in God's eyes. Over the past year, I've grown a lot by pursuing not only academic excellence but by participating in other activities, such as the Intramural Basketball League, the Career Coaching Program, and the Investment Club. Through these activities, I can see how I want to engage with people and help them the best way I can. I truly believe that God works through us, and we can reflect the love of God through our relationships with other people. This semester I have officially become a Contract Finance major, which shows my determination to pursue a career where I can help people with their finances. Every day I strive to live by the words of 1 Timothy 6:10, "For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs." As I look to the future, I want to become a man of value as supposed to a man of success. I believe that my growth indicates my devotion to have God be an ever-increasing presence in my life, which I think makes me an ideal candidate for this scholarship.Mar 11 2018 09:24:15:000PMw
Nick Alexander Heath100520022nick.heath@pepperdine.edu408-316-0066BACONTRACTBusiness Administration0420193.98697Jooho LeeBusiness Administrationjooho.lee@pepperdine.eduJohn BartonReligion and Philosophyjohn.barton@pepperdine.educIn the last year at Pepperdine, I have grown especially in leadership. Over my first two years, I transitioned into a new group of peers, a new cross-country team and new academic career. It took time to build lasting relationships with others and establish myself as a hard-working and dedicated student athlete, but after finding my role and my purpose amid this new environment, I transitioned from being a follower of others into a leader. At the end of my sophomore year, my coach nominated me as captain for both Pepperdine's cross country and track teams and I am glad that I accepted. Being a team captain over the past year has given me many opportunities to help others and to develop my own skills. While daunting at first, it has been so rewarding to help guide the newer members of the team towards success and to be there for them when they need me. And, as a result of the experience, I am continuing to grow in confidence, organization, communication, motivation, and responsibility among many more skills. Another area where I have been practicing my leadership skills has been the Waves Leadership Council (WLC), where I represent my cross country team and Pepperdine as a whole. I have participated in several community service opportunities with WLC such as beach clean-ups, highway clean-ups, events for special needs kids and more. Overall, this has been an excellent year for both my personal development and my contribution to others.Mar 11 2018 04:20:56:000PMw
Houston Wilson100520190houston.wilson@pepperdine.edu7606993412BAPOLISCISocial Science0420193.655108Robert WilliamsSocial Sciencerobert.williams@pepperdine.eduMin-Jung KimStaffminjung.kim@pepperdine.educ I bounded into last year brimming with joy at the prospect of serving as an SLA in a freshman house. As much as I swore to avoid establishing expectations, I fell victim to their rosy snares. I imagined rich theological and philosophical discussions about the existential questions of life. Transcendent moments of divine encounter would litter our small group meetings. Our Triad would consistently put on well-attended events, and a blossoming brotherhood would color our meetings. The first semester didn't pan out as I had hoped. Learning to set aside spaces for alone time proved difficult. My openness led to suffocation and burnout. I felt trapped in the house. However, in establishing boundaries, I've become a better SLA. I've learned that it's okay not to have rich relationships with every resident. It is alright to just "hang out". Not every conversation must be so deathly serious. I cannot do everything, and frankly, that's impossible. There is liberation in owning one's frailty. In lightheartedly accepting my weakness and vulnerability, I can serve more joyfully. At Pepperdine, I am pushed and stretched intellectually, socially, and spiritually. I am made better because of it. This scholarship will enable me to remain here to continuously serve and grow. So moving into my last year at Pepperdine I find myself optimistic. I am going to suck the marrow out of my 7th and 8th semesters. I am going to live purposefully, love fearlessly, and serve humbly.Jan 26 2018 02:24:26:000PMw
Trevor Montgomery Sytsma100521107trevor.sytsma@pepperdine.edu425-306-8256BSCHEMSTRYNatural Science0420194.00116.83Dr. Jane GanskeNatural Sciencejane.ganske@pepperdine.eduDr. David GreenNatural Sciencedavid.green@pepperdine.educ Good leaders know that success isn't achieved in a vacuum. No matter the ability of its members, an enterprise cannot be fruitful without the backing needed to do its work. Whether in the form of tangible resources or endorsements, one of the most important roles of a leader is to seek support through effective advocacy. My position on this year's Pepperdine Ambassadors Council (PAC) has expanded my abilities and given me a unique opportunity to advocate for the natural sciences at Pepperdine. As a PAC ambassador, I engage with people the University relies on for support: community members, donors, alumni and friends of Pepperdine. I love sharing how joining a Pepperdine research lab transformed me from a student who consistently forgot his goggles to the first author of a manuscript; or describe how a semester spent dissecting a human cadaver in KSC 250 set my eyes firmly on medicine. In doing so, I've come to understand the power of my personal narrative to garner interest in Pepperdine science. As a result, I've developed the confidence to initiate conversations with new people about the things for which I am passionate. Since joining PAC I've grown in my ability to advocate for the Natural Science Division and hope that my story will help generate support of the ambitious research, instruction and mentorship that happen there. In teaching me the art of advocacy, PAC has deepened my skillset as a leader to seek external resources-the building blocks for future success.Feb 9 2018 11:11:47:000AMw
Lilia Aubrey Kerski100521203lakerski@pepperdine.edu720-648-6727BAPOLISCISocial Science0420193.977112Dr. Carrie WallHumanities/Teacher Educationcarrie.wall@pepperdine.eduElizabeth StrebelSocial Scienceelizabeth.strebel@gmail.comcPurpose is defined as "the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists." For many years, I have been passionate about education, and desired to pursue a career path as a teacher. However, when I found myself entirely without motivation when completing observation hours at Webster Elementary, I began to question whether my vocational calling truly was to teach. During this time, I was also keenly aware of my growing passion for political science and public policy. After much prayer and consultation with faculty members at Pepperdine, I discovered a logical intersection between the two fields: teaching high school government and history. My decision to switch my career focus was the event that began my year of growth in my understanding of my unique purpose. I have discovered that the different passions within me are not coincidental, rather, they are placed in my heart by God and He uses these interests and skills to guide me in the way to which He has called me. Hence, my purpose in life is to glorify God by using the passions He equipped me with. I do not believe that finding purpose means finding one specific career, though my discovery of purpose was aided with a change in career goals. I believe purpose is the way I use the things that I delight in to spread Christ wherever I am. My understanding of purpose was highly influenced by my exemplary professors at Pepperdine, and without their guidance and prayer, I would not be where I am today.Feb 26 2018 07:10:36:000PMw
Kelly Robyn Peterson100521688kelly.peterson@pepperdine.edu209-605-3462BALIBARTSHumanities/Teacher Education0420193.6786Stacey LeeStaffstacey.lee@pepperdine.eduElizabeth YomantasHumanities/Teacher Educationelizabeth.yomantas@pepperdine.educMy relationship with my Savior influences every aspect of my life since I came to know Him in second grade. Whenever I face trials, I know they are shaping me into the woman God wants me to become. My favorite author, Pearl S. Buck, stated that "one faces the future with one's past." Each day has shaped me into who I am today. Throughout this first year at Pepperdine I have grown to understand my purpose in leadership. I learned as a leader, I must be a servant first. My passionate love for helping others has continued to grow ever since the first week of my junior year with my position as a Resident Advisor. I enjoyed seeing my residents grow as individuals academically, spiritually, and socially. During the first semester, I walked alongside my residents through emotional hardships, academic struggles, and joyful growth. I organized multiple programs for my residents to help build community, create healthy, lifestyle choices, and implement study strategies to foster academic success. Being an RA opened up relationships on a different level; I could offer comfort and prayers to others. What was my job, God turned into an opportunity. Understanding how I can serve others through my role as an RA, I hope to use what I learned and apply it to my classroom when I reach my goal of becoming a high school science teacher.Feb 19 2018 11:37:07:000PMw
Dominic Victor Ferrari100522111dominic.ferrari@pepperdine.edu909-996-2012BSACCOUNTBusiness Administration0420193.5794Marilyn MischBusiness Administrationmarilyn.misch@pepperdine.eduDongkuk LimBusiness Administrationdongkuk.lim@pepperdine.educ During my freshman year, I struggled with finding my purpose and where I would want to go with my degree. Ever since I was a child, I wanted to work for my father's family business, Virginia Hardwood Company. This company has always been a dream for me because it was started by my grandfather and then passed along to my father. I've always felt pressured to continue on the legacy and never really thought about any other opportunities that could be available. At first, I decided to be a business administration major and that was always my first choice. I figured that I could just get my degree as soon as possible and just go work for my father; however, after taking financial accounting with Dr. Lim, he persuaded me to switch to Accounting. Where my purpose grows is that it opened up more possibilities for me to get more involved on campus. After switching majors, I don't feel like I am stuck working for my father and that I have the mobility to try interning for an Accounting firm. Since switching, I have become more motivated to accomplishing my goals of being the best accountant I can be. Along with being an accounting major, I am more open to trying to new career paths and using the resources Pepperdine has made available to me.Mar 11 2018 02:45:16:000PMw
Anthony Joseph Adducci100522383anthony.adducci@pepperdine.edu952-956-4798BSBIOLOGYNatural Science0420193.99697.5Javier MonzonNatural Sciencejavier.monzon@pepperdine.eduJames WhiteNatural Sciencejames.white@pepperdine.educWhile all aspects of the mission of Pepperdine University are very important to me, I personally have been impacted most by my growth in the area of purpose. When I first came to Pepperdine, I was set on becoming a doctor as I have always had a strong desire to help others. This goal has changed in the past year as result of my participation in research and my ecology class which included a large research project. I have fallen in love with research and the idea of discovering things that have never been found before. I enjoy working on the edges of human understanding. Therefore I have realized that my true vocation and calling from God is to become a medical researcher. I know that as a doctor I would be able to save hundreds of lives, but as a medical researcher I could save millions of lives and impact many generations in the future. I have always known that my calling was to help people, but this past year has helped to refine in what way I would best do that. I started at Pepperdine with no idea as to what I should do with my future. I have grown into a confident, strong, directed man who fully sees his purpose in life. I am living what God has called me to do. The Faculty-Staff Scholarship would be extremely beneficial in helping me financially to continue pursuing my vocation and purpose in life at Pepperdine University. I am forever indebted to this great university for helping me find my correct path and also for showing me the way to my true purpose. Mar 7 2018 05:21:36:000PMw
Emily Roseann Sabino100523442emily.sabino@pepperdine.edu818-903-7109BAPSYCHSocial Science0420193.70891Leslie BaumanSocial Scienceleslie.bauman@pepperdine.eduJeffrey JasperseNatural Sciencejeffrey.jasperse@pepperdine.educ Throughout the last year I have learned a great deal about my purpose in life: working with and pouring into children and adolescents. Within the last twelve months, I have had the opportunity to work with youth in many different capacities. Last summer I ran a daycare for children ages four to thirteen. Currently I am the Youth Ministry Intern for the University Church of Christ, I am the student coordinator for Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS), I have an internship working with homeless and at risk youth in Santa Monica, and I babysit for almost ten families in Malibu. While spending that much time with children and adolescents may sound exhausting to most people, it is something that I find incredibly filling and life-giving. It was not until recently that I realized how unique it is to feel filled and refreshed after spending eight hours with children. Because of the fulfillment I receive from working with young people, I believe it is my purpose in life to be a positive influence on youth and to show them that they have worth and value. Most young people are simply searching for love and acceptance, and I greatly enjoy getting the opportunity show them how much they matter. I would be an ideal candidate for this scholarship because supporting me and helping to further my education will have an impact, not only on my life, but also on the lives of the many children and adolescents I am currently working with, as well as those I will work with in the future.Feb 26 2018 02:13:26:000AMw
Genesis Trirene Trejo100523445genesis.trejo@pepperdine.edu(702) 848-0682BSSPORTMEDNatural Science0420193.592111Mary K. HoldenNatural Sciencemary.holden@pepperdine.eduPriscilla G. MacRaeNatural Sciencepriscilla.macrae@pepperdine.educIn the past year at Pepperdine University, I have experienced growth in service through the roles I have taken on in the community. Because of Pepperdine's focus on creating an inclusive atmosphere and providing opportunities for students of different backgrounds, I have utilized these opportunities to grow in service in areas I am interested in. As a student worker at the Genesis Lab, I have been able to teach my peers about the academic applications of 3-D printing and virtual reality. As the public relations chair of Latino Student Association and as a firm believer that the Latino/Hispanic population is an integral part of our society, I have had an edifying experience in making my fellow Latinos feel included and valued on this campus. As a research assistant, I have been able to help my professor, Dr. Storm, in further developing her research in maternal and child health specifically for the Hispanic female population in Ventura County. I am committed to the purpose of serving people of all backgrounds as a future physician. It is especially important to me to provide health care opportunities for underserved Hispanic/Latino communities. My growth in service makes me an ideal candidate for this scholarship because I have much more to give back to the Pepperdine community and this scholarship would lower the financial burden on my family and it would allow me to continue my education at Pepperdine University and preparation to become a life-long server of all people.Mar 5 2018 08:26:43:000PMw
Bailee Blechschmidt100523624bailee.blechschmidt@pepperdine.edu3606352745BSSPORTMEDNatural Science0420193.67882Jeffrey JasperseNatural Sciencejeffrey.jasperse@pepperdine.eduElizabeth WhatleyReligion and Philosophyelizabeth.whatley@pepperdine.educOver the past year, I feel I have grown significantly in both the areas of purpose and service. As a pre-med student, I knew I needed to accumulate numerous volunteer hours to be a competitive applicant. Over the summer of 2017, I began volunteering at a free clinic in my home state, Washington, and through this, a true passion grew. I now volunteer at that clinic whenever I have the opportunity. I've also started volunteering at another free clinic in Thousand Oaks. I hadn't previously given much thought into the healthcare system besides my own goals within it. I had always wanted to be a physician but always struggled with a good answer as to why. I can now explain my calling to medicine. I have seen what poor healthcare looks like and I want to contribute to solving that problem. I have seen patients coming into the clinic with 8 major chief complaints because they haven't seen a physician in years. Patients constantly running out of medication, thus putting their lives at risk because they simply can't afford healthcare. I have seen hardworking patients with stable jobs who don't have access to healthcare. Not only have I seen first-hand the deficit in healthcare for patients without insurance, I've seen the gratitude and appreciation they have upon receiving help. I've met homeless patients in tears just from being treated with respect and decency. People who can barely afford to feed their children, but put their only dollar into our donation jar. What began as a way.Feb 8 2018 02:03:45:000PMw
Araceli Crescencio100523653acrescen@pepperdine.edu6158396609BAJOURNALCommunication0420193.6489Michael MurrieCommunicationmichael.murrie@pepperdine.eduAbigail SmithCommunicationabi.smith@pepperdine.educ Within the past year, the world has suffered tremendously. In Houston, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and other places, many died, some were displaced, and others lost their homes. During tumultuous times it becomes difficult to stay optimistic. Nevertheless, within the past year my call to service has been strengthened, and as a result so has my hope. I completely agree with Pepperdine's affirmation statement that knowledge calls for a life of service. Last semester, I had the privilege of using my skills to help others. In my research class, I completed a research project aimed at helping undocumented immigrants, by studying the impact that study abroad programs have on students attitudes regarding immigration. As a writer for The Graphic, I have reported on DACA and the aftermath of the 2016 Presidential election. As a reporter for NW 32, I have been able inform the public on local news, such as the issue of homelessness in Malibu. As a member of the debate team, I've helped host convocations on issues such as the Syrian refugee crisis and the efficacy of online protests. Pepperdine has equipped me with hope, certainty, and a value of service that motivates me to become a voice for the voiceless, speak for marginalized groups, and help educate the world. The impact that this scholarship will have is huge. Not only will it grant me funds for college, but it will enable me to start a cycle of generosity, much bigger than the one I am limited to without a diploma.Mar 10 2018 08:00:41:000PMw
Danielle Emma Van Dusen100523662danielle.vandusen@pepperdine.edu2535493651BSSPORTMEDNatural Science0520193.6290Stephanie CooperNatural Sciencestephanie.cooper@pepperdine.eduDaniel RodriguezReligion and Philosophydaniel.rodriguez@pepperdine.educPurpose and service come naturally to me, as I have always been passionate about serving others, and consistently look to God for my purpose. I easily embrace my passion for helping others in the health and fitness industry; I am striving to get my Personal Training certificate and will later apply to Occupational Therapy school. I also added a Nonprofit Management Minor to fulfill my desire for service. On the other hand, leadership is always the area I struggle in the most, and have avoided in certain times of my life. However, I have seen myself grow in this area the most this past year, and that is why I am applying for this scholarship. Throughout my life I have considered myself a laid-back person and fall more under the "follower" category than a "leader." Leadership is honestly something that scares me. However, last semester, my sorority voted for me as the new Administrative Vice President. I had the chance to accept a leadership role that would influence 40 other women in the sorority, speak in front of others, handle challenging situations, be the face of Gamma Phi Beta, and more. Accepting my nomination has been challenging, as expected, but a growing experience. My role has challenged me to be bold, make decisions based on the better of a community, and collaborate as a team with the other six members of the Executive Board. Despite my fears, I am ready to be further challenged and grow in an area that I confidently accept that I struggle with.Feb 10 2018 12:48:01:000PMw
Daniel Dagang Hu100524701daniel.hu@pepperdine.edu408-966-6733BACHEMSTRYNatural Science0420193.718107.5Dr. David GreenNatural Sciencedavid.green@pepperdine.eduDr. Joseph FritschNatural Sciencejoseph.fritsch@pepperdine.educOver the past year I have returned to Malibu after a year abroad in London. This opportunity has allowed me to compare my freshman self to my current self, to which I believe I have increased greatly in maturity and urgency. These improvements have allowed me to learn the concept of purpose, and what it means for me during my stay at Pepperdine. One of the greatest struggles presented to me last semester has been my choice to go abroad while declaring to become a chemistry major. From having gone abroad as well as changing majors midway, I had to reduce my degree to a Bachelor of Arts to graduate within four years. Coupled with my desire to take all the chemistry courses Pepperdine has to offer, this made me realize the fact that I don't have the time nor resources to do everything. This past semester I learned to accept the fact that my time is limited, and my purpose isn't to do everything or be everyone. While I wish I could take every chemistry course offered, my decision to go abroad for a year has given me experiences I could never have received otherwise. Amidst my college chemistry cut short, I have nevertheless demonstrated dedication and acumen. This semester I am a Teaching Assistant for our General Chemistry II Lab, and am currently working with Dr. Green to commence research. These opportunities have proven to me that my decision to study chemistry and go abroad were not ill-chosen, and my purpose is to pursue chemistry, while having a diverse background.Jan 31 2018 01:20:01:000PMw
Sofia Telch Herrera100525200sofia.telch@pepperdine.edu3237997099BAJOURNALCommunication0420193.6797.5Dr. Christina LittlefieldCommunicationchristina.littlefield@pepperdine.eduProf. Michael SmithCommunicationmichael.smith@pepperdine.educBefore coming to Pepperdine, I wasn't sure what my purpose in life was. Although I loved writing, I wasn't sure I wanted to pursue writing as a career because although I knew I wanted my job to be creative, I also wanted it to serve a major cause. When I came to Pepperdine, I learned about journalism, a way to write about my favorite topics and use my voice to empower others who can't speak up for themselves. This mission, along with my mission to serve God in everything I do, have helped me find my purpose in using my voice to encourage others and help communities in need around me. For this reason, I participated in Pepperdine's Social Action and Justice internship program in Argentina in the Summer of 2016 and, thanks to the Siderman Human Rights Scholarship, I got to work at ADC, a human rights-centered NGO that advocates freedom of information in South America. This way, I found a way to help others through writing. Although many have tried to dissuade me from becoming a journalist due to the job decline in the industry, I still want to pursue journalism due to my passion for writing and helping others. This Summer I want to go to the Shanghai G.E. program and continue my journalistic endeavors there, and a scholarship would help me take full advantage of the program. Everything I do is because of God, through him and for him, and I want to make him and my family proud that I keep finding ways to write my way through life always with faith, compassion and purpose.Feb 17 2018 11:36:36:000PMw
Steven Miles Kerr100525301steven.kerr@pepperdine.edu(408) 828-9085BAIECOInternational Studies and Languages0420193.75109Felicity VabulasInternational Studies and Languagesfelicity.vabulas@pepperdine.eduMichael GoseHumanities/Teacher Educationmichael.gose@pepperdine.educStepping back onto campus for my junior year, after having been abroad in Switzerland, I have taken on a leadership role as the Resident Advisor of one of Pepperdine's freshman halls. This position has taught me countless lessons about what is required to be an effective leader. And upon some reflection, I've realized that one aspect of this job that they never teach you about is the fact that so much of it can't be taught. Two weeks of training can't prepare someone for all, or even many, of the situations they are going to encounter over the course of the year. It didn't fully prepare me for some of the discussions I've had with residents about their struggles with mental health or suicide ideation, or for visiting residents who have been hospitalized due to excessive alcohol consumption. I've learned that as a leader you will inevitably face situations you have no idea how to confront. And that's alright. While leaders have very little control over which issues they will be faced with, it is within their ability to control the mentality with which they respond to these issues. And I've found that as long as you approach situations with a level head, a heart that that puts the other person's best interests at the center, the mental fortitude to know that you can handle what you're given, and the humility to accept help from those who are there to support you, you will be empowered to do right by those you lead.Mar 9 2018 06:10:53:000PMw
Austin Fagerberg100525771austin.fagerberg@pepperdine.edu5125542468BABIOLOGYNatural Science0420193.8118Kevin IgaNatural Sciencekevin.iga@pepperdine.eduMatt JoynerNatural Sciencematt.joyner@pepperdine.educThis past year has proven to be a challenging time for me, as the transition from a year spent in Argentina to the United States has proven to be surprisingly difficult. Far from the relatively care-free land of South America, where my life and worries were temporarily put on hold, Malibu has been a jolt back into reality. My course-load and extra-curricular activities have proven to be more arduous than I could have expected. However, it is in this time of struggle that I have also discovered many things about myself. Argentina was a fantastic chapter of my life, but coming home has fortified my resolve and clearly laid out the path before me; I have never felt more called to medicine, and I owe that clarity to the trials that I went through while abroad. My heart for helping people and my desire to become a doctor have dually motivated me to strive towards a bigger and brighter future. I hope that through this newfound clarity, I will be able to encourage others in their pursuit of purpose, so that they may also aspire towards greatness.Mar 12 2018 03:23:38:000PMw
Linda Glevy100526177linda.glevy@pepperdine.edu619-384-6410BSBUSADMINBusiness Administration0420193.81100Courtney DavisNatural Sciencecourtney.davis2@pepperdine.eduDongkuk LimBusiness Administrationdongkuk.lim@pepperdine.educGoing into my Junior year after coming back from a year abroad, I knew I wanted to take an active role on campus and re-integrate into the community. I soon found myself flooded with options of clubs to join, events to go to, and many new people to get to know. I had to make some sacrifices and choose activities that would fit with my purpose, passions, and schedule. One thing I chose to do was lead a club convo with some of the students I went abroad with. We had many insightful conversations about newfound mindsets and passions, and we supported each other in our transition back to life in Malibu. I grew in my awareness of my worldview and obtained a stronger sense of purpose in my life, realizing I had a lot to learn about the world and that I wanted to use my talents to help others. I have taken many small steps of faith in my time here at Pepperdine, all pushing me to go outside my comfort zone, challenging me, and in turn causing me to grow. This semester, I am going on a Project Serve trip to Clarkston, Georgia to work with Friends of Refugees. This will mean going to learn from and about people who are not like me, embracing those differences, finding commonalities, and loving as God loves. Over the past year I have grown in purpose by adding to the Pepperdine community and embracing challenges. Although I have a lot more to discover about my specific future path, I have found that helping others and growing with them is a purpose that I want to fulfill.Feb 16 2018 04:11:47:000PMw
Christie Kittelsen100526214christie.kittelsen@pepperdine.edu9496169951BAINTMARKTCommunication0420193.91107Dr. Alice LabbanBusiness Administrationalice.labban@pepperdine.edu Dr. Anthony AhnCommunicationhoyoung.ahn@pepperdine.educ As a rising senior, the theme of "purpose" has proven to be the guiding light of my personal, academic, and spiritual journey at Pepperdine. This year, God has made it abundantly clear that he led me here for far more than the sole purpose of obtaining a degree in Integrated Marketing Communication.This past year I spent my twentieth year of life studying abroad in London, acquired my first internship, and started planning my second mission trip to Mexico. I spent my first couple years at Pepperdine frantically trying to plan out the rest of my life. This year it has been made clear to me that while my plans often fail, God's guidance is effervescent. Though I once had an extreme internal locus of control, I have slowly come to rest in God's peace and trust His process. For this reason, this year I started participating in vocational training. The concepts of purpose and vocation have been weighing heavily on my heart. Accordingly, God has led me to consider taking on a minor by exploring courses in Nonprofit Management. Ultimately, I hope to be entrepreneurial and partner with non-profit organizations. Learning to conceptualize the term vocation as a call from God has guided my college experience thus far, and will continue to guide my career. At this moment, I believe my growth in terms of purpose and vocation has equipped me to share my experience with other students and offer guidance, support, and prayer as they navigate the journey of their purpose/vocation.Mar 12 2018 12:22:20:000PMw
Gracyn Antoinette Lewis100526227gracyn.lewis@pepperdine.edu9167195996BSSPORTMEDNatural Science0420193.58892Mary HoldenNatural Sciencemary.holden@pepperdine.eduJeffrey JasperseNatural Sciencejeffrey.jasperse@pepperdine.educI believe God has and continues to enlighten me on what it means to live a purposeful life. Over the summer, I turned to a bigger purpose than academics, I turned to God. I found a deeper connection to myself and my passions through His word and His strength. I discovered that having purpose means that I make everything I do purposeful. I work with purpose, I study with purpose, I pray with purpose, and I live with purpose. In August, I volunteered at the UC Davis Burn Unit. As I helped clean and bandage the patients and witnessed ninety-percent burn victims, I did not flinch or falter. I felt great empathy for them and then great gratitude, because as I treated their burns I felt purposeful. I define purpose as an evolving aspect of life, something that comes in stages. My personal growth this past year has lead me to make more purposeful decisions and work harder than ever before. This new idea of purpose in my life keeps me focused, lighthearted, and enthusiastic about the present and future. I have realized how meaningful my current journey at Pepperdine is and I am living out Pepperdine's mission through my determination for academic excellence and dedication to my Christian faith. This scholarship will help me continue to live out my purpose, worrying less about financial obligations, and focusing on the most important aspects of my life, which will progress my personal growth as both a student and a Christian.Mar 11 2018 05:42:27:000PMw
Jacob Zach Amble100526611jacob.amble@pepperdine.edu661-428-4371BAPHILOSReligion and Philosophy0420193.57102Abi SmithCommunicationabi.smith@pepperdine.eduJustin KirkCommunicationjustin.kirk@pepperdine.educSince coming to Pepperdine, I have undergone a personal transformation from a person who is content remaining in the periphery to a motivated leader committed to creating positive change. In the last year in particular, I have taken the helm of a number of organizations and clubs I never would have imagined before my Pepperdine experience. In these roles, I have not only contributed to the organizations I am part of, but also seen them turn me into a more effective and dedicated leader. During this previous summer, I served as an intern for House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, where I was put in charge of a variety of projects and intern assignments. This was a leadership position unlike any other, as it was for a high-ranking congressman. Since the start of this academic year, I have served as President for the Pepperdine Debate Team, having been appointed by my coaches. In addition to this, schoolwork, and being involved in a number of on-campus clubs, I am an Intern for the State Department's Virtual Federal Student Service, leading academic discussions and preparing students in Macedonia for college in the U.S. In my leadership roles I've had over the last year, I have noticed a great deal of change in myself. I am far more diligent with regards to deadlines and work quality, and am a more effective leader, having developed better management skills. With power comes responsibility, and I have truly risen to the occasion. I am a dedicated leader committed to quality work.Mar 7 2018 09:45:25:000PMw
Tehya Rebecca Braun100526868tehya.braun@pepperdine.edu4065815413BAPSYCHSocial Science0420183.9682Nataria T JosephSocial Sciencenataria.joseph@pepperdine.eduJennifer HarrigerSocial Sciencejennifer.harriger@pepperdine.educ"Freely ye received, freely give" (Matthew 10:8). The beauty of this verse is in the vagueness of what is being received and given. So many times we see God's grace as being and feeling good, we neglect to see reason or goodness in hardships. This last year I was given an opportunity which allowed me to transform the greatest hardship I have ever received, and freely give grace to others who have lived through a similar fate. A scholarship opportunity through the Center of Women in Leadership allowed me to create a line of paintings documenting the many stages of emotions I faced as a survivor of rape and sexual assault. In many ways this opportunity gave me a voice, and allowed me pause and healing. This experience has helped me realize my purpose as a Christian student, to use my experiences and education to give to others. My work with the Center of Women in Leadership has developed past their scholarship program. Through creating my paintings I have discovered that it is my intention to finish my line of work, and to create fundraiser exhibitions for a scholarship program for victims of sexual assault in college. I want these exhibitions to be a way for those who have not lived through the atrocities of sexual crime begin to understand the journeys of survivors. As the famous popular icon, Lady Gaga explains; you don't know how it feels until it happens to you. I hope that my artistic expressions can function as a temporary window into the life of a survivor, and a wayMar 11 2018 11:05:18:000PMw
David Hoon Kim100527189david.h.kim@pepperdine.edu925-337-2276BSACCOUNTBusiness Administration0420193.687100Marilyn MischBusiness Administrationmarilyn.misch@pepperdine.eduJohn NedBusiness Administrationjohn.ned@pepperdine.educWhat I appreciate most about Pepperdine is their motive to push students to become people of purpose, service, and leadership. Pepperdine has grown me in all of these aspects, but reflecting on this past year, I believe that I have grown the most in service through my time with Alpha Kappa Psi and Koinonia Campus Missions. Within this past year, I held two leadership positions for the business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi. During the fall semester, I served as the Vice President of Risk Management, and I am now currently holding the position of Vice President of Finance. All of my professional and mental growth has stemmed from my experiences with Alpha Kappa Psi and because of that, I have the urge to give back and serve the business fraternity and the students in it. In addition, I have also put a lot of investment in the college ministry, Koinonia Campus Missions. This year, I am on the servant team as a small group leader. I have three freshmen students in our small group and meet with them on a weekly basis. My heart grew for this ministry. KCM has helped me challenge myself and push myself to grow spiritually and I can see God working in me this year. My leadership roles and my heart to serve made me love service even more. I am too grateful for my parents not to apply for this scholarship, and so, I hope that you will see what kind of person I am through my involvement with Alpha Kappa Psi and Koinonia Campus Missions and deem me qualified for this amazing opportunity.Mar 10 2018 02:13:41:000PMw
Jakob Theo Williamson100527592jakob.williamson@pepperdine.edu509-942-8029BSMATHNatural Science0420193.8289.5Kendra KillpatrickNatural ScienceKendra.Killpatrick@pepperdine.eduDavid StrongNatural Sciencedavid.strong@pepperdine.educOver the past year at Pepperdine, I have undergone tremendous maturation in terms of discovering and fulfilling my purpose in today's society. It seems like much less than three years ago that I left behind the pigs, goats, and alpacas on my small farm in Washington to pursue an education and an adventure in place foreign to me. Looking back, I never would have been able to foresee the prodigious growth that I would experience in such a small fraction of my life. Through the classes I have taken and communication I have had with various members of the diverse Pepperdine community, I have become well-aware of the many issues that present themselves to our society. As technology continues to rapidly progress and change the way we think about solving problems, many new ways are opening up to make a lasting impact. The ability to discover new metabolic pathways and enzymatic molecules has captivated my interests as this topic intertwines mathematical statistics in analyzing configurations and energetics as well my passion for medicine. As I now feel as though I have found my vocation, I am ready to embark on the next step of my journey as I begin to pursue the next step, learning as much as I can and taking advantage of all the wisdom that surrounds me at Pepperdine, in order to best prepare myself to make a difference. With tangible goals motivating me to make best use of my remaining time at Pepperdine, this scholarship would be instrumental in helping me become successful. Mar 9 2018 12:18:03:000AMw
Tyler Reed100527798tyler.reed@pepperdine.edu5626237818BAECONSocial Science0420193.861119Kendra KillpatrickNatural Sciencekendra.killpatrick@pepperdine.eduPaul JonesSocial Sciencepaul.jones@pepperdine.educThe past year has been a year of significant personal growth for me, especially in regards to my faith my faith and stepping into roles of service. Last year was a difficult one for me, one in which I dealt with a lot of loneliness and apprehension about my future. In that period of my life, I came to the conclusion that I was relying on my own plans for myself instead of God's, and I committed to opening myself to His plan for me. And surprisingly to me, that plan heavily featured stepping into service. Last summer I got a text asking me if I wanted to be a cabin leader at my churches high school summer camp. I stepped into the role, even though I was fairly terrified, and ever since I have been a leader in the high school ministry, helping with services on Sundays and leading a small group of freshmen boys. Whether it is finding lonely kids to talk to at the services to make them feel welcome, picking up trash or putting out chairs, or mentoring my small group boys through the tumultuous days of high school, service has become part of the new normal for me. And this does not only apply to my work in church but in all aspects of my life. I am now looking for jobs where I can be best used to serve God and serve others. In my relationships with my friends I am becoming a person who enjoys serving them. Service has become something more than helping people. It has become a way in which I live, an attitude towards others and God that puts them first. Mar 9 2018 01:02:01:000PMw
Danielle Elisabeth LaForce100528742danielle.laforce@pepperdine.edu6507874948BAENGWHumanities/Teacher Education0420193.8590Jacqueline DillionHumanities/Teacher Educationjacqueline.dillion@pepperdine.edu Theresa FlynnHumanities/Teacher Educationtheresa.flynn@pepperdine.educEven though I encountered the sheer joy of rededicating my life to Christ this year, I also have been challenged with the hardest personal circumstances I have ever experienced, and God has transformed my pain into realization that my life of purpose at Pepperdine is His. When a member of our community committed suicide, God allowed me to comfort those around me. When my own Aunt Lora died a month later, although I was emotionally shattered, God gave me friends who understood what I was going through. And when my best friend's mom died—the same way as Aunt Lora—my heart ached for her, but God never left us, ministering faithfully. Usually, I am a cheerful person, but this semester, I have struggled with depression and anxiety. Challenge after challenge, blow after blow, God consistently keeps ministering to me, encouraging me to live a wonderful life by finding my purpose in Him amidst all this tragedy. For instance, in my academics, I have had surprising moments of happiness, like my addition of a sociology minor. Regarding my future purpose, I have always felt so passionate about attending law school, yet recently I have had my doubts about this. However, I have come to realize that uncertainty is okay; it means that God is in control and I am not. Striving to keep a nearly perfect GPA this semester while becoming deeper in Christ, I am perfectly suited for this scholarship as I have discovered my higher purpose lies solely in Jesus, allowing me to achieve higher.Mar 9 2018 10:41:05:000AMw
Skye Matthew Uldrich100529859skye.uldrich@gmail.com5209711104BAPHILOSReligion and Philosophy0420193.7977.5John BartonReligion and Philosophyjohn.barton@pepperdine.eduMason MarshallReligion and Philosophymason.marshall@pepperdine.educThis is what I've learned and done about my purpose this year: I believe my purpose is to do good, especially to other people. But not just that. I want to do the most good for the most people. In order to fulfill this purpose, I need to understand what the good is, I need the drive and ability to enact on it, and I need to understand people in order to do good toward them. My investigation into the good this year started with philosophy and religion. Through my upper-division classes, office hours discussions, and in my own reading, I've learned how to identify, regiment, and appraise arguments; I've become a better thinker; and I've come to a better understanding of my ethical obligations. Regarding religion, I worked through some of my doubts about Christianity last semester, and have been consistently reading the Bible and praying since. Jesus' example and Paul's teaching has led me to a deeper understanding of the good. I've also learned a great deal about people this year while studying abroad and in my Religions of the World class. Having made friends from all different places, perspectives and religious backgrounds, I am much better equipped to do good toward people. That's what I've learned this year. As far as fulfilling my purpose, I'll let you know when I achieve world-palliation. In the meantime, I am currently a part-time marketing intern for a tech startup, the goal of which is to employ refugees as online language tutors. It's a start- a good one, I think.Mar 11 2018 12:08:57:000PMw
Cayla K Moore100530224cayla.moore@pepperdine.edu8083644025BSBUSADMINBusiness Administration0420193.6617Fang TianBusiness AdministrationFang.Tian@pepperdine.eduCatie J GoldblattStaffcatie.goldblatt@pepperdine.educWithin the last year I have grown most in the area of purpose. I came to Pepperdine as a transfer student, and I feel that I have truly found my place and purpose here. I left my home and family in Hawaii when I was 18 to pursue my higher education. Attending Santa Barbara City College for two years, I struggled greatly to find my place in the community college environment. This struggle was largely due to my inability to find people there who shared my faith, as well as similar values and goals. Transferring to Pepperdine has pushed me to excel in my academics and to grow spiritually. I joined the Pepperdine surf team, which competes across California, and have won several competitions for the team. I have been active in transfer events and service projects, all while holding two jobs on campus for my work study program. I have truly found my place here at Pepperdine, in contrast to the school from which I transferred, and I am thankful for the opportunity to grow spiritually as I progress through my academic journey. I believe my purpose here at Pepperdine is to strive for greater things, as well as to get involved within our unique community. My dream is to fulfill my purpose by growing as an individual here and utilizing the skills I learn here in my future dream career at the World Surf League. I feel that I am an ideal candidate for this scholarship because I am passionate about my purpose and hope to apply what I have learned here to all aspects of my of my life.Feb 21 2018 04:01:39:000PMw
Chanel Nicole Diaz100530544chanel.diaz@pepperdine.edu(805) 868-0657BAMENAInternational Studies and Languages0420193.96103.5Dr. David SimonowitzInternational Studies and Languagesdavid.simonowitz@pepperdine.eduDr. Felicity VabulasInternational Studies and Languagesfelicity.vabulas@pepperdine.educThroughout this year, I have found numerous ways to intentionally practice Christ like forms of leadership and seek direction towards my ultimate sense of purpose. Whether it is through selfless volunteer work, unwavering class participation, or consistent internship performance, I have tested my limits, stretched my comfort zones, and ultimately pursued Christ's intended vocation for my life. However, these areas of growth are not without dedicating myself to Pepperdine's overall challenge of service. Through service, I have grown in the amount of hard work, perseverance, and dedication I am willing to apply, and I have learned what a deep necessity it is to uplift underprivileged communities. With this drive, I have acquired the position of Project Serve Coordinator on campus. Not only have I coordinated this campaign, but I have also led a team to serve with the organization, Friends of Refugees (FOR). FOR is a non-profit that serves marginalized communities by providing opportunities for empowering one's well being through education and employment. By serving here, I have not only obtained one-on-one dialogues with people from different cultures, but I have seen first-hand the effects of what a simple act of good can do in this world. Through my experiences, I have fostered Pepperdine's key objectives as my core foundation. From them, I have successfully grown within my Christ-like values and in understanding my life's purpose of serving underprivileged communities.Mar 5 2018 08:49:04:000PMw
Ashia Ja'Nay100533238ashia.davis@pepperdine.edu734-626-7707BSINTLBUSBusiness Administration0420203.5755Brian SwartzStaffbrian.swarts@pepperdine.eduMichael MurrieCommunicationmichael.murrie@pepperdine.educThe various forms of growth that I have achieved within the last year makes me the perfect candidate to obtain the Faculty-staff scholarship. Being a part of the Social Action and Justice Colloquium has allowed me to realize my passion for diversity and learning about different types of people, which I have lived out through my year in the Washington DC program. Living in an atmosphere as diverse as DC and working at the International Women's Forum, has exemplified to me that I want there to be a component of my career where I can continuously communicate with people who come from a background/environment different from my own. Although I am not exactly sure of God's purpose for my life, I know that he does want me to have a strong ability to communicate with all people. Studying and working in DC has allowed me to become empathetic towards others and grow as a more diverse person. George Pepperdine wanted his university to foster students in a way that they will be able to influence culture. I truly believe that the growth I have endured within this last year at Pepperdine will allow me to make an impact on others. Within this last year I have been following God and taking steps in the right direction towards the path to find my purpose, and I cannot wait to see God's plan for my life throughout my time at Pepperdine while I continue to follow my passion for diversity.Mar 7 2018 06:22:46:000AMw
Tatum Rask100534850tatum.rask@pepperdine.edu303-408-0102BSMATHNatural Science0420203.97547.5Dr. Don HancockNatural Sciencedon.hancock@pepperdine.eduDr. Chris SoperSocial Sciencechris.soper@pepperdine.educDuring the summer of 2017, I worked at a Christian camp in the mountains of Colorado. When I signed the contract to become a counselor, I imagined a never-ending flow of picturesque moments; although the experience was amazing, I thought that being a counselor would be constantly fun. However, I learned quickly that working in both ministry and childcare requires a heart of service. Spending ten weeks with middle schoolers is exhausting and demanding, and I dealt with disagreements about boys, girls throwing up in the middle of the night, and endless complaints about weather, hiking, rules, and more. Despite these imperfections, it was my duty to serve the children attending Camp Timberline. I learned that there is an aspect of service that requires us to love those around us despite our own desires. Jesus calls us to serve others even when it would be more beneficial to use our time selfishly. After a summer of serving the Lord by serving His children, I returned to Pepperdine as a better friend, student, and Christian. I became much more generous with my time, working for my professors and talking with my friends after they had a rough day, despite the pile of homework on my desk. I served by loving. In the future, I hope to impact Pepperdine even more in this way. I can love contagiously by becoming a more dedicated teammate, participating more in the classroom and with the math department, and strengthen my personal relationships to make Pepperdine a more welcoming place.Jan 27 2018 03:10:02:000PMw
Audrey Anne Keim100534956audrey.keim@pepperdine.edu3038706589BSSPORTMEDNatural Science0520203.98076Cecile SantosNatural Sciencececile.santos@pepperdine.eduJane RodehefferHumanities/Teacher Educationjanekelley.rodeheffer@pepperdine.educThe typical Pepperdine student seems to be an overachiever and is involved in dozens of commitments, while excelling at all of them. In the past year, I went from doubting that I could ever be one of those people to becoming very confident in my leadership abilities on campus and the impact I've made here at Pepperdine. Last semester, I reached out to all my chemistry professors and ask if I could be a TA for the lab section – the exact class that I despised my freshman year. I wanted to help students through the difficulties of the class and be available to them as a resource, because I never had that as a freshman. Fortunately, I was chosen to be a TA for Professor Santos' CHEM 121 lab. The experience of mentoring students, seeing them grow, and answering their difficult questions has been far more rewarding than I predicted. Also, I was approached by one of my general chemistry professors to tutor a couple of students struggling in their class. I gratefully accepted, and I've gotten to help a couple of chemistry students understand the hard concepts, which is extremely gratifying. On a social level, I was chosen to become the delegate representing my sorority in the Panhellenic council on campus, which coordinates and regulates Greek life. In this past year, I've been entrusted multiple leadership roles that have allowed me to make concrete contributions to the academic and social atmospheres of Pepperdine University, which is why I believe I deserve this scholarship.Mar 6 2018 11:36:58:000PMw
Cindy Yesol Kim100535228cindy.kim@pepperdine.edu626-825-2483BACOMIPCommunication0420203.83963Timothy WillisReligion and Philosophytimothy.willis@pepperdine.eduDaniel DaughertyStaffdaniel.daugherty@pepperdine.educ"Please make sure to secure your mask on first and then assist the other person." Dr. Rosalyn Satchel's flight attendant analogy presented during HRL training still lingers with me to this day. Her authentic advice struck me as we were preparing to embark on our journey as resident advisors. Throughout my life, I never fully considered the impact that self-care and personal time had on those with leadership roles. I assumed that a "great leader" was required to work tirelessly for others and spend as minimal time for themselves. Thus, I was shocked to find out that the people that I looked up to also indulged in this self-care behavior I once categorized as selfishness. I finally understood that without some form of a self-care strategy, I was doing myself- and the people that depend on me- a disservice. As a leader, if I am not taking care of myself, how could I expect to take care of my team? Self-care is now a top priority. I have realized that the more I learn to care for and love myself, the more equipped I am to support and love those around me. Whether it's prioritizing sleep, spending time alone, or journaling devotionals, I hope to encourage not only myself, but also the people I encounter to take it slow and appreciate the abundant benefits of self-care.Feb 18 2018 06:23:34:000AMw
Luke Ivan Vorster100535358luke.vorster@pepperdine.edu805-509-5374BAINTPInternational Studies and Languages0420203.8181Timothy WillisReligion and Philosophytimothy.willis@pepperdine.eduBrian SwartsStaffbrian.swarts@pepperdine.educOver the past year, I have experienced tremendous personal growth as a leader. My participation in Pepperdine's International Programs, both in Heidelberg and Washington, has largely been responsible for this growth, providing me with opportunities for leadership that I would never have anticipated. Entering each program, it became evident that the group dynamic would be both challenging and rewarding. Many of my freshman year friends were in the same international programs as me, which meant that I began each semester with a fairly well-established community. However, I knew that there were students present who knew few, if any, of the people in the programs. I faced a choice - I could either remain comfortable in my own circle of friends, or I could reach out, meet new people, and make an effort to build community within the program as a whole. Although it was difficult, I chose the latter. I have not regretted my decision in the slightest, finding my efforts rewarded exponentially by the new relationships I have formed and the joy I have experienced in connecting with others. This fall, I look forward to returning to Pepperdine Malibu as an SLA for a freshman dorm. My goal for the upcoming year is to continue practicing proactivity in leading others and fostering community. My hope is that this scholarship might equip me to make the most of my time at Pepperdine and set me on a path to continued development of my purpose, service, and leadership, even after graduation.Mar 10 2018 06:08:26:000PMw
Brock Carrigan Petty100536768brock.petty@pepperdine.edu+1 (480) 639-9500BAECONSocial Science0420203.89949Timothy WillisReligion and Philosophytimothy.willis@pepperdine.eduAndrew YuengertSocial Scienceandrew.yuengert@pepperdine.educStudying abroad in Heidelberg, Germany for the entire academic year has truly allowed me to grow in ways I never expected. When I think about my personal growth, it starts with my relationship with God. I have found that the more I understand about God, the more I understand about myself. This past year, God has continued to reveal His love as a pursuit for mankind, cultivating in Jesus Christ. The utmost purpose of Christ is to reveal the overwhelming love that God has for His creation. Through this realization, I recognize that my own purpose, as a Christian, is comprised of two parts. First, my purpose as a child of God is to accept the love that He continues to offer me. Just as important, I am called to use God's love to love others in the way that points back to Him, just as Christ did. Despite the numerous opportunities to get involved at Pepperdine during freshman year, I was not a part of anything that helped to give me identity. Being unaffiliated, not a part of HRL, and away from Malibu for a full year, I was scared that coming back from Germany, I would not have any clear direction at Pepperdine. However, traveling the world with many friends I just made this year has helped me to discover that my purpose as a Christian is the only thing that never changes. While I am certainly going to be more involved next year, I am no longer afraid because I know that no matter what my external circumstances are, my central purpose remains the same.Mar 7 2018 10:56:52:000AMw
Jacilynn Cheyenne Peacock 100537520jacilynn.peacock@pepperdine.edu8173339681BAPSYCHSocial Science0420203.79785Jane Kelley RodehefferHumanities/Teacher Educationjanekelley.rodeheffer@pepperdine.eduDanah SandersFine Artsdanah.sanders@pepperdine.educThis past year, I have been fortunate enough to study abroad in Argentina—one of Pepperdine's most service-oriented programs. I am grateful for the many ways I have grown throughout my time here. Perhaps the most significant area of growth has been within the area of service. In the last year, I have faithfully served local communities through an energetic pursuit of helping those in need. For example, I have been actively involved in our local Adulam branches. This organization works closely with underprivileged communities to provide unforeseen opportunities to mothers and their children. These women are often in desperate need of financial, emotional, and spiritual support. Through my time working with these organizations, I have spent invaluable hours serving to help make these opportunities more lucrative than before. Particularly in Adulam, our program has worked to raise financial aid for these organizations; however, our sense of service has not stopped there. Nearly every Saturday, we have a group of students visit the site to help the families in any way possible. There are weeks where I have gone and painted houses, or cooked meals, or merely played with the kids—who lovingly call us celebrities. All in all, my year here in Argentina has filled my heart in so many ways, but in terms of service, my heart has never been fuller. With my degree in psychology and minor in social work, I hope to continue serving those in need, in the name of the LORD.Mar 12 2018 11:54:19:000AMw
Holden James Coffman100537670holden.coffman@pepperdine.edu7655802655BSBUSADMINBusiness Administration0420203.99772Robert ShearerBusiness AdministrationRobert.Shearer@pepperdine.eduFrank NovakHumanities/Teacher Educationfrank.novak@pepperdine.educWhen I first arrived at Pepperdine (a little over a year ago), I was already beginning to entertain the thought of possibly entering the ministry and giving my life (in a full-time sense) to the advancement of the Gospel and the work of preaching and dealing with the souls of men. After I had spent just one semester here, my desire to know God intensified considerably as I progressed in the knowledge of the Scriptures. As the great doctrines of the faith became more clear to me, and the mystery of salvation opened before me in the Bible, my heart was drawn out after the glorious One who could accomplish such things through His Son Jesus Christ. Pepperdine, of course, was the arena in which these discoveries were taking place: it provided me the opportunity to develop my sense of purpose by being exposed to a wealth of spiritual truth that I never would have encountered in my little town of 2,500 back in Indiana. Over the past year, as these changes have been taking place, I have been particularly impressed by the need of my hometown for a biblical church. Despite the overabundance of churches within the town itself, there is a desperate lack of divine truth being proclaimed. For some time now God has been working in my heart and life, I believe, to prepare me to one day plant a church there. A Faculty-Staff Scholarship would greatly help in the fulfillment of this purpose by stemming the cost of Pepperdine and enabling me to save money for seminary. Thank you!Mar 10 2018 08:05:51:000PMw
Mackenzie Lynne Winslow100537996mackenzie.winslow@pepperdine.edu3039217848BSBUSADMINBusiness Administration0420203.70356Joelle Zagury BenhattarInternational Studies and Languagesjoelle.zagury@pepperdine.eduMark BarnecheStaffmark.barneche@pepperdine.educLife began for me when I came to Pepperdine. After years contemplating on my God given purpose I concluded that life wouldn't give me all that I hoped. Yet, when I arrived at Pepperdine I was overcome with feelings of love and belonging, that only grew when I left for Switzerland. These environments helped me begin to look to faith as a way of understanding myself. I am constantly hearing about the future plans of those around me, which has led me to reflection about my future and spiritual growth. This growth has brought me closer both to God and His will for me. I often reflect back on moments when I didn't feel God's love – when I began struggling with a neurological disorder known as trigeminal neuralgia – and realizing there are hundreds of tiny moments in which God was guiding me to certain people and events. In the moment, I thought meeting a sick eleven year old or a dying sixty year old were insignificant in the grand scheme of my life. But, I now see that what I had previously thought were mundane moments are actually insights from God into my purpose. I have found myself understanding that my want to help others was fostered when I became sick, but I wasn't sure until now how to navigate that field of life in a powerful way. This year I have finally been able to pick a major I am excited about, Finance, that taps into both a personal and community approach to self love and a scholarship would serve as a stepping stone for me to continue this growth in the future.Mar 8 2018 12:22:23:000AMw
Jamie Amanda Wagner100540846jamie.wagner@pepperdine.edu415-858-8553BSINTLBUSBusiness Administration0420203.50353.5Dr. Robert WilliamsInternational Studies and Languagesrobert.williams@pepperdine.eduBrian SwartsStaffbrian.swarts@pepperdine.educPurpose. Oh how I wish I could say that I know what my purpose is and that I am doing everything in my power to pursue it, but that is not the case. Just six short months ago, I was making my way down to Argentina for the fall semester. While I was preparing myself for Spanish immersion, I was also planning for a potential school transfer. With dreams to go into the mission field, the amount of debt I was looking at with Pepperdine was just too much. During my time in BA, when I wasn't enjoying what Argentina had to offer, I was exploring every transfer avenue that I could. By the time December rolled around, I had received acceptance letters from a number of schools. Come January, I traveled out to Washington, D.C. for what I thought would be my final semester with Pepperdine. Little did I know that God had other plans for me. With only 29 other students in the program, there was no telling what the community would be like. I had prayed that God would prepare me, my heart, and this group for the semester we would have together and yet again, He has blown me away. Today, I am savoring every sweet moment I have left with this group that never ceases to remind me just how amazing and powerful God is. Yet, I also know that this is not the end. After much prayer and discussion, I feel that God is directing me back to Pepperdine. So while I still may not have a good grasp on my purpose, I have a direction and am confident that God will walk it with me every step of the way.Mar 6 2018 03:25:39:000PMw
Jennifer Lau100541121jennifer.lau@pepperdine.edu7192006299BSPHYSICSNatural Science0420203.948108.5Gerard FaselNatural Sciencegerard.fasel@pepperdine.eduMin-Jung KimStaffminjung.kim@pepperdine.educDuring my freshman year at Pepperdine I found my purpose as a passionate academic with a double major in Physics and Sports Medicine and a minor in applied mathematics and a joyful servant of the Lord and others. Being centered in this purpose, I have spent my sophomore year pursuing growth in leadership at Pepperdine. I was blessed with the opportunity to serve as a Spiritual Life Advisor for freshman girls in Darnell House. Through this job, even my home became a place of leadership for me. I learned that even on my worst days, I can teach vulnerable freshman what it looks like to approach life with gratitude and make challenges become opportunities to grow. Through this very challenging experience, I learned that leadership isn't a position or a title, it is a lifestyle. I also grew in my leadership skills through academic opportunities. During the first semester this year, I started doing independent and group research with Dr. Fasel in the physics department. We are now working together to get our paper published and apply for grants in future research. This experience allows me to lead in the academic field, even outside of the university. Next year I will be growing even more as a leader by being a TA, grader, and head of the research team for the physics department. I am an ideal candidate for this scholarship because I have fully invested in not only my personal and academic growth this year, but also led my classmates and the freshman class to do the same.Mar 5 2018 12:12:18:000PMw
Bethany Jade Adamski100541184bethany.adamski@pepperdine.edu3213339815BAMUSICFine Arts0420203.66452Dr. Ryan BoardFine Artsryan.board@pepperdine.eduDr. Louise LofquistFine Artslouise.lofquist@pepperdine.educSince my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer last July, my life has experienced drastic changes and hardships I have never fathomed. My family was reduced to a single income while my mom went through various surgeries and numerous sessions of chemotherapy and radiation. Over the following months, I felt confused and anxious about my purpose in life and for my family. I was also distraught being so far from my home in Florida and constantly distracted from my classes and friends at Pepperdine. After a long conversation with my mom one night, her closing remarks have resonated with me and inspired me to redefine my purpose: "Whatever you do, Buffy, make me proud." Since then, I have grown and flourished in my major of music. Because of my diligence and daily practice, I was selected to join the Pepperdine Chamber Choir and also cast in the annual opera. Additionally, I made great strides in the agility of my voice, and I learned how to sing difficult melismatic passages with ease. Despite the difficulties this year has posed, I have made incredible progress in music: my purpose as a singer became clear as I worked to honor my mom and the rest of my family at Pepperdine. While I still struggle to balance my various classes with the nagging worry for my mom, I know that I must do my part by working hard at my music to help my family. My purpose of singing has made itself clear this year, and I will continue to persevere in music to make my mom proud. Mar 10 2018 11:46:10:000PMw
Yaxin Teng100541724yaxin.teng@pepperdine.edu8186207932BAPSYCHSocial Science0120193.6575Jane GanskeNatural Sciencejane.ganske@pepperdine.eduMichael FolkertsSocial Sciencemichael.folkerts@pepperdine.educComing to Pepperdine a year ago, now I am a junior, majoring in psychology. During the past year, I have learned a lot through my journey in Pepperdine. I have been given the chance to go deep into what the real purpose of my life is for the past year for many reasons. First, as an international student, there have been some cultural barriers to come across. Two things really helped me during the process, one being that I myself am always open to new and different experiences, the other being the professors and friends that I have in Pepperdine. Also, my parents were fighting over divorcing, my father threating my mum that he would not pay for my education any more if she really divorced him. I suddenly realised that I did not have the control of my own life; I have to admit that I still do not now, but through this year in Pepperdine, I have already developed some ideas on how to gain better control of my life. Now I am just trying to do the best I can. I entered Pepperdine only a year ago, but now I am already a junior; it is because I have been taking 18-20 units every semester and still keep a GAP above 3.6. I even took two online courses from BYU during the Christmas break. It is always Pepperdine's spirit to be grateful for everything that we have that guides me through many difficulties. Also, I have to be stronger in order to help those in need like I was, which is also my life goal. In the end, thank you for reading this essay and considering me as a candidate.Mar 3 2018 02:20:30:000PMw
Jessie Abigail Kendall100541768jessie.kendall@pepperdine.edu3035235545BAPSYCHHumanities/Teacher Education0420203.5553Carrie Wall Humanities/Teacher Educationcarrie.wall@pepperdine.eduRafael Sassot Humanities/Teacher Educationrafael.sassot@pepperdine.educThis year has most influenced my growth in the area of service, particularly through my time spent studying in Argentina. The Pepperdine Buenos Aires program makes weekly visits to a place called Adulam, which has touched my heart. It is a place that has sparked a great deal of growth within me. Adulam is a safe haven for families of people who have suffered from addiction. Every weekend, we are greeted with the smiling faces of the children, who run up and hug us, then we proceed to play with the kids, or do various projects to fit the needs of the community (painting, working in the garden, and more). I have been so greatly changed by the hospitality of these people. Every time we serve them, they serve us back in immeasurable ways. They cook for us, organize events, share their stories with us, and show us the love of Jesus. Being at Adulam consistently reminds me of a the bible verse stating that it is more blessed to give than to receive. I think that this is because in giving, we are able to further open our hearts to what God has to teach us about his kingdom. Through the act of serving these people, I am in turn blessed by the things that I am able to learn about them, as well as God's character reflected within them. I feel that this growth makes me an ideal candidate because of the desire that my recent experiences have placed in my heart to actively work towards living out the Pepperdine mission as well as my Christian mission to give unto others. Mar 12 2018 12:36:31:000PMw
lauren elizabeth lee100542126lauren.lee2@pepperdine.edu6263886556BAMUSICFine Arts0420203.65659Michael SoucyNatural Sciencemichael.soucy@pepperdine.eduSharon WakioStaffsharon.wakio@pepperdine.educWhile leadership comes naturally and easily to me, I've also used it to wisely discern situations that require me to reach out and work with others. My Housing and Residence Life staff group and hall triad (comprised of 2 Resident Advisors and 1 Spiritual Life Advisor) have both been excellent examples that demonstrate that leadership should not be done alone. Whenever there was a situation that requires intervention and/or disciplinary action concerning residents, it is always best to collaborate as a team and discuss the different angles that others may offer. This year as a Spiritual Life Advisor, my conflict management and mediation skills were sharpened, as I walked through very tough– but vulnerable– interfaith dialogues among residents. One never knows what a person's story is, and leading my peers in discussions around diversity, acceptance, and reconciliation is not a responsibility that I take lightly. I have and will continue to balance my responsibilities of being a student leader (in areas such as in Housing and Residence Life, as a personal assistant to a department head, and as a TA/ RA next year) with the academic rigors required of being a Sports Medicine B.S. major, pursuing pre-health as a career interest, and a music minor. These two past years have been an exercise in practicing the leadership skills that will transfer into the working world in capacities that have required me to utilize my conflict mediations skills and teaching and training abilities.Mar 10 2018 06:05:23:000PMw
Jaiden Ashley Farr100542257jaiden.farr@pepperdine.edu8016956006BSSPORTMEDNatural Science0520203.70764Mina SorooshInternational Studies and Languagesmina.soroosh@pepperdine.eduJoseph FritschNatural Sciencejoseph.fritsch@pepperdine.educI have experienced growth in different parts of my life. First, my faith has grown stronger, which has helped me better assist my volleyball teammates, and to clarify my future career path. Second, I found a way to help increase my service to others through a church-based Special Needs ministry. In my volleyball pursuits last season I was recognized by the Pepperdine volleyball coaching staff as having positive impact on others and comporting an example of a strong work ethic. This came from my accomplishment of initially being a practice-player to becoming a starter in the same season. The coaching staff promoted me to be a spokesperson to my teammates about improving communication patterns during games. God has blessed me with a strong work ethic and communication to help me grow to help lift people around me, and to create a better bond among teammates and others. I believe God showed me how to glorify Him in my future career path of Speech Language Pathology career field. I will be able to help those that have suffered from heart attacks, strokes, or neurological issues that affect speech. Through a local church ministry, I have had the opportunity to help others with special needs. This year I went to a Valentine's Dance with a special needs girl who loved to dance. It was heart-filled to spend some weekend nights dancing with people who have so much love in their hearts, even though they are disabled. I am so thankful for the Pepperdine staff.Mar 9 2018 11:18:07:000PMw
Natalie Katherine Rulon100542450natalie.rulon@pepperdine.edu7049293310BAINTMARKTCommunication0520203.76553.5Komal KapoorCommunicationkomal.kapoor@pepperdine.eduLandon PhillipsCommunicationlandon.phillips@pepperdine.educI am a goal-oriented person. If I want something, I will work as hard as I need to in order to reach that goal. College has hugely shifted the way I view the world and has developed my sense of purpose. Before college, I was just a girl who liked to design t-shirts for her school and teach herself Adobe in her free time. I've wanted to work with marketing and graphic design since high school, but college has made me realize that I want to work in the music industry to combine my passions for design and music and make a difference in that world. I can now confidently say that I feel that I'm propelling myself towards my goal at a high speed. Having that purpose makes my life feel more meaningful. College has given me a place to absorb knowledge about my field, find my design style, and learn how to accept failure and grow from it. In the past year, I've been able to intern for a music contracting company, become the director of PR for my sorority, work with Pepperdine HR doing graphic design, and take advantage of so much in my classes. I'm also in the process of applying to internships for summer, and I'm confident in my abilities to perform well in the positions because of the skills I have gained since being at Pepperdine. The only thing that's keeping me from pursuing my goals with full speed is being worried about money. I'm so thankful for everything Pepperdine has given me, but starting to close the gap of student loans would be great. Thank you for your consideration.Mar 12 2018 03:45:22:000PMw
Julia D Held100543129julia.held@pepperdine.edu832-696-1596BACOMIPCommunication0420203.5548Jane Kelley RodehefferHumanities/Teacher Educationjanekelley.rodeheffer@pepperdine.eduSharyl CorradoHumanities/Teacher Educationsharyl.corrado@pepperdine.educAll first-year Pepperdine students are asked to write an essay reflecting on their vocation. I wrote about how sure I was that God called me to be a playwright. God soon showed me my arrogance. I retreated from my dreams, left frustrated about what I was going to study for four years and about finding the "right" career. Without a major, I headed to study abroad in China. I spent first semester, wondering why I had come across the ocean to study things that seemed useless to me. I could have been doing such great things for God in Malibu, taking classes that would some how make me a better disciple. Again, God showed me my arrogance and my ignorance. He had spelled out my purpose in His word: to glorify Him. My purpose, as God ordained it, is not a career I need a degree for, but a command for here and now, to live for my king. I wake up each morning and ask God how I can worship Him that day. Sometimes that means sweeping floors at church or baking for my housemates, but often it means studying and participating in class, seeking to learn more about His world. I recently declared my major as interpersonal communication, because I want to do nothing less than fulfill God's design for my life. God created us to live in community with Him and each other. He calls us to reconciliation before He calls us to sacrifice (Matthew 5:24). I believe I can use my studies to help foster better relationships and community, thus bringing glory to the one who created community.Mar 5 2018 10:09:35:000PMw
Jenna Rae Gaertner100543185jenna.gaertner@pepperdine.edu845-519-3338BAJOURNALCommunication0420203.7249.5Courtenay StallingsCommunicationcourtenay.stallings2@pepperdine.eduEzra PlankReligion and Philosophyezra.plank@pepperdine.educImpact, influence, and inspiration. These are the qualities of a great leader as Robin Sharma once said. This year I had the opportunity to see my leadership skills grow in another country and culture. Arriving in Lausanne, I didn't know what to expect. I had been asked to lead a Bible study before coming, but I did not anticipate the many responsibilities I would take on after my arrival. I was asked to lead worship for convocation; I was hired as a student worker; I volunteered as part of the "Swag Team" for the students. I accepted these responsibilities, planned trips to foreign countries, and succeeded in the many classes I was taking. Leadership and time management were major areas of focus for me, but my growth in these areas has been apparent. In the midst of the business of college life, I knew it would be difficult to create a Bible Study and worship team that was committed and held accountable through the chaos. However, I was able to overcome my apprehension and create a community that grows closer to God together. I am thankful for the opportunities I have had to become a better leader this year. I have seen the results of my impact, influence, and inspiration of others. These are the qualities that Pepperdine's mission encourages. This scholarship will aid me in continuing on this path in the future.Feb 18 2018 03:47:47:000AMw
Jacob Lawrence Koentopp100544966jake.koentopp@pepperdine.edu7023765850BAECONSocial Science0420203.8651Robert EscuderoSocial Sciencerobert.escudero@pepperdine.eduCecile SantosNatural Sciencececile.santos@pepperdine.educAt Pepperdine, I have been surrounded by a community that promotes service. I am consistently given opportunities to serve both at Pepperdine and through my membership in a service fraternity, Psi Upsilon. As a result, my view of service has transformed during my time at Pepperdine. I now serve weekly with my service fraternity, whether it be at a food bank, at an intercity school, or on campus. Before coming to Pepperdine, I thought this way of completing service projects was the only way to serve. However, I have learned that service is not necessarily doing community service. While service projects are great, service can occur in day to day life. You can serve every day by doing things such as encouraging a friend going through a rough patch or giving directions to a lost visitor. Thanks to Pepperdine, I now have distinct reasons to why I serve. First, I serve because I enjoy helping others. However, more importantly I feel that God has given me immense blessings, and through serving others I can worship the Lord and sacrifice myself to Christ. I have grown closer to God, as well as the community, through service to others. At Pepperdine, I have connected with people who encourage one another, whether it be students, faculty, or administration. Pepperdine has not only changed my view of service, but helped me to incorporate it in my everyday life. I look forward to maturing in my faith and spirit of service with the help of my peers and mentors. Mar 9 2018 03:55:32:000PMw
Gabriel Anthony Garcia100545168Gabriel.Garcia@pepperdine.edu916-605-8731BSBUSADMINBusiness Administration0420203.5156Chris StiversCommunicationchris.stivers@pepperdine.eduKanet ThomasHumanities/Teacher Educationkanet.thomas@pepperdine.educAs a sophomore, I have spent this year studying abroad. I attended the Global Leadership Institute in Washington, D.C. first semester, and I am currently in the London program. When thinking of Pepperdine's mission, I feel as though I have become more aware of my purpose during these past months. While in D.C., I served as one of the Resident Advisors for the program. In this capacity I was able to help others consider their personal vocation. During this process, it made me continuously consider what I want to do in the future. The D.C. program was internship based, and I worked at Relief International - a nonprofit organization whose sole mission is to reduce human suffering. In combination with the exposure to D.C. politics, I learned I want to devote my future to helping others. When thinking of career options, I see myself pursing positions that allow me to create positive change and impact the world in meaningful ways. Studying abroad has also given me time to grow personally. This is the first period in my life I have been out of the country. Not only have I gained an additional sense of independence, I have also been able to develop and refine my world views. This scholarship will allow me to continue to prosper at Pepperdine and once again become an active participate at the Malibu campus. I plan to join several on-campus organizations and work with fellow peers to progress our campus climate in areas such as student health and wellness and student representation.Mar 1 2018 07:46:38:000AMw
Dalaney Elora Keeler100545226dalaney.keeler@pepperdine.edu949-939-6286BSBUSADMINBusiness Administration0420193.6473Dr. Paul CarruthBusiness Administrationpaul.carruth@pepperdine.eduDr. Robert ShearerBusiness Administrationrobert.shearer@pepperdine.educEarly into this spring semester, a friend whom I studied abroad with in London over the summer, asked me the same daunting question she had asked me while we were abroad: What has been your most defining moment in life thus far? When she had initially asked me about this, I did not have an answer and she promised to ask me later. Now was later. Initially, I began to think about an event that was big enough to cover such a heavy topic as this; however, it was not the large life events that first came to mind that I found to be truly defining. I have always found that those who exude the true spirit of leadership are those who are servant leaders. During my first year freshman year, I learned how to find purpose through God. This year I was challenged to let God take the reigns. If there was one truth I knew, it was that strength comes from struggle. I used this tool to help guide others to seek their own strength. For a moment, I had decided that I knew how to be the sole captain of my team. Yet, I found that I was more resilient when I knew that there was someone else calling the shots. I did not discourage as easily as I had, because I knew with the same drive and passion to be a guide for others and myself, it was easier to go all in on a project, application, audition or the like. Although I may not be a champion of life, I can guide people in showing them the true Champion of life. The most defining moment in my life thus far is was when I learned how to let God lead. Mar 8 2018 06:00:12:000PMw
Giuliana Colon Roisenzvit100545576giuli.colon-roisenzvit@pepperdine.edu5307360214BAPSYCHSocial Science0420203.8267Jeff Banks Social Sciencejeff.banks@pepperdine.eduTomas MartinezSocial Sciencetomas.martinez@pepperdine.educAs a second-year student, tiptoeing the line of adulthood and the beginning of a world full of bills and independence, there is only one thing I know be true; that is that I don't know what is to come, but I need to stop settling for the things that are just good in life and strive for what I know is better; for me, others and my relationship with God. This mere fact is what guides me in making decisions since embarking in year two. In the most cliché way, a pastor said this while I was visiting a friend's church earlier this year. Going to a friend's church is a testament already to how I have grown. I used to be afraid that If I ever stepped foot in a church again, holy water would burn when it came into contact with my skin, but that is a different story. In the past couple months, because of this sermon, I realized that in order for me to truly live out my purpose, I need to stop settling for what is good and open myself up to what is better. Since then, I have participated and will participate in NSO, go to The Well regularly, built a community, attended more office hours, got to know my teachers, reached out for internships opportunities, and befriend people that truly inspire me. All of these things may seem small but, baby steps are still movement. While I have not yet exactly figured out what my purpose is, I know that my purpose can be found at Pepperdine and the longer I am here and the more I challenge myself to be better, the closer I am to figuring it all out.Feb 28 2018 03:06:39:000PMw
Monaco Schmidt100545633monaco.schmidt@pepperdine.edu8309008248BACOMOCommunication0520203.83751.5Abi Smith Communicationabi.smith@pepperdine.eduSusi BattistiHumanities/Teacher Educationsusi.battisti@pepperdine.educThrough Pepperdine's Buenos Aires Program this past year, I had the opportunity to serve the Argentinian community in a Christ-like manner. Typically, my ability to speak with and listen to others is one of my greatest spiritual gifts. Although my Spanish has improved, I cannot rely on the spoken Spanish word in the same way as when I converse in English. For me, the most challenging aspect of volunteering in Argentina is the language barrier. As a result, I developed new methods of communicating with people. Each semester, I traveled to Adulam, a community for recovering abuse victims. Because I could not fall back on verbal communications, physical labor became a way to share in the Adulam community. We labored together, sweating as we hauled buckets of dirt to the compost square, moved cut tree branches, and painted houses. Exchanging glances and smiles as our hands and bodies moved in concert, we completed each project with a collective sense of accomplishment. In Argentina, Christ enabled me to transcend the language barrier to connect with the Adulam community. Although we did not engage in much conversation, we cultivated lasting fellowship by sharing the task at hand. My experience expanded my capacity for service in all forms and provides a foundation from which to grow further as a student at Pepperdine and a follower of Christ. The Faculty Staff Scholarship will provide the means to support continued study with the unique perspective of service abroad.Mar 11 2018 06:47:10:000AMw
Chelsea Amalfitano100547029chelsea.amalfitano@pepperdine.edu2316322801BACOMRLCommunication0420203.86052Edward O'ConnorCommunicationedward.oconnor@pepperdine.eduElizabeth WhatleyHumanities/Teacher Educationelizabeth.whatley@pepperdine.educPepperdine has been instrumental in my development of service this past year. Studying at the Malibu and Florence campus has allowed me to serve in unique ways. Pepperdine's volunteer center introduced me to the Malibu Labor Exchange. Through this program, I taught Spanish speaking adults English. It was a privilege to learn about the people in the community while simultaneously helping them. I feel blessed receiving an education from a top institution; therefore, I have a desire to share my knowledge with others less fortunate and eager to learn. In my small hometown, during winter break, I served as a mentor to the business students at my high school. I am grateful Pepperdine has enhanced my communication and computer skills, allowing me to contribute to my home community. My study abroad semester in Italy has also facilitated my pursuit of service. I volunteer with the Firenze EMS as an ambulance attendant. Helping the community I have grown to love gives me great satisfaction and has helped me immerse into the culture. Furthermore, I participate in Pepperdine's "Adopt a Family" program. My Italian family includes two children, ages 6 and 13. The children are learning English, and I appreciate the opportunity to help them with their language skills. I am thankful that I attend a university that encourages service. This past year has deepened my love of local and intercultural service. My growth has affirmed my commitment to continue pursuing my passion of serving others.Mar 12 2018 04:21:50:000PMw
Tinashe Nyamupingidza100548489tinashe.nyamupingidza@pepperdine.edu310-579-7304BAECONSocial Science0420203.7259Andrew Yuengert Social Scienceandrew.yuengert@pepperdine.eduCambry Pardee Religion and Philosophycambry.pardee@pepperdine.educThis year, I have engaged in many activities that have helped me grow in my purpose. I came to Pepperdine unsure of my major and direction in life. I have since grown professionally, academically, and personally by developing meaningful relationships and receiving support from them. I still do not have a specific career in mind, but my recent experiences have helped lead me in the right direction. I have taken classes for my economics major that have challenged and inspired me. Last fall, I participated in a seminar with AEI at Pepperdine. This seminar sparked my passion for making a positive difference in people's lives, particularly through foreign and economic policy to help alleviate poverty in developing countries. I am currently in Washington DC, interning at the US Treasury and surrounded by people who guide and challenge me to fuse my passions and strengths into a career. This has taught me the importance of discipline and perseverance. I know that my ultimate purpose is to love and serve others in all that I do. This sense of purpose was strengthened when I lost my grandma, who always made others feel loved, and gave even when she had little. I aspire to imitate these qualities. Because of my personal growth and desire to continue developing a meaningful sense of purpose, I think I am an ideal candidate for this scholarship. I am determined to do well academically, and I desire to use the opportunities given to me, to leave a positive mark on every life I touch.Feb 8 2018 08:02:24:000PMw
Channa Steinmetz100548524channa.steinmetz@pepperdine.edu715-829-3587BAJOURNALCommunication0520203.8352.5Jacob MichaelCommunicationjacob.michael@pepperdine.eduJennifer PhillipsCommunicationjennifer.akaminephillips@pepperdine.educAs early as elementary school, I can recall that notorious question, "What are you going to do when you grow up?" I was the child whose answers ranged from astronaut to marine biologist, or from ballerina to veterinarian. As the end of high school approached, I still had this scattered sense of purpose. Several things interested me, but what did God send me here to do? My greatest passion was, and still is, writing, so I landed on a Journalism major. The first half of my freshman year was spent adjusting to a new culture and dipping my toes in the various opportunities Pepperdine has to offer. The second half, I decided to take the plunge and submerge myself in writing for the Graphic. I learned how a newsroom generally worked, and the process of submitting articles. The experience of reporting and writing excited me, and I truly felt this was the path meant for me. Jumping to the present, I have grown in my writing and reporting. I have been promoted from a staff writer to a news assistant and have learned even more from being on the inside. Working in news has also taught me the ethics behind journalism. Despite what some may believe, it is possible for someone to be both a good journalist and devout Christian. It takes a strong set of morals and compassion, along with an honest heart. I feel passionate towards journalism because every person deserves to know the truth and have a chance to share their voice. There are countless beautiful stores waiting to be told.Feb 15 2018 12:05:42:000PMw
Corey Robert McArthur100548906corey.mcarthur@pepperdine.edu3605679658BSBUSADMINBusiness Administration0420203.53155.5Daniel DaughertyStaffdaniel.daugherty@pepperdine.eduMargaret Hollas-CultonInternational Studies and Languagesmargaret.hollas-culton@pepperdine.educArriving at Pepperdine, I felt so welcome and knew I had to take advantage of every opportunity that I could. I became involved with club convo, intramurals, dorm events, and chose to rush. I was selected after an extensive application process, to attend a leadership summit in Utah where I learned many things about myself, learned where I had strength and where I needed to continue to develop. I then began the perfect way to develop and find myself, I began my year studying abroad in Heidelberg. I have travelled to over 15 countries and strengthened my spiritual beliefs and begun to understand what my purpose in life is. These experiences have taught me the most important things in my life are my relationships. My goal in life has always been that I people to think; "I have never met another person like Corey McArthur". Only now do I realize that I want this impact to be through my leadership and compassion. I have had talks with my friends in Croatia about life and death. I have been a shoulder to cry on when people feel far from home. I want to inspire others to care, to support each other and be genuine to themselves and others. These experiences have shown me that the best leaders are those who come from a position of service and compassion, the best leaders are those who wear their heart on their sleeve, the best leaders are those who tell their life story and show who they are and what they care about. I have become a leader who unites people towards a common purpose.Mar 6 2018 07:49:43:000AMw
Jordan E Aldrich100549211jordan.aldrich@pepperdine.edu9166008563BAINTMInternational Studies and Languages0420203.82474Anthony GortonHumanities/Teacher Educationanthony.gorton@pepperdine.eduKelle MarshallInternational Studies and Languageskelle.marshall@pepperdine.educOver the past year I have been a RA in Lausanne. From this incredibly demanding experience I have both honed my leadership skills and developed a genuine conception of what being a leader truly means. I began the year under the impression that, while this role would be difficult in many ways, ultimately, since I believed myself to possess strong leadership qualities, the position would naturally align with my personality. Within weeks of serving, I gained a novel outlook on what authentic leadership means. Leadership no longer resembles my previously and somewhat naive impression of a part time job, one in which I simply set the tone for a group and where, outside of my time spent "directing," I am not a leader. I have come to realize that not only am I called to be a leader in the most traditional sense, but that leadership must infiltrate every area of my life. I reflect the example by which I wish others to be influenced. This has ranged from simple things such as establishing balance in life to initiating the inclusion of those who often go overlooked. While I continually develop my perspective regarding what the application of leadership in my life resembles, my growth in understanding that every word shared, every decision made and every action taken reflects one's leadership makes me an ideal candidate for this scholarship. It demonstrates an active persistence in initiating personal growth and in working towards embodying more fully this value expressed by Pepperdine.Mar 12 2018 12:51:32:000PMw
Zheng Wei Jereld Chng100549333jereld.chng@pepperdine.edu424-234-0396BSCMPSMATHNatural Science0420203.67860J. Stan WarfordNatural Sciencestan.warford@pepperdine.eduTimothy Allen LucasNatural Sciencetimothy.lucas@pepperdine.educComputer science is something that I not only enjoy, but is also something that I think is essential to the progress of humanity. I felt that my calling is for computer science because it is a field in which I can participate to bring progress to society and make a difference. However, in this past year, I realized that technology does not necessarily have to be revolutionary in order to be beneficial to people. During my internship in Summer 2017 at Digital Safety, I was exposed to various ideas that could be implemented into a business. It was through research and analysis of unique ideas that I realized even something simple can affect the user in a beneficial way. For example, a simple software reminding patients the time to take their medication while preventing access to the medicine at any other time drastically increases safety by reducing the chances of overdose. My purpose in computer science shifted away from only creating something on a large scale as I started to focus on improving the lives of those around me. With this mentality, I founded the Computer Science Undergraduate Association because I wanted to build a community of students that could come together to share their ideas and possibly even create something that could help the school or society. Furthermore, I want to share the opportunities and overwhelming sense of accomplishment computer science brings and for other students to appreciate the contributions they would come to make in the future. Mar 8 2018 05:50:57:000PMw
Sydney Rose Sauter100549341sydney.sauter@pepperdine.edu9188599794BSNUTRSCINatural Science0520203.6883Loan KimNatural Scienceloan.kim@pepperdine.eduDonna Nofizger-PlankNatural Sciencedonna.nofziger.plank@pepperdine.educStudy abroad is not a new topic for Pepperdine students to discuss. Plenty of us return from our abroad programs, raving about how the group we went with was probably the "best one" and everything was amazing the whole time. I'm no exception to this rule; you can probably catch me incessantly talking about either of my abroad programs around campus on any given day. My experiences abroad during the past year in both Kenya and Argentina have been extremely formative to my self-identity, and who I see myself becoming at Pepperdine. Nairobi was a specifically difficult time, as many of my core beliefs about humanity and God were challenged in the face of such devastating sights. I have always been interested in public health, but finally witnessing it on the community level was an emotionally tough experience. Though I returned a bit disheartened as a result, I also had a newfound hope that I could eventually create a widespread impact that helps rather than hurts the same children we worked with. Buenos Aires only strengthened my resolve. While there, I volunteered at El Conin, a program that teaches low-income mothers about nutrition. The experience allowed me to tie in my major classes as well as my passion for community health and reaffirmed that I could make a difference one day. I now recognize that every action I make has a global impact. The opportunities Pepperdine has given me have strengthened my purpose to make a difference for low-income people across the globe.Mar 12 2018 07:39:58:000AMw
Heavin Hunter100550037heavin.hunter@pepperdine.edu480-309-6983BAPOLISCISocial Science0420193.53461Sharita WilsonCommunicationsharita.wilson@pepperdine.eduDavid L. Humphrey Jr.Staffdavid.humphrey@pepperdine.educ"Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and in actions" is a quote by Harold Green that encapsulates my mindset regarding leadership in my community. Because I sought a university that could foster the growth and development of my leadership skills coupled with my passion to lead, I chose Pepperdine University. And I am glad that I did, because my time at Pepperdine has been exceptional. While here, I have been able to orchestrate several humanitarian initiatives, like the Walk of Unity, Meal Points for a Change, and serve as a panelists on several advocacy panels. Additionally, I have been afforded the opportunity to hold executive positions on Pepperdine's Phi Alpha Delta, Pre-Law Fraternity and obtain a position as a freshmen residential advisor in the upcoming school year. However, my time studying abroad in Argentina has been the most profound and unforgettable experience. During my international experience, I felt fulfilled with my leadership position as service learning coordinator, and my internship with the Innocence Project. These leadership positions fuel my ambitions, and Pepperdine ignites my passions. I am an ideal candidate or this scholarship because like Harold Green's quote, my heart for leadership radiates through my attitude and actions. This year, I intend to continue thriving in my academics while continuing my involvement in community initiatives with ambitions to be a leader amongst leaders in my lifetime career as an advocator.Mar 12 2018 05:20:23:000AMw
Daniel Iturri100550047daniel.iturri@pepperdine.edu6692715218BINLSInternational Studies and Languages0520203.51353Robert WilliamsInternational Studies and Languagesrobert.williams@pepperdine.eduJohn StruloeffHumanities/Teacher EducationJohn.Struloeff@pepperdine.educI came to Pepperdine without a clear, tangible purpose, lost spiritually and professionally. If I had been asked a year ago where I stood religiously, I would have proudly called myself an unapologetic atheist. I thought that Christianity meant asking no philosophical questions, and being passive to the changing world we live in. This view of Christianity made it impossible for me to adhere to it because I considered myself an asker of questions. Ever since I read The Republic by Plato almost 5 years ago, I have thoroughly believed that the only path towards truth was through rhetoric and discussion. Thus, I believed that if I was to accept Christ into my life I would stop asking those questions that made me my unique self. However, this all changed while listening to Prof. Ezra Plank tell the story of the Tower of Babel, which I had heard a million times before. Although this time it was different: Ezra explained that God's "punishment" wasn't about impeding truth, but rather that He can only be found in the midst of plurality, rhetoric, and diversity. This idea completely shook my world. It was as if God was telling me that His religion was exactly about asking questions, and that my purpose was to connect cultures in order to find truth within us. Given my story of an international student who has lived in a different city for the last 6 years, and thanks to Pepperdine's help in finding truth within myself, I have now found my spiritual and professional purpose.Mar 5 2018 09:23:53:000AMw
Dorothy Anne Kump100551034annie.kump@pepperdine.edu5096192662BSBIOLOGYNatural Science0420203.9877.5Benjamin WilsonNatural Sciencebenjamin.wilson2@pepperdine.eduCecile SantosNatural ScienceCecile.Santos@pepperdine.educIn the past year, my leadership capabilities have developed significantly. I firmly believe that this growth is largely due to the time I spent studying abroad. I have never been completely comfortable leading a group of my peers. And I don't know that I ever will. Fortunately, Buenos Aires has helped me grow comfortable with being uncomfortable. Studying abroad in a foreign country is an incredibly challenging experience. Adjusting to new culture and language is, while exciting, very overwhelming. When I first arrived in Argentina, I was excited to interact with the people and to overcome the language barrier as my Spanish improved. This excitement quickly disappeared as I realized just how energy-consuming this would prove to be. Every trip to the grocery store was a challenge and an adventure in itself. Every dinner conversation with my "madre," or Argentina mom, was insightful, but incredibly exhausting. Every experience in Argentina was just overall uncomfortable. However, this uneasiness paid off. Not only was I more comfortable leading my peers in various activities while in Argentina, this growth translated to my life back in Malibu as well. This semester I have begun recruiting people and putting together plans for a new club on campus, Be the Match, This is something that is very much out of my comfort zone; however, thanks to my time in Argentina, I don't need to be completely comfortable in each of my leadership endeavors to lead to the best of my abilities.Mar 9 2018 05:13:23:000PMw
Allison Lee100551082allison.m.lee@pepperdine.edu8058078828BAJOURNALCommunication0420203.7785Elizabeth SmithCommunicationelizabeth.smith@pepperdine.eduMark DavisStaffmark.davis@pepperdine.educI felt alone in the brokenness of my family. I hated that my parents didn't love each other and I tried to ignore the fact that my family was falling apart. I grew up seeing the way my friends' parents acted around each other or hearing how their parents fell in love. I never talked about my parents' relationship because I thought I was alone. But as of this past year, I have slowly let down my walls to a number of people in the Pepperdine community. I have learned that talking about it does not make me weak and that I don't always need to be strong. I find hope in that my courage to speak about a burden that I've been carrying for so long will give someone the hope they need to fight for their family too. If we were to all take a step back and see that everyone in the world around us has fears joys, and dreams, we would realize that we are all much closer than we think. The support and hope I was looking for lived in the testimony of my friends, mentors and professors. I didn't see this aspect of storytelling when I first chose to pursue journalism. My vulnerability this past year has drawn me closer to God, allowed me to create deeper relationships with the people around me and realize the power of people coming together to support one another. This is why I believe my purpose stems from my passion to tell stories. In valuing the stories that people hold, I am speaking life into the value that Christ holds for each one of us.Mar 9 2018 02:59:55:000AMw
Bradley John Estes100551389brad.estes@pepperdine.edu316-670-0509BSCHEMSTRYNatural Science0420203.82142.5Dr. David GreenNatural Sciencedavid.green@pepperdine.eduDr. James WhiteNatural Sciencejames.white@pepperdine.educAfter reflecting upon my sophomore year in Malibu, I have realized my passion and commitment to service has grown exponentially. With half a semester still to go, I've totaled roughly 50 hours of community service in addition to a very demanding course load. This large increase is primarily due to my involvement with the unique Psi Upsilon service fraternity on campus. We partner largely with the Pepperdine volunteer center and through this I have been able to serve in a variety of local projects. These service projects and events have included the following: New Student Orientation, Step Forward Day, Pepperdine 9/11 Flag display preparation, Malibu Triathlon, Santa Monica Out of Darkness Walk, LA Food Bank, and a beach cleanup with Heal the Bay. I felt the amount of service hours I've completed this year so far was great, but I believe one of the biggest changes made was in how I view and enjoy participating in service. At each project I attended, I would usually go with friends and end up making many new ones as well. This was especially true with New Student Orientation where I got to help and welcome new freshman to our school, while meeting many of the other student volunteers. This year I learned that service can bring great fulfillment through not only helping others but doing so alongside a fun community. The biggest lesson I will take away from my growth in service is that I should always take advantage of ways to incorporate community into service. Mar 5 2018 04:04:51:000PMw
Marijean McKenna Ethington100551391mckenna.ethington@pepperdine.edu9365548936BAPHILOSReligion and Philosophy0420203.77181Jane RodehefferHumanities/Teacher Educationjanekelley.rodeheffer@pepperdine.edu Rafael SassotHumanities/Teacher Educationrafael.sassot@pepperdine.educI began my Christian faith by clinging to God through strict morality. I thought if I lived rightly, my purpose would be fulfilled. I told myself that I was doing this as an act of worship. But in truth, this was my way of control, for morality was the clearest judgement of worth I could find. However, as life progressed, the previous nature of morality as simply steadfast became irresolutely complex. Notwithstanding as the framework of my existence, I looked towards Christianity's true belief of god as Savior and realized with certain regret that I couldn't accept it, for this god was seemingly not imminent. My life felt meaningless. Purpose then became the impetus of fear. Fear does not encompass my attitude towards life, but I must admit that it is intertwined deeply within it. Now, it is the pursuit instead of the fulfillment of purpose for which I strive. This may seem like regression as opposed to growth. However, if one's foundation is faulty, it must be replaced before building further. With refined questioning and reasoning owed largely to Pepperdine classes and faculty, I have been able to pry into the conundrum of faith acutely and sincerely. It is not curious that education at Pepperdine is the very thing which allows me to pursue Pepperdine's mission of purpose. What is compelling though is that my mission, although elementary in stage, has grown and strengthened to pursue true, not transient, purpose, making me an ideal candidate for this scholarship.Mar 9 2018 03:55:48:000PMw
Bazil Cunningham100551745bazil.cunningham@pepperdine.edu7204157902BAINTMInternational Studies and Languages1220193.66968William WuInternational Studies and Languageswilliam.wu@pepperdine.eduXin ZhangInternational Studies and Languagesxinzhang999@gmail.comcI hope to be able to share my understanding of leadership and how my growth in this area makes me an ideal candidate for this scholarship. As a leader, one must always be kind and benevolent to everyone. Leaders should always focus on setting an example for others. Finally, leaders should be able to give helpful advice and be able to function as a listening ear for others. This is my definition of leadership. This is significant because these are qualities and ways in which I've grown since coming abroad. Before coming abroad, I struggled with social skills and was not consistent in my behavior. I knew that I wanted to grow personally, but I didn't know how. Regardless, a natural process of growth has taken place over the past few months. I have become a better person and therefore a better leader. This life is all about allowing God to work through and in us with the hope that he will help us become who we want to be. I'm in a much better place physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally and have just grown so much in a year. Therefore, I am an ideal candidate for this scholarship because I have really come to embrace what it means to be a leader. I have come to embrace kindness and began to love people just as God would. The scholarship money awarded from the division would not be a waste and would be granted to someone who is looking to be a positive and kind influence in the Pepperdine community. I want to thank the division for this opportunity.Mar 11 2018 08:02:21:000AMw
Heet Jaysukh Ghodasara100551847heet.ghodasara@pepperdine.edu424-391-9842BSBUSADMINBusiness Administration0420203.6856Dr. Jaunie WalkerCommunicationjuanie.walker@pepperdine.eduProfessor Michael MurrieCommunicationmichael.murrie@pepperdine.educMany of us aspire to be extraordinary, but the type of extraordinary I hope to become is "where the heart of Gandhi meets the mind of Henry Ford." I fell in love with the concept of social entrepreneurship freshmen year. Passionate about grass-roots transformation and development, I performed multidisciplinary literature research to understand poverty and social issues in India as an AYURI student. I conducted original on-field site research at social enterprises, co-authored a competitive paper and presented at the 2018 Western States Communication. I volunteered for Project Serve to serve the hungry and the homeless in Hawaii through food assistance and education. Additionally, I Cofounded the End Poverty Project observed by World Bank, that leveraged collective media power to tailor awareness about the complexities of poverty on campus. As the Director of Pepperdine's Microfinance Club, I provided loans to entrepreneurs lacking economic opportunities globally. Being a Board member of Pepperdine Rotaract Club, I aim to bring impact in communities by serving others above self. For the Step Forward Day, I led a project that raised hundreds of dollars in less than 24 hours for a social enterprise. I am currently interning at Halcyon, a social incubator in DC that nurtures social entrepreneurs. The internships and research are preparing me for future service leadership. I aspire to establish a sustainable and scalable social enterprise that caters to the needs of the poor.Mar 12 2018 03:44:17:000PMw
Daniel Joseph Hutchinson100551867daniel.hutchinson@pepperdine.edu858-740-1509BSBUSADMINBusiness Administration0420203.9169Gerard FlynnBusiness AdministrationGerard.Flynn@pepperdine.eduJane Kelley RodehefferReligion and Philosophyjanekelley.rodeheffer@pepperdine.educWhen I first came to Argentina, I was struck by the destitute poverty in the midst of opulent wealth. It stares you in the face. As one walks streets of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, people without homes or means, who are living in the street, look you in the eye, and all you can do, as a visitor, is feel empathy, resist apathy, and treat them as a person. Seeing this want firsthand has convicted me of a profound duty to serve others. Jesus told us that, "The greatest among you will be your servant" (New International Version Matt, 23.11). That has been a verse I've been afraid of for a long time. For the first 14 years of my life, I focused on Daniel. Then as a Christian, I decided to put God first, but that was never realized until I came to Argentina, and Jesus reminded me that, "Freely you have received; freely give" (Matt. 10.8b), "Love your neighbor as yourself" (Matt. 22.39). In turn, this calling has crafted a new, unique understanding, of my responsibility to serve those less fortunate than I, both directly and indirectly. I believe this calling requires me to act in a way that is both financially responsible and sacrificial. Next year, I look to help high school students hone their public speaking, writing, and research skills, through volunteer work. That they may become advocates for themselves and others. I trust God to provide for His will, and I suspect that a scholarship from the Faculty and Staff of Pepperdine may be His method for next year.Mar 6 2018 09:09:19:000PMw
Diana Rose Inguito100551874diana.inguito@pepperdine.edu7143128124BSINTLBUSBusiness Administration0420203.5048Jane Kelley RhodehefferHumanities/Teacher Educationjanekelley.rodeheffer@pepperdine.edu Laura MoldesInternational Studies and Languageslaura.moldes@pepperdine.educThrough the manifestation of relationships in the Pepperdine community, I have grown from serving myself to serving a community and a cause, and this makes me an ideal candidate. For six years, I attended a college preparatory school where I was programmed to work solely for my benefit. I was selfishly blinded with a false idea of success. I look back ashamed of it. After two years at Pepperdine, however, I can proudly that I am not that person anymore. I have grown to serve the community. Through service with Delta Sigma Pi, I experienced the selflessness of those who were willing to give their only piece of bread to show how much they value our relationships. Through JumpStart, I was reminded of how beautiful and weightless life feels when I let go of using other people's success to measure my happiness. Through service works abroad, I am constantly reminded that genuine relationships with God and other people make me feel complete. My heart glows when I act without seeking personal benefits, when I help and see a smile, and when I work and feel God's love. At Pepperdine, I am surrounded by people who embody the mission of freely receiving and freely giving. Now, I know that I am a proactive leader who works to grow the breadth and depth of my influence and who measures success through the smiles of those whose lives I have touched. I represent the Pepperdine community, work to embody our mission, and aspire to be a character of Jesus, and thus, I am an ideal candidate.Mar 11 2018 07:42:47:000AMw
Bret Allen Kittelsen100552278bret.kittelsen@pepperdine.edu9496149299BACONTRACTNatural Science0420203.64953Brad CuppNatural Sciencebrad.cupp@pepperdine.eduRaymond CarrReligion and Philosophyraymond.c.carr@pepperdine.educIn the past year, I have learned a lot about myself with regards to my purpose to those around me in the midst of a very tough time in my life. The last two semesters have been full of struggle but these struggles have molded me into a stronger and more confident individual. My twin brother and I both decided to attend Pepperdine University and during our sophomore year, he decided to study abroad in Buenos Aires while I stayed in Malibu. Being apart put me out of my comfort zone and when school and personal life started to feel overwhelming, I could still turn to my twin for advice, but being on another continent proved to have its difficulties. In an effort to keep my mind occupied, I became more involved with activities around school, specifically by attending The Well which is a Thursday night contemporary worship service put on by Campus Ministry. A few weeks ago, everyone in attendance drove down to Ralph's and bought canned goods for families displaced by mudslides in the LA area. Being involved with a community like the Well opened my eyes to the opportunities I have and it gave me a true sense of purpose to help those around me. It has also provided me with a musical escape from the stress of everyday life which I hope to take a step further in my following semester by joining their worship team. The last year has been unique experience because various difficulties have pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me explore my purpose within my community.Mar 6 2018 02:56:32:000PMw
Even Andrew Kittelsen100552279even.kittelsen@pepperdine.edu9495371517BAECONSocial Science0520203.6946Khanh BuiSocial Sciencekhanh.bui@pepperdine.eduLaura MoldesInternational Studies and Languageslaura.moldes@pepperdine.educOver the past year, I have learned many important lessons that will stay with me for the remainder of my life. Living abroad in a Spanish speaking country has expanded my world view and truly created a deeper sense of empathy for not only those around me, but those of a different culture. This past year in Argentina has instilled in me a desire to live for others; something that has changed me for the better. This first journey away from home has strengthened me for a purpose-driven life centered around God. Not to sound jaded, but that is what I have truly learned in this last year. Our purpose here on earth is to live for others in the same way Christ lived for us. Growing up in a Christian home, I heard this constantly, but, actually grasping the truth behind this statement has improved my overall well-being and happiness. The struggles of being away from home for the first time in my life proved to be a challenge, but through much prayer and supplication, I now know that I am tasked with a dual-purpose in this world. This is the first time in my life that I have put my full faith into God's plan for me, and my faith taught me the invaluable lesson that I am not only to live for Christ but also to lead a distinctly Christian life as an example for those around me in light of what Christ has done for me. I believe that this growth in my faith makes me an ideal candidate for this scholarship because I truly feel strengthened for a life of purpose centered around Christ. Mar 6 2018 06:40:12:000AMw
Marie Seguin100552737marie.seguin@pepperdine.edu757-346-1007BAINTLSTDYInternational Studies and Languages0420193.7290Kelle MarshallInternational Studies and Languageskelle.marshall@pepperdine.eduJoelle ZaguryInternational Studies and Languagesjoelle.zagury@pepperdine.educ"Faith in action is love – and love in action is service" (Mother Teresa). In my year abroad, I have had countless opportunities to grow in my faith and to learn to trust God without borders, rekindling a passion for service I have had since childhood. When I set out on my first study abroad journey in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I witnessed homelessness as I had never experienced before. Women and children sleeping on old mattresses on the streets and disabled elderly sheltered in a corner begging for money disturbed me, compelling me to help these poor people however I could. Soon I started delivering sandwiches to the homeless weekly and serving at a local orphanage on Saturdays in the city. These relationships nurtured my love for the local community in ways I had not expected. Furthering my overseas experience in Lausanne, Switzerland this spring, I searched for further prospects to invest in my community. One Wednesday afternoon, I volunteered at l'Institution de Béthanie, an elderly home in Lausanne. Listening to these senior's stories, I soon found that my short visits brightened their entire day and filled me with an unexpected joy. Studying abroad, I have learned to integrate into local culture by serving their people. I look forward with anticipation to further opportunities Pepperdine will provide to step outside my comfort zone, look beyond our borders, and influence the world around me from the knowledge and experience I humbly gain from this education.Mar 12 2018 02:46:17:000PMw
Joseph Benton Davidson100553279joseph.davidson@pepperdine.edu206-430-0927BSBIOLOGYNatural Science0420193.9482Dr. Mark DavisReligion and Philosophymark.davis@pepperdine.eduDr. Mary HoldenNatural Sciencemary.holden@pepperdine.educOne of the tenets of Pepperdine's Affirmation Statement is that, "knowledge calls, ultimately, for a life of service". Although this is quite simple, I have found my passion and vocation through application of this statement. Throughout my initial classes in college, I focused on the information and treated knowledge as a benefit to myself. Learning, became important for tests and my future job, but lacked a greater meaning. I believe college lends itself to this idea, as students work and compete among their peers to learn and achieve the best grades possible. I eventually realized that this constant push for comprehension became mundane without application and through this I have discovered that tutoring and teaching are essential to my calling. During my freshman year at Boston College I taught conversational English to native Chinese speakers at a retirement home in Boston. While English and literature were never my favorite topics, I found multiple aspects that I enjoyed and connected with a unique group of people. This experience led me to look for more tutoring opportunities and I have found an even greater passion for teaching math and biology at Pepperdine. Through the athletic department, I have been fortunate to tutor student athletes throughout my sophomore and junior year. My passion for teaching has helped direct my future and given me hope and purpose. Whether I decide to pursue medicine or some form of teaching, I am excited to apply my expanding knowledge.Mar 6 2018 04:42:23:000PMw
Lina Mikaliunaite100553407lina.mikaliunaite@pepperdine.edu4243463091BSCHEMSTRYNatural Science0620203.72255.5David Green Natural Sciencedavid.green@pepperdine.edu Joseph FritschNatural Sciencejoseph.fritsch@pepperdine.educLast year brought me many challenges, through which I learned the importance of purpose. My research with Dr. David Green particularly gave me a hard time at the start of the summer. But through all of the hard times, my purpose of discovering something new, not only for myself, but also for others that might be able to use my method to elsewhere to help people. Becoming the president of the Chemistry club has further revealed my purpose in life. I understood how much impact I can have on Chemistry club. I found a purpose to provide a family for science majors- something that I was looking for and found through the Chemistry club. This year I also found my life's purpose of helping others. Having a busy year, I did not expect to take on anything else; however, when I was called to tutor someone, it got my attention. It was one call that I will never regret taking on. As I got to know this amazing girl, she became my friend as I helped her pass the class and excel. All of this helped me realize how much I can have an impact on other people. She had people tell her that she should withdraw, and I said that we together would get through it - and we did. This past year was about finding my purpose in life and through a lot of activities that I was involved in I got to see that becoming a professor later in life is not only my goal, but it is also something that I feel very strongly about because I think that it will be a path that will let me influence other people lives.Mar 12 2018 02:43:34:000PMw
Grace Kathleen Lank100553725grace.lank@pepperdine.edu4255127146BSBIOLOGYNatural Science0420203.90777Mary HoldenNatural Sciencemary.holden@pepperdine.eduDiana BursyNatural Sciencediana.bursy@pepperdine.educOver the past year I have grown in purpose, both vocationally and personally. Since I was a child I have wanted to be a physician. This summer I had the opportunity to shadow several physicians to allow me to determine if a physician's lifestyle is right for me and what I might like to specialize in. I found that I am still fascinated by medicine. I feel my purpose is to leave Pepperdine as the best possible version of myself, ready to meet all challenges. I have developed my sense of self-purpose this year largely through my experience studying abroad in Germany. This was the first time that I had lived far enough away from home that if I ran into a difficult situation I would have to solve it entirely on my own. I returned a more confident, capable, resourceful, and self-reliant person because of having been exposed to so many new experiences and challenges. I also returned having an immense appreciation for the German culture and people and how and why they act the way they do, and having a positive understanding of worldviews as seen by another culture. I also had to navigate a difficult living situation in which I had to facilitate my interaction with my apartment mates while upholding my boundaries and not being too compliant or too assertive. I was able to solve this issue without compromising my morals, integrity, or need for community. I believe my growth over this year has prepared me for future success and makes me an ideal candidate for this scholarship.Mar 9 2018 09:33:38:000PMw
Araceli M Carrillo100553784araceli.carrillo@pepperdine.edu7603918375BAHISPANICInternational Studies and Languages0420203.6260.5Laura MoldesInternational Studies and Languageslaura.moldes@pepperdine.eduConstanza Tati GuerriniStafftati.guerrini@pepperdine.educIf you had asked me what my purpose in life was at age five, I would have first, asked you what purpose meant, and then would have told you that I was supposed to be a marine biologist/professional chef/veterinarian all in one. If you had asked me what my purpose in life was at age thirteen, I would have told you I was destined to save the planet single-handedly. Now, if you asked me the same question at my current age of nineteen, I would not give you another over-the-top, grandiose answer. Instead, I would tell you that the past year has been filled with internal conflict because I was denying my true purpose to myself. I was dictated by the idea that careers and talents defined one's purpose, and when I believed I had none of that to offer, I felt lost. It only took an incredible study abroad voyage for me to finally reach an epiphany. Being uprooted and planted into another world was an experience that allowed me to live out my true purpose: serving others. Whether it was volunteering in the community of Adulam or making sandwiches for the homeless, I could no longer deny my calling to serve. My purpose then, is defined by my actions that fulfill my duty as a follower of Jesus. I hope to continue living out my purpose as a teacher, with the goal of having my service reach beyond the walls of the classroom. Ultimately, I am confident that in five, ten, or even fifteen years from now, if I was asked the same question, I would still say I am called to serve others.Mar 12 2018 04:12:05:000PMw
Kellie Lynn Warren100554080kellie.warren@pepperdine.edu303-518-0096BASPORTSADMINCommunication0420203.9452.5Ned CollettiCommunicationned.colletti@pepperdine.eduMark BarnecheStaffmark.barneche@pepperdine.educ Sitting in the first day of the General Manager course with LA Dodger's Ned Colletti one year ago, I realized the imperative calling for me to increase accessibility of sports to all people. Before then, sports appeared to me as an activity only for the elite. After further discussion with Professor Colletti, I realized how necessary it was for me to address and rectify this sentiment. Over the last year, I have grown in my purpose to provide fitness and activity to all people. All my life, I have been passionate about participating in physical activity and inspiring others to do the same. Being a summer camp counselor coupled with my D1 Track background has fostered this passion. It is only after traveling with Pepperdine to Jordan, Switzerland, and Peru that I have seen how other countries address the issue of youth physical education and sports sampling. Currently, I have been taking the next steps towards my purpose through my internship at the National Fitness Foundation in Washington, DC. Originally chartered as the President's Council on Fitness, the Foundation implements health standards in schools, provides access to innovative physical education materials, and equips kids to lead healthy, active lives. Through Pepperdine, God has offered me a platform to experience global travel, spiritual growth, and renowned professors, like Professor Colletti. With this scholarship, I will continue serving out God's purpose for my life and inspire active living for all kids.Mar 7 2018 09:35:13:000PMw
Kayiu Wong100554097kayiu.wong@pepperdine.edu6265608479BAJOURNALCommunication0420203.84259Elizabeth SmithCommunicationelizabeth.smith@pepperdine.edu Theresa de los SantosCommunicationtheresa.m.delossantos@pepperdine.educThrough taking on larger editorial positions in my journalism co-curriculars this year, I have grown in my leadership abilities and have become more confident in following the call I feel to build mentoring relationships with those I lead. I served as the online video producer for Pepperdine Graphic Media this past fall semester. This position meant creating weekly videos that covered campus events, featured student profiles, and corresponded to news articles that were published in the Graphic. My role evolved into something much more than these responsibilities when I was given the privilege of mentoring a group of nine freshmen who enthusiastically joined my team despite not having any prior journalistic or video production skills. I was quite stressed and fearful when I first realized the large task of teaching core journalism skills, such as news writing and video shooting, from the ground up. However, this experience fostered a greater sense of mentorship and appreciation for teamwork in my leadership skills. I found so much joy in leading this wonderful group of people because I felt moved by their eager to learn and inspired to see how much their hearts were in purposeful storytelling. Mentoring these freshmen and helping them become better journalists resonates a lesson I will continue to carry out during my time at Pepperdine: leadership is more than just presiding and managing people. It means being a patient teacher, a selfless mentor, and a servant-minded friend.Mar 8 2018 09:10:52:000AMw
Liana H Sheily100554228liana.sheily@pepperdine.edu(310) 806-0117BACOMRLCommunication0420203.8979Dr. Joseph FritschNatural Sciencejoseph.fritsch@pepperdine.eduDr. Jane Kelley RodehefferHumanities/Teacher Educationjanekelley.rodeheffer@pepperdine.educI was lucky enough to study abroad in Argentina. Although this study abroad experience is not few and far between for Pepperdine students, my experience was truly singular, much like my whole Pepperdine education. This last semester, along with this past year has catalyzed such exponential growth in my life. Being able to be apart of Pepperdine's inclusive institution as an American, Persian Jew, and take advantage of opportunities like Study Abroad, has allowed me to develop leadership and independence, attributes often times noticed by friends and family. Living abroad not only paved the path for me to grow lingually, but also gave me the opportunity to transform my life and understand the impact of intentional thought and self initiative, which enables me to lead others.This past year has allowed me to clearly understand the impact of my life on culture, society, and the people that surround me.. Taking apart in service opportunities such as Step Forward Day and making sandwiches for Argentina's homeless, taught me the importance of the purity in action of helping others. These experiences and my aim to be intentional in thought and action allowed me to understand that my life would lack fulfillment without aiding others. Such epiphanies, and such an impactful Pepperdine educational experience within the last year has birthed my initiative to make sure that every child within the world has access to education, and thus the correlating opportunities that arise with it!Mar 10 2018 10:49:00:000AMw
Morgan Elizabeth Clinton100557235morgan.clinton@pepperdine.edu210-286-8099BAPSYCHSocial Science0420214.016Nataria JosephSocial Sciencenataria.joseph@pepperdine.edu Benjamin WilsonNatural Sciencebenjamin.wilson2@pepperdine.educThroughout this first year of college, I've expanded my comfort zone, both triumphed and failed, and have been bold in my faith like never before. To say the least, this year has been invaluable. I know there is a reason I came to Pepperdine, for it is because of all of these things combined that I now have a true understanding of my purpose in this life. Since I was little, I have wanted to be a doctor. I am taking the classes and putting in the work to be able to do so. However, this essay about purpose isn't about my career. I believe I have grown most in the area of purpose because of how I now define the meaning of purpose... This past year, more important than confirming what I wanted to be... I realized who I wanted to be. I want to be kind. I want to be generous. I want to be adventurous. I want to be a leader, a friend, and a mentor. I want to be somebody others look to for encouragement. Unfortunately, I think we often associate purpose with a job title, but it is so much more than that! Purpose is about living the life God called us to with no reservations and no fear. Being at Pepperdine has confirmed this for me! Micah 6:8 reads "He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God." This first year at Pepperdine has revealed to me that my ultimate purpose is to do just that, showing Christ to everyone I meet along the way. Feb 4 2018 02:28:50:000PMw
Ruffina De Los Angeles Silva Garcia100558794ruffina.silvagarcia@pepperdine.edu6262137581BSBUSADMINBusiness Administration0420213.8229Joshua BowmanNatural Sciencejoshua.bowman@pepperdine.eduJustin SchneiderStaffjustin.schneider@pepperdine.educMy entire life, both literally and metaphorically, I've been a runner. I ran cross country all throughout high school, and I ran from my psychological problems up until a few months ago. The thought of being hurt or disappointed by someone else terrified me, so I've always been wary of getting too close to anyone. One of the most disappointing things is avoiding healthy relationships because of a lack of self confidence. That was exactly my problem; I would overload myself with academic and extracurricular commitments to fill a void inside of me. No matter how hard I worked, I lacked purpose. When I started college, I found myself surrounded by people who helped me foster a relationship with God. It was through Him that I found what I was missing: unconditional love. Initially I was struggling to accept that I did not always have to be an overachiever in order to feel satisfied, and that my friends and family loved me for who I was, not for what I had accomplished. Setting goals and seeing them come to fruition is definitely a wonderful feeling, but nothing tops sharing your accomplishments with people who love and support you. The void I felt was caused by a lack of love for myself, and for others. God revealed to me that my purpose was not burying myself in work; it was being the person I was always running from. I am an ideal candidate for this scholarship because God has shown me that my purpose is to be a confident, loving person, and I will be for as long as I live.Mar 8 2018 12:04:49:000AMw
Zoe Rae Ann Clevely100560631zoe.clevely@pepperdine.edu7143281678BSBUSADMINBusiness Administration0420213.59432.5Courtney DavisNatural Sciencecourtney.davis2@pepperdine.eduNivla FitzpatrickStaffnivla.fitzpatrick@pepperdine.educOne year ago from this month, I was a high school senior celebrating a fantastic high school career in sports and academia. Everything was how I wanted it to be, and I was sure that my purpose was to continue to succeed in college and make money. I had no idea what purpose meant. One year later, I'm a redshirt freshman with no awards to show for performance on the field this fall and the victim of heartbreak as the distance and obstacles that were being faced in our lives was too much for my significant other. I see my purpose now as sort of like stair steps to the top of a mountain. At the top is a globe which represents making the world a better place. Step one represents yourself. Everyone's path to the top is different, but it starts with finding out who you are. This past year has been preparation for me to take the first step to the top of the mountain that will lead to a meaningful life that brings happiness to others. I want to reach the top and see a view of a better world. Despite facing major changes, I was still able to have success on my finals. These changes led me to hone in to my academics leading to my successful GPA this past semester. Since I redshirted, I want to apply for the MBA program. In order to get a leg up on my classes I want to take summer school. If I were to be the recipient of the Faculty-Staff scholarship I would put that money towards summer school so I can take a step closer to reaching my goal, and realizing my purpose in this world.Feb 16 2018 04:58:10:000PMw
David Kellogg100561252david.kellogg@pepperdine.edu303-520-6757BSBUSADMINBusiness Administration0520213.68624Gerard FlynnBusiness Administrationgerard.flynn@pepperdine.eduJeffrey SchultzHumanities/Teacher Educationjeffrey.schultz@pepperdine.educOver the last six months I have grown quicker than perhaps the previous six years combined. My life before Pepperdine sometimes feels like a fond dream, where I was not in an environment that facilitates my growth on a daily basis. Not everything that has taken place to me has been good, such as being denied a spot to go abroad. While the international programs was a major reason for my choice to attend Pepperdine, there were other things in store for me. I have recently accepted a leadership position with HRL that allows me to give back, and bring in my experiences of failure to the next class. The sense of purpose I have now is far stronger than I could have hoped at the beginning of this academic year. It took me not knowing where life was going to take me to realize that I won't know what lies ahead for me, except that there is a purpose for me, one given to me by God. My purpose at Pepperdine becomes clearer to me by the day, and that is in service to the people who feel lost for some reason or another. Because I am unique in not letting myself become lost and downtrodden, especially after experiencing such defeat in the programs I wanted to be a part of, I want to be a rock for those who cannot be one for themselves. I believe that that is my purpose, one that I have had to grow painfully into over the last six months. It makes me nervous, and scared sometimes, but I know that I can persevere in all the aspects that I am needed to.Mar 8 2018 09:01:12:000PMw
clarisa wijaya100561530clarisa.wijaya@pepperedine.edu424-388-4652BAPSYCHSocial Science0520213.7914Dr. Lisa SmithHumanities/Teacher Educationlisa.h.smith@pepperdine.eduDr. Brian NewmanSocial Sciencebrian.newman@pepperdine.educGrowing up, my stereotypical Asian family has only stressed the importance of academics and achievement, and mental health was not something we talked about. Whenever the discussion of mental illness was brought to the table, more often than not it's dismissed as "it's all in your head." I came to Pepperdine thinking that my purpose was to clear up the misconception of mental health in the Asian community, but my first semester has slightly tweaked my purpose. The SLAs in each of our dorms and counsellors all made me realize that the thing that stood out to me the most from my experience here was its spiritual aspect. Specifically, I realized that there is more to someone's mental well-being than their brain's neural connections. While biological aspects do make up a big part of mental health, I realized during my first semester that spirituality can also affect your well-being. Because of my first semester, my purpose of clearing the stigma against mental health in the Asian community is now paired with my desire to stress the importance of spirituality in mental health. Like Pavlov's dog, I salivate when presented with stimulating food for thought, whether it is spiritual or scientific, so I am excited to explore the relationship between spirituality and mental health. If given the opportunity, I believe that not only can I give back to the Pepperdine community through research and spiritual support, but I also hope to destigmatize mental illness in the Asian community.Mar 12 2018 04:07:19:000PMw
Joshua Wyn Hill100564464joshua.w.hill@pepperdine.edu714-403-0656BAINTMARKTCommunication0420214.055Katherine FryeHumanities/Teacher Educationkatherine.frye@pepperdine.eduJacob MichaelCommunicationjacob.michael@pepperdine.educIn my past year at Pepperdine, my life has tremendously grown in purpose. Before college, I had no idea where God was calling me or what He wanted me to do with my life. It used to be such a struggle to think about the future and all the various possibilities that it holds. I have now come to a clearer understanding of what God wants for my life, while also becoming more at peace with the unknown of the future. Pepperdine's atmosphere, community, and staff have impacted my life greatly. It has been an amazing ride. and I'm so thankful for all the opportunities that I've been given. With the influence that Pepperdine has had on me, I feel more of a purpose and drive in life. I find myself seeking new opportunities everyday, going out of my way to meet people, and being a brighter light for Christ. I've come from being completely undecided with what I want to do, into becoming an IMC major with a Multimedia Design minor. With God's grace, I am a driven, responsible, and influential person on Pepperdine's campus. Last semester, I received all A's, a 4.0 GPA, and was placed on the Dean's list—all in my first semester of college. With hard work and dedication, the results have been such a blessing. God has truly had His hand on my life at college. My purpose, to diligently work and to be a vessel for Christ, has become so much clearer, and I couldn't be more thankful. I cannot wait to see what else the Lord has for me in my future at Pepperdine, and in the years beyond.Mar 8 2018 05:28:53:000PMw
Victoria Renee Levinsohn100567290victoria.levinsohn@pepperdine.edu517-974-3737BSINTLBUSBusiness Administration0420214.049Alan ReganBusiness Administrationalan.regan@pepperdine.eduCharles HallStaffcharles.hall@pepperdine.educThe past year has been a year of great transition for me. I graduated high school to transition into college life, moving across the country—from Michigan to California, to embark on the next big adventure of my life. I have learned how to live and operate independently, making my own choices and allocating my own finances responsibly. Parts of the journey have been exhilarating, and other parts have been incredibly hard. There were times when I felt lost, helpless, and purposeless. At this point though, in my second semester of college here at Pepperdine, I am finally feeling a true sense of purpose within the community I have immersed myself in. A turning point in my quest for purpose this year came with my acceptance into the Global Fellows program here at Pepperdine. I have always been interested in the world, learning about issues that lie outside of my grasp, and embracing cultures that differ from my own. Before this program, I didn't realize that my passions could actually be my purpose. Even though I don't know yet exactly where I will end up, I am now coming to understand that I can impact the world in a way that fulfills both my desires and my purpose, and I am fully motivated to do just that. I believe that I would be an ideal candidate for this scholarship because of my dedication to both understanding and achieving my purpose, at Pepperdine as well as in the world. I have pushed myself hard, and I will continue to do so in pursuit of a truly purposeful life. Mar 6 2018 01:47:32:000PMw
Makena Marie Huey100567666makena.huey@pepperdine.edu6198516789BAENGWHumanities/Teacher Education0420214.029Theresa FlynnHumanities/Teacher Educationtheresa.flynn@pepperdine.eduChristina LittlefieldCommunicationchristina.littlefield@pepperdine.educMy first year at Pepperdine has been a time of profound growth. As a first generation student, I face unique challenges, but have become confident in my skills and identity. Despite learning that my relationships strengthen with my faith, and that talent is futile without selflessness, I am still unsure of which career I want to pursue. Fortunately, college has taught me that purpose connotes much more than profession; my purpose in life is to serve and lead where my passions intersect the world's needs. God calls me to empower others through compassion and education. My desire to learn as if I were to live forever sets me apart. I strive to obtain new information, master difficult skills, and appreciate different perspectives. But my purpose is not about what I love or what I am good at. It is not about me at all. My professors have shown me that my purpose is about what I can do for others. It is through a lifetime of learning that I will be able to instill in others the same love of learning that makes me who I am. English and journalism have taught me to find beauty and speak the truth, employing words to create something new and advocating for those whose dignity is overlooked. Because I have been privileged, I feel obliged to learn, teach, and write for everyone who needs to feel valued and heard so that they too can love the unloved and be voices for the voiceless. Pepperdine has taught me to integrate my knowledge and faith, using my education to help my community.Mar 7 2018 09:32:48:000PMw
Amanda Aulani Estores100568843Amanda.estores@pepperdine.edu808-383-4670BSCHEMSTRYNatural Science0420213.9230David GreenNatural ScienceDavid.Green@pepperdine.eduBenjamin WilsonNatural ScienceBenjamin.wilson2@pepperdine.educ Most of my friends ask me what I'm majoring in, and when I say, "B.S. in chemistry with an emphasis in biochemistry," they all say, "I'm sorry," and proceed to look at me like my dog just died. If I put myself in their shoes, I can kind of understand why they would react in this way; not everyone is meant to be a scientist, especially a chemist. Last semester when I took General Chemistry I, my friends that were taking it with me complained about how much they absolutely dreaded it. I wanted to agree with them and say, "Yeah! Chemistry sucks!" but I couldn't bring myself to say that. I would be lying to them, I would be lying to myself, and I wouldn't be acknowledging one thing that God has blessed me with: the love for chemistry. I know that nothing is for certain when it comes to the future, so that is why I'm beginning to second-guess myself on wanting to be a dermatologist. If I become a high school chemistry teacher, I could help kids understand how great chemistry really is and I would be able to make puns in the middle of class, just like how Dr. Green did last semester. I realized that I could be a high school chemistry teacher when I tutored my friend last semester, because I liked knowing that the knowledge I have would be passed down to him and that he could succeed in the class because of it. My first semester of college has opened my eyes to not only spread the word of God, but the word of chemistry, too.Mar 9 2018 03:52:59:000PMw
Kurt William Goldie100569434kurt.goldie@pepperdine.edu4049011150BAINTMInternational Studies and Languages0420213.94516Christopher DoranReligion and Philosophychris.doran@pepperdine.eduRoxana BlancasInternational Studies and Languagesroxana.blancascuriel@pepperdine.educOne word to describe my freshman year would be fruition, especially in my idea of purpose. Purpose includes faith. Faith has always been important to me, but finding a Christian community was always a struggle for me growing up in New England. Here at Pepperdine I am more than blessed to have found one that shares the same Christian ideals I have. Being fully accepted is something I couldn't be more thankful for. Thus, my faith has dramatically deepened throughout the year--to the point where I initiated a bible study on "The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren and took a leadership role in the formation and running of Hiking Convo. Purpose includes academics. My academic career finally bloomed this year. School didn't come easy when I was little, so I was placed in reading help for second, third, and fourth grade. From there I started the battle of putting in the work to get mostly Bs and some As. That time was frustrating, but I learned to persevere. But it all paid off, as I am now above average with a 3.945 GPA and a place on the Dean's list. Purpose includes service. I am a Spanish tutor at the Student Success Center to help shed some light and passion on Spanish grammar, I help immigrants learn English at the Malibu labor exchange, and I am apart of Surfrider Foundation's LA chapter to join beach cleanups. I am thriving more than I ever have, because of all the new directions my purpose has lead me to.Mar 7 2018 07:51:40:000PMw
Xuanning Si100569548cloris.si@pepperdine.edu3109894269BSACCOUNTBusiness Administration0420213.8735Julie OniHumanities/Teacher Educationjulie.oni@pepperdine.eduJoseph FritschNatural Sciencejoseph.fritsch@pepperdine.educMy growth in purpose is the most obvious. Within the past year, I tried many new things and took part in numerous interactions. Specifically, I took classes relating to various fields and made many new friends. I also switched my major twice-- from math, to film, then to accounting. However, instead of being miserable and confused, I am more and more determined to succeed in the field of business. Because Pepperdine is a small university, all the professors I have are approachable and are open to developing genuine relationships. Professor Oni, my English professor, and Professor Fritsch, my Chemistry professor, gave me an immense amount of guidance and advice, especially when it came down to developing a career plan. I believe that my family is the real driving force in my growth. My parents constantly encourage me to try new things and provide me with support. My friends and peers, who come from different backgrounds, offer me new ideas by sharing their and their parents' experiences with me. My freshman year is indeed a self-seeking journey. In the future, I am eager for a whole new set of challenges in the world of business. I grew a great deal since coming to Pepperdine, and I have no intention of stopping.Mar 12 2018 04:54:57:000PMw
Luke Richard Strauss100569822luke.strauss@pepperdine.edu619-592-1101BAINTMInternational Studies and Languages0420214.0038Felicity VabulasInternational Studies and Languagesfelicity.vabulas@pepperdine.eduGeorge CarlsenInternational Studies and Languagesgeorge.carlsen@pepperdine.educSince I have entered the most recent stage of my life at Pepperdine, my perception of what leadership means has drastically shifted. In high school, I often sought leadership roles with the subconscious intention of being on the "inside." Knowing exclusive information, gaining from a position of authority, and being praised for my work all seemed very attractive to me. Needless to say, some of my most prevalent intentions were rather selfish. In my RAs this year, on the other hand, I saw drastically different intentions. I saw a desire to relationally connect with me and to make a lasting impact on my life. I was inspired by their personal commitment to me and to others; I wanted to use future positions of leadership to emulate such values, so I decided to apply to be an RA abroad in Buenos Aires. I yearned for an opportunity to contribute to others' lives in the same way that my RAs contributed to mine. I feel very blessed to have been offered the position, and I anticipate the ways I can employ my newly developed perception of leadership. I want to be present as a loving friend for those in need and to assist anyone seeking guidance in his or her spiritual or life journey; I want to make my work about others, rather than myself. If I can ultimately be a blessing and model for the people around me, I feel as though I will have fulfilled what it means to be a leader, even as I am continually developing new ways to use my skill to support others and to glorify God.Mar 12 2018 01:38:23:000PMw
Spencer Ovshak100570170spencer.ovshak@pepperdine.edu6513242290BAECONSocial Science1220203.65531John WatsonCommunicationjohn.g.watson@pepperdine.eduKelle MarshallInternational Studies and LanguagesKelle.Marshall@pepperdine.educBefore coming to Pepperdine, I was experiencing lot of internal adversity and turmoil. What was I born to do? Do I belong at Pepperdine? Am I choosing the path that God wants me to chose? Some of these questions still don't have a clear answer; However, the sense of fear and anxiety that I used to experience with those questions has vanished after coming into Pepperdine. During my first semester, I experienced many things that helped guide my sense of purpose and belonging. At Step Forward Day, I discovered how much I love to serve people and how I want to continue to give back to people who are less fortunate. I have been so blessed in my life, and I know that my purpose must include giving to those who haven't been given the same opportunities that I have been given. This one example of how a small event started to change my outlook on life, but there is one main idea I have discovered while I have been at Pepperdine. This is the idea that I have a unique purpose that only I can fulfill. This isn't something anyone has told me, but it is something that I have been starting to wrap my head around. I love this because this idea because it gives me reassurance when I am having doubts about my purpose. I believe that my time at Pepperdine is showing me that this idea is true. I am here for a reason, and God has a certain purpose for my life.Mar 7 2018 01:52:54:000PMw
Eric Chang100570736eric.chang@pepperdine.edu6268776486BSBUSADMINBusiness Administration0520213.62213Kevin IgaNatural Sciencekevin.iga@pepperdine.eduLisa SmithHumanities/Teacher Educationlisa.h.smith@pepperdine.educ Having played Table Tennis for 11 years growing up, I was eager to continue at Pepperdine. I quickly joined the school's Table Tennis team, and was happy to find peers who shared my passion. However, I noticed that there was a gap between our team and other school teams, as we never participated in varsity tournaments. After some research, I learned that we needed to first qualify for the NCTTA (National College Table Tennis Association). I sought to improve the skill level of our teammates. Every week in HAWC, I trained my teammates, sharing technical tips and demonstrating moves. I also encouraged them to actively participate in weekly matches, and sent reminders for team meets. Together with the team captain Jonathan, I worked on recruiting more advanced players by inviting classmates and scouting at the table tennis table in HAWC. We organized team rosters and chose designs for the team shirt. Last November, our team put in a request to the NCTTA, and was granted official school team status. So far this semester, we have played against UCLA, USC, Santa Monica College, and Cal Poly. Taking our team to official school team status was a group effort, and it made me appreciate what being a leader means. I had thought previously that leadership meant being the star player; this experience has made me realize that it is about enabling and motivating others to achieve great things. My time so far at Pepperdine has helped me come to a deeper meaning of true leadership.Mar 5 2018 09:23:15:000AMw
Jack Conley Matlock100571065jack.matlock@pepperdine.edu210-606-1425BSBUSADMINBusiness Administration0420213.82917.5Dr. Timothy LucasNatural Sciencetimothy.lucas@peppedine.eduMrs. Sharita WilsonCommunicationsharita.wilson@pepperdine.educPepperdine's mission statement makes it clear that students are "...strengthened for lives of purpose, service, and leadership." After just a semester and a half, I already feel that my college experience has begun to live out that mission statement. Over the past year, my life has changed quickly and drastically. Though these changes appeared daunting to me initially, living through them has been a moving experience filled with immense personal growth. This growth has led me to realize that my current purpose in life is a commitment to my academics. I have always valued my academics, but Pepperdine's culture has enhanced my devotion. I find myself staying up late to work, attacking assignments, and feeling motivated to work hard. I sleep in less. I try to never waste a minute. I seek help from my professors when I need it. I believe that Pepperdine's culture and high standards have helped me evolve as a student and pushed me to up my game. I have a purpose that drives me every day to do my best. As an eighteen-year-old, it is difficult to gauge what my life's purpose is. I'm young, and deciphering what I want to accomplish is an ongoing process. But right now, my purpose is clear and I'm a stronger person for recognizing it. I have an incredible opportunity to study at Pepperdine and I intend to fully take advantage of it. I am living with a purpose and I believe that makes me an ideal candidate for Pepperdine's faculty-staff scholarship. Thank you for your consideration.Mar 5 2018 07:44:52:000PMw
Lindsey Sullivan100571815lindsey.sullivan@pepperdine.edu540-841-7290BAJOURNALCommunication0420213.816Christina LittlefieldCommunicationchristina.littlefield@pepperdine.eduLisa SmithHumanities/Teacher Educationlisa.h.smith@pepperdine.educ"Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, 'Whom should I send as a messenger to this people? Who will go for us?' And I said, "Here am I. Send me!" This verse from Isaiah 6:8 echoes throughout my mind as I reflect on the journey that this past year has been for me at Pepperdine and in my walk with God toward my purpose in life. I believe that I would be an ideal candidate for the faculty-staff scholarship because of the immense work that God has done in and through me toward the fulfillment of my purpose, and because Pepperdine has been such a huge part of that growth. With the invaluable support of so many faculty, staff, and community members and mentors I have been able to tune my ear to hear the voice of God and lean into His plans for my life. In His voice I have found that He has a purpose for me and plans for my life; plans to prosper me and not to harm me, plants to give me hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11). Being rewarded this scholarship would not only affirm this truth but it would assist the future of my purpose here at Pepperdine and in life beyond. This past year has filled me with such a sense of God-directed purpose, allowing me to fully live into Pepperdine's mission to be strengthened for a purposeful life as a servant-minded leader, just as Isaiah did. Like Isaiah, I am learning to hear God's voice and respond in surrender and obedience so that I can fulfill the purpose set before me in this life.Mar 12 2018 04:57:26:000PMw
Brandon Alexander Oddo100571866brandon.oddo@pepperdine.edu9515205690BSSPORTMEDNatural Science0420214.025.5Dr. Joseph FritschNatural Sciencejoseph.fritsch@pepperdine.eduDr. Cooker StormNatural Sciencecooker.storm@pepperdine.educ Throughout my time at Pepperdine University, I have found my purpose become reinforced and vitalized. I came to college with a plan, pursuit, and passion towards the medical field. Each one of my classes has contributed to and invigorated my vocation to a significant degree. I am blessed to find excitement and engagement in my classes. My friends often seem shocked when I share my eagerness for the exam or assignment coming up. While I understand their reasoning, I believe theirs is a mindset that is so contrary to what college should and could be. I desire challenge. Every answer opens the door for more questions and each lesson furthers my understanding of the world around me. Pepperdine is a place that grows me mentally, socially, and spiritually. My academics have provided me with knowledge that drives my intellectual curiosity. My relationships with professors and peers have motivated and driven me further down the medical path. My understanding of God and Christianity has developed and deepened my character. Prior to Pepperdine, I knew my purpose would be to become a surgeon. While this is still true to me, it has also been extended. I have discovered that my purpose is not far off in the future, but—instead—begins in the here and now. I am not solely working towards an end goal; I am working for a present reality. Pepperdine is much too enjoyable to simply be a step in a process. Pepperdine is a part of my purpose. Mar 3 2018 01:20:27:000PMw
Rebecca De Cosmis100572063rebecca.decosmis@pepperdine.edu805-570-2544BSINTLBUSBusiness Administration0420213.70917Steven BauerBusiness Administrationsteven.bauer@pepperdine.eduAbi SmithCommunicationabi.smith@pepperdine.educPepperdine's variety of opportunities helped me find a concrete purpose in my life. This year I joined the Model of United Nations team because I wanted to be involved in leadership activities and increase my skills of public speaking. At the beginning, I did not have a clear idea of what being on that team meant. Later on I found myself totally involved in something new that opened my mind and introduced me to another view of the world. I was now part of the United Nations Environmental Assembly, and that meant working on position and resolution papers to solve problems that affect the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. During this entire academic year my main purpose has been finding ways to protect habitats, to clear waters, and to save animals in collaboration with other nations. I was proud of myself and of the people on my team for putting lots of effort in amazing causes. This experience let me comprehend the diplomatic life, and it motivated me to invest all my energies in helping the world and the beautiful creatures that God created. I found concrete ways of pursuing these goals. I feel complete and yet with so many other steps to still go through. I needed my purpose, and now the world needs me. To follow my purpose I need knowledge, and Pepperdine is my path to it. There are interesting and helpful courses, like Industrial Psychology, not included in my major and that I would love to take and give all myself to. I'm an investment Pepperdine would not want to miss.Mar 9 2018 10:01:07:000AMw
Emma Rose Keay100572591emma.keay15@gmail.com9284120114BSBIOLOGYNatural Science1220213.92316Jane GanskeNatural Sciencejane.ganske@pepperdine.eduThomas VandergonNatural Sciencethomas.vandergon@pepperdine.educPurposeful growth goes hand-in-hand with spiritual growth. Throughout my life, I have grown in many different ways, but contemplating my purpose did not begin until Pepperdine allowed me to realize what that truly means. In my short time at Pepperdine thus far, I have grown immensely closer to God and have placed my faith fully upon Him. I became inspired to dedicate my time towards helping others and to work through God in my academics as well as outside of classes. My newly directed focus has allowed me to recognize the importance of my activities at Pepperdine and in all aspects of my life. I now intentionally search for love and meaning in everything that I do. I have become more content with myself and all of the actions I perform, no matter how seemingly insignificant, knowing that they are not only individually purposeful, but also represent a greater underlying purpose. The volunteering I participate in and the effort I put forth during classes will enable me to make a greater difference in people's lives in the future within my chosen career. Personally, possessing purpose is necessary for fulfilling the life I aspire to have. Continuing my education at Pepperdine will allow me to further my goal of purpose, as Pepperdine's mission is to strengthen students' lives in the areas of purpose, service, and leadership. In my experience, I have witnessed firsthand the benefits of strengthening one's purpose and I intend to exhibit purpose in actions I take henceforth.Feb 28 2018 08:15:06:000PMw
Gabrielle Nicole Antonio100572670gabrielle.antonio@pepperdine.edu805-603-8938BSSPORTMEDNatural Science0420213.7024Julie OniHumanities/Teacher Educationjulie.oni@pepperdine.eduNicholas CummingReligion and Philosophynicholas.cumming@pepperdine.educComing into my freshman year, it seemed like most of my peers knew what they wanted to do. However, I had no idea what I wanted, and felt very pressured to declare a major. In the midst of this, Pepperdine's mission pushed me to think beyond my major and think about my greater purpose. I knew I wanted to find a vocation that positively impacts others, and I believe this to be part of my purpose. In September, I took a caretaking position for a woman who just had brain surgery. For the past four months, being an active participant in Rachel's therapies for physical strength and seeing the progression of her recovery has been a true inspiration. The love and admiration I have for Rachel and the opportunity to work with her is inexplicable. As a dancer of 11 years, a great part of my life has been learning ways the body moves and how to build full body strength. After reflecting on this job, I realized body movement and strength is a huge passion of mine. This led me to declare a B.S. in Sports Medicine in January, in hopes of becoming a physical therapist and working in a hospital with patients coming out of surgery. Looking back, I realized God placed this job and Rachel in my life for a reason. The anxieties about my future have gone away because I know this major will fulfill my purpose and incorporate a field I truly love. My growth this year has been greater than I expected through this amazing job opportunity and gaining clarity and comfort in my future and my purpose.Mar 3 2018 08:52:34:000PMw
Karrington Juanita Baisden100572943karrington.baisden@pepperdine.edu2487945037BSBUSADMINBusiness Administration0420213.5816Julia PollakSocial Sciencejulia.pollak@pepperdine.eduDonald ThompsonBusiness Administrationdon.thompson@pepperdine.educAs a volunteer for Summer In the City, I painted murals, planted gardens, and brought harmony among the youth to expand community service in Detroit. A memory I keep close to my heart is when I was helping Anaisha and Lauren, two 8 year old girls, with a survey related to their future goals. Sadly, Anaisha had low-confidence in graduating from high school and college. On the other hand, Lauren strived to graduate from Eastern Michigan University to become a teacher. How could two girls so similar to each other have such a deep division in their level of ambition? Instantly, I knew my goal was to spread leadership and confidence among the youth. As a staff counselor at the Boys & Girls Club of Malibu, I believe my leadership has grown due to my job of inspiring kids to build their own leadership through creativity and character development. A leader instills the belief that others are capable of attaining a purposeful lifestyle. My leadership growth has made me a resource of guidance and comfort when my students are struggling in their journey of developing their individuality. Helping kids achieve their full potential contributes to my leadership growth because I refuse to fear the failure of not pushing kids to take the initiative of creating a successful path in their future. Ultimately, my growth as a leader makes me an ideal candidate for this scholarship because I've been able to translate my own experience of becoming productive and caring in my community to others.Mar 7 2018 08:52:50:000PMw
Wynn Kordalis Nordlund100573068wynn.nordlund@pepperdine.edu2503288543BAMUSICFine Arts0420203.69730Gary CobbFine Artsgary.cobb@pepperdine.eduNorman Lincoln HanksFine Artslincoln.hanks@pepperdine.educBefore my arrival at Pepperdine, I was a musician and a follower of God. I knew that music was my vocation and that God was my creator, but I didn't know how to integrate the two ideas. I came to Pepperdine, and then through the guidance of my professors and friends, I learned more about the two ideas and how to use them together to glorify God. In my Great Books I class, Professor Contino challenged my beliefs and inspired me to think about my relationship with God. The ideas discussed combined the art of literature and the glorification of God, which prompted me to think about my art (music) and God. Simultaneously, one of my newfound Pepperdine friends was challenging me to think about music and its role in society. I had always been a firm supporter of classical music (and classical music only). His strong Christian beliefs started to influence me morally, and eventually musically. He enjoyed music that I would have considered boring and uneducated. His music did not match the complexity of classical music, but it did not need to. It matched it in emotion. My newfound appreciation for his music specifically helped me to recognize the beauty in modern worship music. I was no longer disdainful at the idea of other kinds of music. Now, because of the influence of my professors and friends, I am open to the idea of integrating my music with the worship of God. My purpose is now much clearer.Mar 10 2018 03:25:58:000PMw
Jeremy Christian Farraye100573666jeremy.farraye@pepperdine.edu201-753-1154BAECONSocial Science0520213.617Rolando GarzaStaffrolando.garza@pepperdine.eduJohn SchleppenbachHumanities/Teacher Educationjohn.schleppenbach@pepperdine.educAs a Christian athlete at Pepperdine, I recognize that my athletic ability is a gift from God. I am surrounded by a coaching staff consisting of tremendous Christian leaders who are ideal examples as men of God. The coaches have shown me that I am actually serving God as an athlete when I am participating for His glory and what fellowship can be among teammates. I see me later in life sharing my knowledge and passion for baseball with younger talents in a Christian environment that might even include Pepperdine baseball. My time at Pepperdine has helped me realize that higher education in a Christ-like environment leads to a higher purpose for my life. I recognize that God is in control with best intentions. I believe God wants all of me for all my life. The intimate exposure to God, caring teachers, coaches, staff and students is inspirational. I believe God is responsible for me being at Pepperdine and in time He will reveal to me what my purpose is for the future. I am extremely blessed and grateful to be attending Pepperdine University. It is the environment at the school and the support I receive with everyday things that have made me feel my purpose is to serve the Lord and spread His love to others. I am working very hard and enthusiastically to be the ideal student and representative of Pepperdine University, evidencing the results of the tireless and faith lead effort of the entire faculty and staff. I am hopeful to be considered for the Faculty - Staff Scholarship. Mar 12 2018 04:56:06:000PMw
Rebecca Eliav100573922rebecca.eliav@pepperdine.edu3232177374BAPUBRELCommunication0420193.8381Nataria JosephSocial ScienceNataria.Joseph@pepperdine.eduTheresa de los SantosCommunicationtheresa.m.delossantos@pepperdine.educWhen I transferred to Pepperdine last year I immediately knew that I wanted to make a difference on campus. I started my leadership journey by volunteering to lead every class group project. I took charge of the projects, delegated responsibilities, helped my team members stay on task, and resolved conflicts that came up. I took on the role of a leader by embracing my constraints and encouraging my group members to use their strengths to get the job done. Soon I realized that I wanted to broaden my leadership horizons. Instead of overwhelming myself by joining every club I was remotely interested in, I chose to invest my time in clubs that I felt passionate about. One of the clubs I joined was the PRSSA, naturally enough, since I am a Public Relations major. Through this club, I got to explore my leadership capabilities by leading monthly meetings, campus activities, and social events. Outside of class and clubs, I constantly looked for ways to stand for something greater than myself. Last month, I turned to the girls in my dorm to set up an activity that would interest the entire floor. I used my leadership skills to gather together ideas and come up with a time that worked for everyone. The activity helped us get to know each other better and discover our shared values. By committing myself to every one of my activities on campus, I have demonstrated what it means to be a leader. This is why I believe I am the ideal candidate for this scholarship.Mar 4 2018 05:59:55:000PMw
Austin Sung Min Im100573941austin.im@pepperdine.edu562-565-0983BSBUSADMINBusiness Administration0420213.81833Kevin IgaNatural Sciencekevin.iga@pepperdine.eduJulia PollakBusiness Administrationjulia.pollak@pepperdine.educHaving lived 18 years of my life without the weekly routine of going to church on Sunday and praying before meals, I experienced one of the most transformative moments of my life during my time at Pepperdine. At first, the Christian college atmosphere felt alien to me. Weekly convocation, required religion courses, and the stunning proportion of Christian undergraduates throughout the campus made me feel like a complete stranger. But these insecurities left me much faster than they had developed. Within the first couple weeks, I had joined the Koinonia Campus Ministry, a club that emphasized summer missions and community services. However, this decision that was initially made to make new friends provided me with an answer to a question that had troubled me all my life. After participating in numerous religious dialogues and attending KCM's Winter Conference, I was awoken to the reality that the purpose of my life is to worship God and spread the word of the Gospel to non-Christians around me. The Austin from 6 months ago would never have defined his life's purpose as unending worship and faith. But the only reason why this development has happened is because of the sacred environment that Pepperdine was able to provide me with and the Christian students I've been able to surround myself with. As a potential recipient, I hope that this scholarship will ease the burden on my parents while I restart my journey as a faithful and loyal Christian on this extraordinary campus.Mar 10 2018 08:38:53:000PMw
Rebecca Yoo100574656rebecca.yoo@pepperdine.edu310-713-4377BAINTMARKTCommunication0420203.71238Kristen ChiemFine Artskristen.chiem@pepperdine.eduJennifer Akamine PhillipsCommunicationjennifer.akaminephillips@pepperdine.educAn article in my Freshman Seminar class explained the difference between vocation, a calling or purpose, and a career. I always connected career to purpose. So before, I focused on attaining a job, but I felt God has given me more experiences and gifts to waste it on my personal pursuit for success. My growth in figuring out my purpose makes me an ideal candidate for this scholarship because I am viewing and growing myself to be leader in this world. I have learned to respect other cultures and embrace diversity. I have learned the importance of love and how one sincere act can change a life. I have witnessed the power of words and actions. I have learned the importance of gratitude because, no matter what situation, there is always something to be thankful for. I have committed myself far beyond my career. I have committed myself to a life of service and giving back to others when they are in need, as well as being sensitive to those who may be in need. Pursuing a career is very important to me and I strive for my very best in everything I do, but I made it a purpose to not just live for my own personal success. Knowing my purpose has inspired me to lead, to start change rather than wait for change. I am thankful to have learned early on that my vocation is far more than just my career, and the teachings and opportunities at Pepperdine have already made a huge impact on my life. I believe that my journey here has just begun and I strive to learn and grow more every day. Feb 13 2018 06:19:01:000PMw
Zhaobang Wu100575269jet.wu@pepperdine.edu626-354-6138BSSPORTMEDNatural Science0420213.6832Mary HoldenNatural Sciencemary.holden@pepperdine.eduChris DoranReligion and Philosophychris.doran@pepperdine.educI have developed in the field of service within the past year through volunteering. I began to get involved in volunteering in the clinical setting, striving to contribute myself to healthcare and bringing positivity to the ill. I became an assistant to a physical therapist in the Children's Hospital Los Angeles, earning a valuable opportunity to have a hand in taking care of patients. I felt very excited and honored, because not only was I able to apply my passion towards medicine into my daily volunteering, but I was also able to help the healthcare professionals heal the ill and bandage the wounded. I believe that we all need to learn to be selfless. and contribute our time and effort into helping those who are in trouble, spreading love and positivity to the world and help make our society a better place for all.Feb 15 2018 10:59:58:000AMw
Caitlin Rene Fogg100575323caitlin.fogg@pepperdine.edu2169522077BSINTLBUSBusiness Administration0420213.5932Caitlin FoggHumanities/Teacher EducationPaul.contino@pepperdine.eduMei-Na Hsieh International Studies and Languagesmei-na.hsieh@pepperdine.educFrom a young age, I loved learning about people: their stories, beliefs, and ideas. Growing up in a diverse environment allowed me to cultivate a deep gravitas for others. In my first academic semester at Pepperdine, my professors pushed me to see all sides of the objective truths of the world. From the very first week, I was encouraged to participate in class discussions and to be fully present. The small class sizes at Pepperdine allow me the freedom to interact with students and professors in the intimate level I crave. Beyond the classroom, through my internship at the Office of International Student Services, I gained more empathy for U.S. immigration processes and found myself able to connect with people on a deeper level. By consistently pushing myself to break out of my comfort zone, I see visible growth in interpersonal interactions. The small community at Pepperdine provided me with the opportunity to get involved quickly into my areas of interest. Various aspects of student life such as surf convocation, living in Conner House, and getting involved in on-campus events have all shown me the value of being open-minded. By utilizing a more holistic approach to combine my academic interests with the diverse resources at my disposal at Pepperdine, my perception of leadership completely changed. In order to be effective, one need not be boisterous. Instead, through intentional, thoughtful words and actions, anyone can bolster support for a noteworthy cause. Mar 9 2018 12:51:27:000AMw
Rebecca Brantley Goodman 100575706brantley.goodman@pepperdine.edu2054924485BACOMIPCommunication0520214.021.5Abigail Williams (Smith)Communicationabi.smith@pepperdine.eduStella ErbesHumanities/Teacher Educationstella.erbes@pepperdine.educLeaving everything I had ever known behind and embarking on a 2,000 mile journey to the beautiful state of California required me to say yes to God and no to fear. Even though I am just in my first year as a student, I can honestly say that I have grown into a fearless leader who is no longer afraid of what lies ahead of me. Just as God called Abraham to leave his comfortable environment in pursuit of faith and righteousness, God has called me to fearlessly lead others with positivity, compassion, and authenticity. As a child, I was fearful of traveling to foreign countries; the first and second time I traveled abroad were conglomerations of anxiety-provoking scenarios in which I felt lost and insecure. My old self would be absolutely terrified of traveling abroad for almost an entire year, but being a Pepperdine student has taught me to walk fearlessly in faith. Further, in my exploration of what it means to be a Christian, I have learned that leaders are never fearful of pursuing something larger than themselves. While being a student, I have multiple opportunities for leadership. From choreographing for the Lip Synch Battle and Songfest, to group projects, and learning how to navigate friend groups, I have simultaneously learned how to work with others and take initiative. At Pepperdine, leadership has become more than just a goal; it is in the small steps I am taking to grow into the woman that God wants me to be--and ultimately expanding the kingdom of Heaven.Mar 8 2018 05:50:54:000PMw
Charles Brobst100575821charles.brobst@pepperdine.edu7083080270BSMATHNatural Science0520203.90946Fiona StewartInternational Studies and Languagesfiona.stewart@pepperdine.eduCourtney DavisNatural Sciencecourtney.davis2@pepperdine.educWhen I applied to Pepperdine, I didn't think much about the fact that it's a Christian school. It was only when I came to visit the campus last spring that I understood how exceptional Pepperdine is, especially next to an equally competitive secular university. That visit, and the experiences it included, were decisive in my choice to attend Pepperdine. I had been on the edge in my faith and while I knew I wanted it to grow, it often slipped to the back of my mind. In coming to Pepperdine, and committing to contributing to this great community, I have found myself more satisfied and fulfilled than ever. I have experienced the intrinsic joy of giving and sharing, and the pure motivation to serve and worship the Lord. Going to church or convo events are no longer an obligation, but an opportunity, for me to share time with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, and to thank God for bringing us all to Pepperdine together. When my faith was shallow, events like The Well provided me with a rewarding desire to keep moving and to grow in my ability to help others in their struggles. As someone who lacked depth in my faith when I came here, I couldn't have seen myself leading any church community, but as of the writing of this, I am hoping to be offered an SLA position this week, to serve the community in the next academic year. I am grateful for God's plan to bring me to Pepperdine and for all the ways that I have grown, and will continue to grow, here.Feb 19 2018 05:44:13:000PMw
Zion S Chang100575930zion.chang@pepperdine.edu4083919361BSCMPSMATHNatural Science0420213.76431Stan WarfordNatural Sciencestan.warford@pepperdine.eduStephanie CuppStaffstephanie.cupp@pepperdine.educComing to Pepperdine, I was a Computer Science/Math major interested in exploring new things. Although I came with a decided major, I was unsure of what I wanted to pursue in life. One thing I knew was that I was always passionate about design-related things, specifically graphic design. However, a few years ago, I convinced myself that I would not find a job in the art field, and decided to keep art as a hobby. Amazingly enough, God gave me the opportunity to work an on-campus job as a graphic design assistant for the Center for Faith and Learning. Through this, I started to understand that my purpose in God's plan for me is to continue to pursue my passions while God continues to guide me. I am in the process of changing my major from Computer Science/Math to Computer Science/Multimedia Design, and I trust that no matter what I do, it will be by God's will. With the help of my professors and support from loved ones, I was able to discover that Pepperdine is exactly where God intended for me to be.Mar 5 2018 11:46:50:000PMw
Ivy Chen 100575976ivy.chen@pepperdine.edu714-686-1353BSBUSADMINBusiness Administration0420213.63915Stella Erbes Humanities/Teacher Educationstella.erbes@pepperdine.eduAshley Muchow Business Administrationashley.muchow@pepperdine.educMy arms and legs were in pain, and a peculiar odor of soil and sweat emanated from my body. Exhausted and drained, my friends and I cleared out a hiking trail for Topanga elementary school. Step Forward day, an annual volunteer event in Pepperdine, is a good opportunity for students to serve for our community. As a freshman who just joined the Waves family, I discovered the importance of service in the Pepperdine mission. The endless number of opportunities provided through the volunteer center made me truly realize the school's hope of instilling a sense of service in the hearts of its students. Serving is not about its glory and recognition, but the dedication of selflessly making our society even better. Back in high school, I joined a charity club that held monthly charity sales in school and visited an orphanage to teach English. Unfortunately, the lack of members and resources made it difficult to effectively promote the benefits of volunteering. Not until I came to Pepperdine was I able to satisfy my deepening urge to serve while also joining a community where service is greatly appreciated. Having this scholarship will not only lessen the burden for paying the tuition, but also give me a chance to still keep in touch with Pepperdine volunteer community while fully devoting my time to help even more people in this society and spread out the word of "service".Mar 12 2018 03:23:17:000PMw
Hannah Jensen100576096hannah.jensen@pepperdine.edu6024719402BSSPORTMEDNatural Science0520213.84547Joseph FitschNatural Sciencejoseph.fritsch@pepperdine.eduCooker StormNatural Sciencecooker.storm@pepperdine.educI started Pepperdine this year with an ill-defined purpose. I assumed that since I was a freshman there was an unlikely chance that the goals I had for myself now would become reality in the future. I thought things like picking a major or planning class schedules were such a minute part of life in the grand scheme of things. However, I slowly realized that this is not the case. These futile chores are actually great triumphs. Picking a major is a vital path of self expression. Choosing a schedule pairs you with professors that can ultimately become your mentors. Even a simple act of attending a lecture series can persuade the mind to think in new ways. Because of this school, I entirely believe that what I am doing now has purpose. I finally feel confident in the goals that I have made for myself because I realize nothing is holding me back from them. This newfound purpose has given me an active mindset. Before, it felt like I was always waiting for something. For instance, one of my goals is to go on to medical school after college. Before Pepperdine, I just saw this as another four years of waiting until I can even reach this goal. But now, I am incredibly excited to do the things that lead up to it. It is clear to me now that Pepperdine promotes passion in every degree. It encourages you to pursue your interests. Thanks to this school, I have grown to be an active participant willing to go the extra mile to achieve my goals. Mar 9 2018 07:47:26:000PMw
Lena Terez Nagy100576104lena.nagy@pepperdine.edu3104806064BSMATHNatural Science0420214.029Courtney DavisNatural Sciencecourtney.davis2@pepperdine.eduKatherine Frye Humanities/Teacher Educationkatherine.frye@pepperdine.educSeemingly meaningless actions can change someone's whole life. Small tasks like handing out hot chocolate, making spaghetti, cleaning rooms and playing with kids was what most of my spring break consisted of. While this work was not very glorious, it was extremely rewarding in the long run. I spent a week at Hope Place at Seattle's Union Gospel Mission, which is an organization that deals with homelessness in Seattle. I haven't had many experiences volunteering and I've realized I had preconceived notions about homelessness in my head. I expected to be serving unhappy people who were stuck in a desperate cycle, but instead I met individuals who radiate optimism and a strong desire to make change in their lives. Throughout this trip, my transformation into an active citizen has made me delve deeper into the issue of homelessness so that I can serve more effectively, as opposed to serving for personal gratification. Most people think that individuals experiencing homelessness are in their situations because of their choices in life. However, I have observed that many of them suffer from untreated mental illnesses, complex addictions and have consistently been abandoned and forsaken by societal institutions that were put in place with the intention to help and support them. This was important for my growth as an individual because I have learned that service isn't as simplistic as I originally thought and that effective change comes from an engaged heart.Mar 8 2018 10:15:13:000AMw
Yiran Wang100576704charlotte.wang@pepperdine.edu2089170916BSBUSADMINBusiness Administration0520214.028.5Maire MullinsHumanities/Teacher Educationmaire.mullins@pepperdine.eduAlan ReganBusiness Administrationalan.regan@pepperdine.educOther than academic achievement, I have committed myself to community services as well. As I'm in Social Action and Justice Colloquium, I have a deeper understanding of the minority and people in need. Noticing this, I tried to find opportunities for me to reach out to them, get to know more about them, and tried to help them in some ways. I have mainly worked with Hand in Hand last semester. There, we are paired up with the buddies with special needs and do all kinds of activities together. I once questioned myself whether I'm really helping them or not. Having this concern, I talked to their guardians and know that just the accompany is helpful because we provide a means for the buddies to interact with people around their age instead of the parents and the doctors. Even though we cannot always be there, the time and effort of each of us can still create impact. This semester, I work for Jumpstart, an organization that works with the kids. We basically help the kids with reading and crafting. Working with Jumpstart fulfills part of my interest in teaching. It feels good when you know you can really make a positive impact on the kids and when you see the kids are taking you as a family member. Just as what I wrote in the Exploring Vocation assignment when we first come to Pepperdine, I'm here trying to find out my true calling. And I do, get to know some of my meanings by serving others and reaching out to the communities. Mar 12 2018 02:16:35:000PMn
Cheng Zheng100576744cheng.zheng@pepperdine.edu424-346-4731BSCMPSMATHNatural Science0420213.61331Julie OniHumanities/Teacher Educationjulie.oni@pepperdine.eduJ. Stanley WarfordNatural Sciencestan.warford@pepperdine.educAfter decided my major with my family, I devoted myself wholeheartedly to Computer Science and found myself really like writing codes, making programs, and building math logic. For all the courses, I have a really high participation not only during class but also after class. I answered questions in class actively, and if I faced challenges in homework, I would think by myself first and then visit my professor's office hour immediately. I really pay attention to teamwork. As to achieve my dream of becoming a programmer, I not only help my classmates to solve their questions in homework, but also join in the Social Media Department in CSA to improve myself in different areas with cooperation. My purpose in Pepperdine is to achieve the highest standards of academic excellence while participating in diverse activities. I joined in BOM and RSFF9 as a volunteer this year, and from the volunteering work, I felt myself be cherished and approved. Other than volunteering, I also join in two performances, Frosh Follis and Epiphany, to fulfill my enthusiasm on stage. From the Frosh Follis, I overcame my nerves. For Epiphany, I worked successfully with others in transmitting the multicultural theme. Pepperdine gives me so many choices to discover myself. I found I become more willing to join in various activities to challenge my own limits and to consider others' feelings and try to help them with my own effort.Mar 11 2018 07:54:45:000PMn
Sarah Maria Louise Pechtl100577080sarah.pechtl@pepperdine.edu004369910401210BSNUTRSCINatural Science0420213.9916Dr. Loan KimNatural Scienceloan.kim@pepperdine.eduDr. Susan HelmNatural Sciencesusan.helm@pepperdine.educ I always knew nutritional science major would be connected to my life's purpose, but I was not certain which specific area of the field I wanted to pursue as my career. It was not until a SAAJ service project that my outlook on my future career path began to change. I was determined to create an opportunity where I could help others and also follow my passion. With the help of Dr. Helm, I was able to create a nutrition education program at the Malibu Labor Exchange where nutrition students could share the learned material with the community. I spent my mornings in class learning about social injustices and the severity of malnutrition throughout the world. Evenings were spent writing handouts and cooking meals for the upcoming service project. Each day, I felt increasingly pulled toward the field of public health. I realized my passion could serve a vast amount of people, which increased my awareness of the value of my education. Unfortunately, I had to leave Pepperdine for a semester due to financial difficulties. Nevertheless, I feel incredibly motivated and dedicated to pursue a degree in public health. I would be deeply grateful for this scholarship, as it would enable me to continue my studies without the fear of having to end my education due to financial burdens. My first semester at Pepperdine truly opened my eyes to what needs to be changed in the world. Perhaps even more importantly, I have discovered how to use my passion to be part of that change.Mar 12 2018 04:37:16:000PMw
Qianmian Gai100577421qianmian.gai@pepperdine.edu4243884224BSMATHNatural Science0420213.7613Courtney L. DavisNatural Sciencecourtney.davis2@pepperdine.eduBetty DillonHumanities/Teacher Educationbetty.dillon@pepperdine.educIt is at Pepperdine that I really became an adult, build up my leadership here. When I first come to this school, I was dependent like a child. Whenever there was a little bit trouble, I would turn to others for help and felt extremely unconfident about my own ability. I exactly knew my shortcoming, but I tended to ignore them instead of find them and change: this strategy went very well in my high school, but not at Pepperdine. When I was really in this university, I found out that everything is different. I had to make my own decision to choose the courses I was going to take, I had to face the fact that it is hard to find a person who have exactly same schedule as I do, I had to deal figure out how to find and talk with about my major, and I have to decide a major. All the things I never had to care about in my high school came together to me. I was scared and terrified. Luckily, I had friends and join a club at that time. As a secretary in the Chinese Students Association, I was able to get in touch with the E-board members. They comforted me that I do not have to worry about anything, that it was normal for freshmen to feel struggling. What is more important, is that I treat them as examples: organized people, high GPA, colorful campus life… … their lives are as models for me, and it was when I felt I have to develop my leadership. I started to forced myself make decisions: I first put the "major choice" as a biggest issue to dealt with. I went to professor's officeMar 12 2018 04:55:28:000PMn
Sibel Noelle Akyol100577626sibel.akyol@pepperdine.edu509-713-3666BSINTLBUSBusiness Administration0420203.6637.5Andrew YuengertBusiness Administrationandrew.yuengert@pepperdine.eduMichael Gose Humanities/Teacher Educationmichael.gose@pepperdine.educ A year ago, I was recovering from a brain injury, which left me with deficits due to a cycling accident. It left me wondering if I would be able to attend a four-year university or handle a college course load. I was an eighteen year old with worries about my direction in life, which was extremely different from my previous role as a valedictorian. My time at Pepperdine has pushed me to accomplish my goal of receiving an MBA in International Business. The Great Books Program has guided me on how to educate myself through literary works, such as Plato's Republic and Nicomachean Ethics. These are then skills that I can use to form stable arguments by presenting textual evidence. Professor Flynn discusses with my BA class how endurance in employment can actually lead to a successful career path. Pepperdine IP program immerses students, like myself, in other cultures and experiences that shape students into people to lead world change. We learn to endure and push through the troubles experienced in another country. My hardships make me an ideal candidate for this scholarship. I truly believe in receiving higher education since I almost lost the chance to receive mine. At Pepperdine, I have become a part of the community as an e-board member of Rotary International Club and the Regent Scholars program. The resources of Pepperdine push and support me towards higher education and successful career.Mar 3 2018 01:40:41:000PMw
Nathan Huang100578015nathan.huang@pepperdine.edu636-399-9536BSBUSADMINBusiness Administration0420213.7817Dr. Cambry PardeeReligion and Philosophycambry.pardee@pepperdine.eduDr. David HolmesHumanities/Teacher Educationdavid.holmes@pepperdine.educI was first introduced to the term "vocation" in my first-year seminar. For our first and last assignments of that class, we were tasked with writing about what we believed our vocations were and their significance, and in doing so, I had to examine myself to see what my true calling was. What I have discerned from my experiences this past semester is that my truth lies in God, and that calls for the relentless pursuit of it, as affirmed in the school's mission statement. The chase of God has blossomed into a new purpose for my life and has grown to affect my life in various ways. Purpose drives initiative and through my search of God, I have found opportunities that have allowed me to bond with community members and refine my faith. I have stumbled upon God in circumstances ranging from community service to coaching women's football to working in a church nursery. Pepperdine has provided me a wealth of resources to continue this quest, which has fueled my discovery but ironically, the most growth I have experienced has come from outside the Convocation requirement. This however has galvanized my sense of purpose to an even greater extent. To me, the search of God and the growth of my faith has more significance than a school requirement and demands me to find different wells of truth. My first-year seminar essay concluded that my vocation was to follow God and to learn what His plans were for me, and that has guided my newfound sense of purpose.Mar 9 2018 11:00:54:000AMw
Jenna Misuraca100578673jenna.misuraca@pepperdine.edu8157428373BAINTMARKTCommunication0420193.6116.5Esther O'ConnerCommunicationesther.oconnor@pepperdine.eduBrian LinkBusiness Administrationbrian.link@pepperdine.educI believe I have grown more spiritually over the past seven months as a transfer student than in my first two years of college combined, largely due to Step Forward Day (SFD). The inspiring aspect of the day was not the act or duty of helping, but the group's pure intentions. Collectively, we were there to make a difference, and there was such a positive moral behind it all. Admittedly, majority of the ‘service' I have done to date was largely to benefit myself. For example, in attempts to better my resume in order to have a better shot at an internship. I have been blessed beyond words to attend such a prestigious school with a strong Christian foundation. We have the opportunity to truly make a difference! The energy behind the service we performed on SFD seemed different to me. My peer's intentions affected me. I found myself truly enjoying the process of giving back to the community, and not concerned with the self-interested utility provided. The day was so moving that I decided to further my life purpose and help serve others in other forms. I called my cousin, who runs a non-for-profit recycling center in San Diego. He allowed me to come down every other weekend and contribute. Many of the employees and visitors were homeless. Those men and woman impacted my life more than I can put into words. Now, more than ever, I find myself freely giving for the right reasons and I feel so good about it about my true purpose. I am thankful for the awakening!Mar 12 2018 03:38:49:000PMw
Juliana Cervantes100579242juliana.cervantes@pepperdine.edu5755288263BAENGWHumanities/Teacher Education0420213.81850Julianne SmithHumanities/Teacher Educationjulianne.smith@pepperdine.eduRobin PerrinSocial Sciencerobin.perrin@pepperdine.educ When I first came to Pepperdine, I was an anxious freshman with an undeclared major and undeclared mindset of what I was wanted to do. I thought college would solve my questions of my major, my future, my purpose. What I did not know then is that finding these answers is not immediate. It is a gradual process and Pepperdine is helping me get there. Many of these worries stayed with me until I went to convo during NSO. I immediately fell in love with Celebration Chapel, and the world Pepperdine created. There was an energy radiating from the students that I wanted to envelop myself in. I recalled the words from Proverbs 3:5-6, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart…and he will make straight your paths." This was when my mindset altered. I could feel that this was the place I needed to be for the next four years and found peace trusting in God's plan. With this newfound calmness, prayer, and reflection, I changed my major to English. Once again, I was set on the path I needed to be on. I loved my classes, my professors, my peers; being an English major opened up my world. My major was not the only thing that has changed from my first week here. I grew from seeing decisions as nothing more than stressful choices to wonderful opportunities. Thanks to the relationships and guidance Pepperdine gave me, I stand on the foundation of God's trust, knowing He will make my paths straight.Mar 11 2018 11:15:37:000PMw
Sharonne Niba100581093sharonne.niba@pepperdine.edu4695081410BAHISPANICInternational Studies and Languages0420213.5839Jennifer PhillipsCommunicationjennifer.akaminephillips@pepperdine.eduRoxana Blancas CurielInternational Studies and Languagesroxana.blancascuriel@pepperdine.educIn my early to mid teens, I began hearing the call of God for my life which is to serve as a worship leader. Although I am a very talented singer, I was very shy and didn't like performing in front of people, so I never thought this particular calling was for me. Every time that I felt this calling even stronger, I would reject it. It wasn't until the summer of 2017 that I started thinking more about this and thinking it a possibility, as I was growing deeper in my relationship with the Lord than ever before. But events of the summer still did not lead me to fully accepting this call. In my first semester at Pepperdine, I underwent experiences that led me to fully accepting this call. Firstly, in my first-year seminar class, Created for Community, we were doing a lot of talking about vocation which sort of forced me to think about what it really is that I hear God calling me to. All at the same time, I attended The Well every Thursday night where I had wonderful worship experiences with the messages and the music all together. All these things were on my heart continuously even when I wasn't at any of these places at the time. Then one night at The Well we were singing songs about surrendering and right then, I decided to stop suppressing the call of God and to say YES. In the upcoming weeks of discussing and writing about our vocation in my first-year seminar class I gained a lot of clarity on my purpose in life which is leading people to experience the presence of God.Mar 12 2018 04:57:31:000PMw