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Student Life

Student-Led Ministries


Our office exists to help Pepperdine students grow in Christian faith and character by encouraging, promoting, and supporting student-led, Christian ministries.

We want to do everything we can to help you launch, grow, and improve your ministry to Pepperdine students. If you have an idea for a ministry on this campus, don't hesitate to contact our office and start reaching out.

Web Site for Current Students

If you are currently a student, please use our student page

Benefits of Becoming a Student-Led Ministry

  • Your ministry will continue after you graduate
  • Ability to host Convocation events
  • Funding for special events
  • Accessibility to office space/computer use in Student Activities Office
  • Use of campus facilities (meeting rooms), services (educational media)
  • Web-space connected to SLM homepage
  • Advertisement of events and meetings
  • Special Assistance/Support in program planning

How to Become a Student-Led Ministry

  1. Contact our office
  2. Create and organize your Student-Led Ministry
  3. Find a faculty/staff member to serve as your advisor
  4. Fill out an Official Student-Led Ministry Application

Current Student-Led Ministries

  • Ascend
  • Asian Christian Ministry
  • Celebration Chapel
  • Genesis Gospel Choir
  • Graduate Christian Fellowship
  • International Justice Mission, Pepperdine Chapter
  • Pepperdine ACT:S
  • Pure
  • Sideline
  • Veritas Forum
  • Wonderfully Made

For more information about our current Student-Led Ministries, click here.

Student Learning

Much of student learning takes place outside of the classroom.  Student Affairs departments, including this one, seek to support student learning and development.  Click here for a specific list of Student Learning Outcomes of this department.

Contact Us

Phone: (310) 506-7441
Office: The Student-Led Ministries Office is located in Tyler Campus Center Room 104
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