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Student Life

Student Activities


Convocation/Chapel offers activities aimed at building Christian faith, affirming Christian values, or addressing ethical and moral issues within a Christian worldview. The series includes Wednesday morning chapels, student-led worship services, small group Bible studies, and individual spiritual mentoring sessions with faculty or staff sponsors.

Campus Recreation

Campus Recreation offers a comprehensive recreation program that promotes personal enrichment, learning, and development through cooperative and competitive play, instructional and group fitness classes, special events, cardiovascular and strength training, outdoor education, and educational workshops.

Intercultural Affairs

Intercultural Affairs serves as one of the many avenues on campus where students can gain the awareness, knowledge, and skills necessary to become culturally competent. The office facilitates and sponsors a variety of workshops, seminars, excursions, forums, debates, and convocation programs throughout the year in order to promote intercultural understanding between and amongst students.

Student-led Ministries

Student-led Ministries help students grow in Christian faith and character by encouraging, promoting, and supporting student-led, Christian ministries. These ministries include YIFTU: Acting on Aids, Pepperdine International Justice Mission, Asian Christian Ministry, and Genesis Gospel Choir, among others.

Student Organizations

Student Organizations provide an opportunity for students to strive towards common goals, cultivate a spirit of community, serve the Pepperdine and surrounding communities, and grow personally, socially, and academically. Student Organizations at Seaver College include the Student Government Association, Inter-Club Council, Sports Club Council, fraternities, sororities, and more.

Student Programming Board

Student Programming Board is a group of students dedicated to bringing their peers together through planning, organizing, and executing events for the Pepperdine community. The board plans social and recreational events, including concerts, movie nights, Blue and Orange Madness, Battle of the Bands, and more.

Volunteer Center

The Volunteer Center develops and supports student leaders who engage their peers in meaningful service and build strong partnerships with the community. The center offers 20 ongoing programs and 13 one-time volunteer opportunities that are open to the entire Pepperdine community.

Student Activities Student Learning Outcomes

Much of student learning takes place outside of the classroom.  Student Affairs departments, including this one, seek to support student learning and development.  Click here for a specific list of Student Learning Outcomes of this department.