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Social Science Division

Industrial/Organizational Psychology Minor


Today, I/O psychologists continue to be active in offering services through the scientist/practitioner model in settings that involve human resource management.

They work in both private and non-profit sectors and in government agencies.

Many offer services as professional consultants, managers, or evaluators.

Other I/O psychologists are employed in the public policy field, designing and promoting public and private sector businesses and programs that address the psychological concerns of today's work setting.


A minor in I/O Psychology can be combined with a major in any field. A minimum of 19 units in the areas of psychology and business are required for the minor. No more than 8 units can be counted toward fulfilling the requirements of the Psychology major. Those majoring in the fields of business, psychology, and sociology may find the minor especially helpful to their career goals, but those majoring in communications, economics, political science, religion, and other fields may find it equally beneficial. The minor would help students gain admission to master's degree programs in Business as well as I/O Psychology. The minor might also help students secure employment in the human services field immediately after graduating with a bachelor's degree.

Required Courses (13 units)

Course ID Course Name Units
PSYC 210 Foundations of Psychology 4
PSYC 315 Psychological Testing and Assessment* 4
PSYC 433 Industrial/Organizational Psychology 3
PSYC 595 Industrial/Organizational Psychology Internship 2

*Psyc 250 or BA 216 is a prerequisite

Elective Courses (6-8 units)

Course ID Course Name Units
Choose one of the following:
PSYC 230 Interpersonal Behavior
PSYC 332 Cross-Cultural Psychology 4
PSYC 333 Social Psychology 3
PSYC 430 Counseling Theory and Techniques 4
Choose one of the following:
BA 352 Management Theory and Practice
BA 354 Human Resource Management 4
BA 366 Organizational Behavior 3