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Social Science Division

Ethnic Studies Minor


The ethnic studies minor focuses on the historical experiences, creative expression, and interactions of the various ethnic, racial, religious, and linguistic groups in the United States and other countries. The minor prepares students for a career in law, government, political activism, social work, or journalism and for graduate study in comparative or multicultural literature, American history, sociology, political science, urban planning, or public policy.

A total of 23-24 units is required for this minor.

Required Course

Course IDCourse NameUnits
SOC 450 Race and Ethnic Relations 4

Core courses - Choose two of the following:

Course IDCourse NameUnits
AAS 200 Introduction to African-American Studies 4
SOC 455/POSC 555 Immigration Politics and Ethnic Relations 4

Another course or courses listed in the schedule of classes and having the notation "substitutes for one of the core courses in the ethnic studies minor"

Electives - Choose three of the following:

Course IDCourse NameUnits
AAS 431 African-American Cinema 4
ARTH 440 Multicultural Arts in America 4
COM 512 Media Impact and U.S. Minorities 4
ENG 380 Topics in Literature (when topic is appropriate) 4
ENG 426 Topics in American Literature (when topic is appropriate) 4
ENG 435 Topics in British Literature (post-1800) 4
ENG 436 Topics in Multicultural American Literature 4
HIST 400 Native Americans 4
HIST 433 History of Mexico and the Borderlands 4
HIST 530 Social History of the United States 4
MUS 468 Multicultural Music in America 4
POSC 453 Ethnicity and Nationalism: The Politics of Identity 4
PSYC 332 Cross-Cultural Psychology 4
REL 301 Christianity and Culture (when topic is appropriate) 3
REL 572 Urban Ministry and Missions 4
SOC 422/POSC 537 Urban Development 4

Only one course may simultaneously count toward the Minor in Ethnic Studies and be used to fulfill the General Education requirement. At her or his discretion, the director of the ethnic studies minor may approve additional elective courses that include a substantial amount of ethnic studies content.

For further information, please contact the director, Professor Rebecca Kim (, (310) 506-7481).