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Religion Division

Vocational Ministry Minor

The Vocational Ministry Minor is designed to equip students to integrate their future career objectives with a life of faith and ministry. This minor is for students who feel called by God to a life of service and ministry through their future careers in law, medicine, business, finance, communications or the arts. The Vocational Ministry Minor consists nine units of Foundational General Education coursework in addition to five upper division courses in religion.

      Foundational Courses: G. E. Christianity and Culture Sequence (9 units)

      REL 101 The History and Religion of Israel (3)      
      REL 102 The History and Religion of Early Christianity (3)      
      REL 301 Christianity and Culture (3)

      Content Courses: (20 units)
Four courses have been pre-selected: the fifth may be chosen from any upper division religion course, although "Religions of the World" (REL 526) is strongly recommended.

       REL 302  Introduction to Biblical Interpretation (4)
       REL 330  History of Christianity (4)
       REL 530  Career as Vocation and Ministry (4)
       REL 572 – Urban Ministry and Missions (4)
       One additional upper division course in Religion (4)