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New Student Send-Off Parties

2011 Send-Off Party Table

Sponsored by Seaver College Parents Program

You and your family are cordially invited to attend a new student send-off party the summer of 2017!  If you are interested in hosting a Send-off party please contact Kim Barkis at 301-506-6110.

What is a send-off party?

Attending a send-off party is one Pepperdine event you won't want to miss summer of 2016! Taking place between the beginning of July and the second week of August in hometowns across the nation, these events are designed especially for newly admitted Seaver College students. The parties provide a chance for incoming students to get to know fellow classmates before they begin their college journey at Pepperdine.

Current Pepperdine parents, alumni and friends serve as our send-off party hosts and hold parties in their homes, local restaurants, parks, or any place where new students and families can gather together to get excited about attending Pepperdine!  We look forward to welcoming you into the Pepperdine family! If you have any questions or need to cancel your reservation please contact the Seaver Parents Program Office at (310) 506-6110.


Special thanks for our wonderful Pepperdine families who hosted the summer Send-off parties! We were blessed to greet 1225 guests at 32 parties: Tracy and Steven Anderson, Robert and Denise Beaman, Cheryl and Stan Berry, Eric and Deborah Beyer, Kathleen and Brian Bragaw-Butler, Rodney and Deena Burnett-Bailey, Thomas and Michele Carr, Todd and Bonnie Courtney, Kim and Corey Cowger, William and Rebecca De Loache, Donna and Ray Donoghue, Cindy and Jeff Erselius, Scot and Pam Finck, Ray and Sonia Ginnell, Mark and Laurie Headrick, Patricia and William Jameson, John and Kelly Latimer, Steven and Laurel Lemaster, David and Ruth McRaven, Louis and Joanne Mossucco, Greg and Catherine Pacos, Andrea and John Phillips, Monique Piller, Stephen and Laura Quisenberry, Jeff and Amy Rogers, Sam and Sheila Schmidt, Denise and Michael Slattery, Priya and Stephen Sprenger, Tammy Tigner, John and Carrie Wanninger, Bryan and Suzy Welbaum, David and Cherie Wilkinson, Phoebe and Dexter Witte, Eric and Jennifer Wolford