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Natural Science Division

Sports Medicine Minor

Students majoring in other areas but interested in sports medicine may minor in sports medicine by taking 19 to 20 units in the sequence below:

Course IDCourse NameUnits
Lower-Division Courses: 8 units
SPME 230 / BIOL 230 Human Anatomy (GE) 4
SPME 270 / BIOL 270 Principles of Human Physiology (GE) 4
Choose three of the following courses:
SPME 250 Motor Development and Learning 4
SPME 330 Musculoskeletal Anatomy and Kinesiology 4
SPME 320 Psychology of Exercise 3
SPME 360 Physiology of Exercise 4
SPME 410 Neuroscience and Motor Control and Learning (WI) 4
SPME 430 Biomechanics of Human Movement (RM) 4
SPME 440 Neuromuscular Adaptations to Training (PS) 4
SPME 450 Foundations of Health & Fitness 4
SPME 460 Exercise in Health and Disease 4

The above program requirements are excerpted from the Seaver catalog. This Web page is not an official binding document. To view the actual catalog visit:

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