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Natural Science Division

Nutritional Science

The Flora Laney Thornton Nutritional Science Program offers a Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Science. 

Program Learning Outcomes

A student who completes the nutritional science DPD program should be able to:

  • demonstrate the knowledge and skills required for successful participation in dietetic internships and/or post-baccalaureate programs.
  • pass the registration examination for entry-level dietitians.
  • engage in productive future careers in nutrition, public health and dietetics.
  • integrate research using current technology in the advancement and dissemination of knowledge related to nutrition as an applied science.
  • assume roles in leadership, management, and policy development.

To enroll in any nutritional science course which lists prerequisites, a student must earn a grade of “C-” or better in all prerequisites.

A nutritional science major must complete the following courses which are designed to meet the American Dietetic Association’s academic requirements:

Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Science

Course IDCourse NameUnits 
Lower-Division Courses: 39 units
BIOL 211 Biology of Cells 4  
BIOL 270 Human Physiology (GE) 4  
CHEM 120 General Chemistry I (GE) 3  
CHEM 120L General Chemistry I Laboratory (GE) 1  
COM 180 Public Speaking and Rhetorical Analysis (GE) 4  
ECON 200 Economic Principles (GE) 4  
MATH 103 College Algebra 3  
NUTR 101 Seminar in Dietetics 1  
NUTR 201 Introductory Foods 4  
NUTR 210 Contemporary Issues in Nutrition (GE) 4  
NUTR 220 Communication in Dietetics 4  
PSYC 200 Introduction to Psychology (GE) 3  
Upper-Division Courses: 33–37 units
BIOL 420 Microbiology 4  
CHEM 320 Physiological Chemistry 4  
MATH 316 Biostatistics (GE) 3  
MATH 317 Statistics and Research Methods Laboratory (RM, PS) 1  
NUTR 300 Advanced Seminar in Dietetics 1  
NUTR 310 Principles of Human Nutrition 4  
NUTR 420 Quantity Food Production 4  
NUTR 421 Systems Management (WI) 4  
NUTR 450 Medical Nutrition Therapy 4  
Choose one of the following:
CHEM 301 Elementary Organic Chemistry 4  
CHEM 310 Organic Chemistry I 3  
CHEM 310L Organic Chemistry I Laboratory 1  
CHEM 311 Organic Chemistry II 3  
CHEM 311L Organic Chemistry II Laboratory 1  

First-Year Program

The nutritional science major should enroll in the typical first-year program and include CHEM 120, CHEM 120L, MATH 103, NUTR 101, and NUTR 201 in the first year.

International Programs

Nutritional Science students wishing to participate in the international programs are advised to do so during the summer term.

Non-Profit Management

A student may minor in non-profit management. See the catalog section on Interdisciplinary Programs for course information.

The above program requirements are excerpted from the Seaver catalog. This Web page is not an official binding document. To view the actual catalog visit:

You may email your questions to the Seaver Natural Science Division .