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Some of the noblest contributions to philosophy, theology, music, literature, science, and art, come from the German-speaking people. Seaver College's German program prepares students to develop competency in speaking, understanding, reading, and writing the German language.

Bachelor of Arts in German

Our students develop competency in German while practicing language skills, studying German culture, history, and literature, and even studying an additional language.

Future options for graduates include international business, graduate studies, serving as a missionary, work with the Foreign Service, or a career in the fields of education, or technology.

Minor in German

A minor in German compliments students' other chosen fields. Students minoring in German acquire a valuable tool to aid them in their quest for knowledge, insight, appreciation, perspective, and objectivity.

Student Opportunities

Secondary Teaching Credential

Our Teacher Education program is an integrated program in which students receive their subject matter preparation and professional preparation simultaneously. It provides the coursework and fieldwork experiences necessary to qualify teacher candidates for a SB2042 Preliminary Multiple Subject Teaching Credential or a Single Subject Teaching Credential.

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Recommended International Study

The International Studies and Language Division strongly encourages students to study abroad through Pepperdine's International Programs. These programs are an excellent way to gain overseas experience and make rapid progress in fulfilling the language requirement for the major.

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Internship Opportunities

We encourage students to gain practical experience in some area of international studies through an internship. Pepperdine's Career Center offers local internship opportunities and International Program's Washington, DC Program also offers study and internship opportunities in the nation's capital. In addition to the federal government, a number of international organizations are based or have major branches in the city.

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