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International Studies and Languages Division

Modern Languages: French

The French major prepares a student to develop competency in speaking, understanding, reading, and writing the French language. The student is provided with the tools to develop competency. In addition to language skills, students study French culture, history, and literature.

Advanced Placement Credit

Students who receive a grade of "3" on the AP exam will receive credit four units of credit and satisfy FRE 152. Those who receive a score of "4" will receive four units of credit and satisfy FRE 251, thus satisfying the general education requirement for foreign language. Students with a grade of "5" will receive four units of credit and satisfy FRE 252. Additional placement credit will be determined by departmental examination, including an oral interview. The prerequisite for all 300-level French courses is FRE 252.

Freshman-Year Program

The French major should enroll in the regular freshman program outlined in the Seaver College catalog and should begin the study of French. The course level is determined by a placement examination.

Program Requirements

The French major is required to take seven upper-division French courses (twenty-eight units) as listed below. A French major must participate in the Summer Language Program in Switzerland or in an equivalent intensive experience in a French-speaking culture. For more information about the Summer Language Program in Switzerland, please visit the International Programs Web site.

Although the information below is excerpted from the Seaver catalog, this is not an official binding document. To view the actual catalog visit Seaver Academic Catalog

An outline of the major course requirements follows:

CourseIDCourse DescriptionUnits
FRE 342 French in Communications (PS, RM) 4
FRE 356 Major French Authors 4
FRE 370 Stylistics (WI) 4
Select one civilization course from the following: (4 units)
FRE 380 French Civilization 4
FRE 390 Contemporary French Civilization (taught in France) 4
Choose three additional courses (12 units)
In consultation with an advisor, choose three additional courses, of which two must be French literature courses.

The prerequisite for all upper-division French courses is FRE 252 or equivalent competency.

Secondary Teaching Credential

In addition to the requirements for the major as listed above, students who plan to qualify for a California Teaching Credential in French must complete course work required by the State Department of Education. A credential candidate may not take a directed study as part of the French course work.

A student can graduate in four years with a bachelor's degree in French and a California Teaching Credential in French by taking the required 34 units in education as part of the student's undergraduate elective courses and passing the California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET) in French. More information about the credential courses can be found in the Teacher Education section of the Seaver College catalog. More information about the California Subject Examinations for Teachers may be obtained by contacting the Humanities/Teacher Education Division.

Student Learning Outcomes

A student who completes the French major should be able to:

  • Speak authentic French, near native, with understandable words and accurate pronunciation of sounds.
  • Identify and discuss countries where French is spoken.
  • Evaluate current issues related to the Francophone world.
  • Explain the development of literature, music, and the visual arts of the Francophone world.

French Minor

Students majoring in other areas but interested in French may receive a minor in French by taking twenty units in the language.

CourseIDCourse DescriptionUnits
FRE 252 Second Year French II 4
Choose four upper-division courses (16 units)
In consultation with an French advisor, choose four upper-division French classes.