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International Studies and Languages Division

International Studies

One of the most exciting areas of study and preparation offered at Pepperdine is the International Studies major. This major provides insight into pressing international, political, economic, and cultural questions, while at the same time giving flexibility to those interested in particular regions in the world. The International Management emphasis, for example, examines international affairs from the perspective of those who anticipate managing an enterprise in the globalized world. We also offer specializations in international politics, international/intercultural communication, international economics, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. We believe that the International Studies major is one of the most viable ways to prepare for the ever-increasing international opportunities at the beginning of the 21st Century.

The total number of units required for the major will vary by specialization. Please see each specialization for exact course requirements.

Program Requirements

Building on the foundation of Seaver College's General Education requirements, the INTS program consists of:

Program Requirements

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Freshman Year Program

International Studies students should enroll in the regular freshman program as outlined in the Seaver catalog, taking COM 180, ECON 200, POSC 104, and foreign languages as part of the General Education (GE) work. Students planning to study in Europe during their sophomore year should complete as many of these courses as possible during their freshman year.

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INTS Core Required Courses

The total number of units required for the major varies by specialization, but most require 32 units. See each specialization for exact course requirements. Four  courses omprise  the  core  of  the  international  studies   major. INTS 344, INTS 351, and INTS 514 provide students with an understanding of the economic, cultural, and political factors that  comprise the international environment. (Students specializing in economic studies will take ECON 310 rather than INTS 351.) The Senior Seminar (INTS 497) is the major capstone course that integrates the student's studies in these areas in general and the specialization in particular.

Although the information below is excerpted from the Seaver catalog, this is not an official binding document. To view the actual catalog visit Seaver Academic Catalog

CourseIDCourse DescriptionUnits
Required Core Courses
INTS 344 International Relations (WI) 4
INTS 351 Global Economics 4
INTS 514 International Communication and Negotiation (PS, RM, WI) 4
PLUS Choose one 4 unit course from any of the other specialization tracks: Asian Studies, Economic Studies, European Studies, International/ Intercultural Communication, International Management, Latin-American Studies  Middle East/North Africa Studies or Political Studies. 4

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Advanced Foreign Language Requirement

International Studies majors must establish competency in two languages through the 252 level, or complete two upper-division courses in one language (with prerequisite competencies).*

Students desiring to concentrate on one language may wish to consider a double-major with the language and International Studies. Students specializing in European Studies, for example, might double major in German or French.

For students in the Asian Studies track, one of the two languages must be an Asian language through the 252 level, or the student may meet the advanced language requirement through two upper-division courses in one Asian language (with prerequisite competencies).

International Studies majors with a Middle East/North Africa emphasis must establish competency in two languages: French and Arabic. The French requirement is through the 252 level and one upper division course (with requisite competencies). The level of Arabic language competency is through 251 (GE).

*Satisfies general education requirement.

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Senior Seminar

The Senior Seminar (INTS 597) is the major capstone course that integrates the student's studies in INTS. This course brings together all of the concepts learned in the general and specialization courses of the INTS program.

CourseIDCourse DescriptionUnits
INTS 497

Senior Seminar (PS, RM, WI, *IECO)

*Equivalent to ECON 429


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Recommended Study

Study Abroad with International Programs

The International Studies major strongly encourages students to study abroad through International Programs. The program is an excellent way to gain overseas experience, and make rapid progress in fulfilling the language requirement for the International Studies major. Please visit the International Programs Web site or refer to your Seaver catalog for more detailed information.

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Students are encouraged, but not required, to gain practical experience in some area of international studies through an internship. Pepperdine's Washington, DC Program offers study and internship opportunities in the nation's capital. In addition to the federal government, a number of international organizations are based or have major branches in the city. Students will also go on a two week study tour to the Middle East in the fall and Haiti or Cuba in the spring.

CourseIDCourse DescriptionUnits
INTS 595 International Studies Internship 1-4

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