Writing (Minor)

Sharpen your ability to make a point

The writing minor addresses the growing need for students to demonstrate proficiency with the written word. The minor is designed for students who wish to pursue careers in any professional field such as business, publishing, editing, or library science. It is also ideal for students who wish to attend law school, complete a graduate degree in any discipline, or add this component of expertise to their major program of study.

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Course Requirements

Course ID Course Name Units
Required Courses:
ENG 207 Writing for Business 4
ENG 215* English Studies 4
ENG 305 Style and Editing 2
ENG 402 Rhetoric for Writers 4
ENG 405 Topics in Professional Writing 4
ENG 595 English Internship 1-4
*ENG 315 may be taken instead of ENG 215.
Choose one of the following:
ENG 306 Advanced Composition 4
ENG 415 Reading and Writing in a Genre 4
ENG 450 Topics in Rhetoric or Literary Theory 4
ENG 460 Principles of Writing with Technology 4


For more information contact:
Dr. Lorie Goodman
(310) 506-4098