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Humanities & Teacher Education

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

Seaver Philosophy

The philosophy major is designed to offer students a broad education in historical and contemporary philosophical explorations of various regions of human experience, including the nature of knowledge and reality, the theoretical foundations of morality and ethics, and the distinction between cogent and fallacious reasoning. Philosophy examines the fundamental assumptions and problems implicit in the framework of human experience, critically assesses those assumptions, and seeks to articulate and defend alternatives for their improvement. In so doing, philosophy draws upon the work of the greatest thinkers of the ancient, modern, and contemporary periods.

With its emphasis on logical analysis, problem-solving, and cogent writing, the philosophy major is excellent preparation for nearly any profession. In addition to graduate work in the humanities or theology, many philosophy majors advance to successful careers in law, journalism, government, and business.

Because the philosophy degree can easily be a second major, the program complements many other studies, from the natural sciences to business.

For information on accomplishments of our Philosophy students and alumni, please visit the Alumni Spotlight page.

For additional information, download our Philosophy brochure.

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Dr. Mason Marshall
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