Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts

The major consists of a minimum of 100 semester units (including general education courses) and is developed to provide a comprehensive background evenly distributed in the following academic areas: reading/language/literature, history/social science, mathematics, science, visual and performing arts, and human development. Students who complete the Liberal Arts degree program may successfully pursue a teaching credential or a career in other academic areas.

Course Requirements:

++ Indicates that the course is required for the credential program

Course ID Course Name Units
GS 199 First Year Seminar (GE) 3
Fine Arts
HUM 111 Western Heritage I (GE) 3
Choose a minimum of two units in music and two units in art
FA 313 Materials, Techniques, and Skills in Music (GE) ++ 2
FA 314 Materials, Techniques, and Skills in Art (GE) ++ 2
ART 100 Drawing I (for art concentration) 4
MUS 101 Fundamentals of Music 2
- Applied Music 1-2
MUS 105,
Concert Choir (GE) 1
MUS 110 Class Piano I (GE) 2
MUS 111 Music Theory* 2
MUS 113 Aural Skills* 1
MUS 114 Class Piano II (GE) 2
MUS 118 Vocal Class I (GE) 2
*Concurrent enrollment required of MUS 111, 112, 113
ENG 101 English Composition (GE) 3
COM 180 Public Speaking and Rhetorical Analysis (GE) 4
- Foreign Language (GE)
(Complete the equivalent of third semester language)
- Writing Intensive Course requirement (GE)
(EDUC 562 or a concentration course meets this requirement)
- Literature Course (GE)
(This requirement can be met through the Great Books program, through the literature concentration, or selected literature GE course)
- Research Methods/Presentation Skills requirement (GE)
(EDUC 561 or a concentration course meets this requirement)
- Writing Portfolio requirement 0
Select two of the following courses
SOC 250
Introductory Statistics (PS, RM) (GE) 4
MATH 120 The Nature of Mathematics* 3
MATH 140 Calculus for Business and Economics 3
MATH 150 Calculus I 4
MATH 270 Foundations of Elementary Mathematics I* (GE) ++ 4
MATH 271 Foundations of Elementary Mathematics II*† ++
(or alternate test or course credit)

*Students taking the mathematics concentration will not be required to take this course
†Take MATH 103 in place of MATH 271 for the math or science concentration

Physical Education/Human Development/Health
THEA 226 Dance for Musical Theatre (GE) ++
Note: non-credential students may use THEA 226 for fine arts credit
EDUC 251 Human Development ++ 4
Select two of the three course groups below:
Group A: Biological Science
BIOL 106 Principles of Biology (GE) 4
Liberal arts coordinator must approve alternate courses. BIOL 230 (Human Anatomy) is
required for the sports medicine/PE concentration.
Group B: Earth Science
NASC 156 Earth Science: A Way of Knowing (GE) 4
Group C: Physical Science
NASC 155 Physical Science: A Way of Knowing (GE) 4
Students taking the science concentration should take CHEM 120, General Chemistry, instead
of NASC 155. MATH 103 is a prerequisite for this course.
Social Science:
HIST 304 History of the American Peoples (GE) 4
HIST 326 History of California 2
HUM 212 Western Heritage II (GE) 3
HUM 313 Western Heritage III (GE) 3
Human Behavior/Social Sciences
GEO 321 World Regional Geography 2
POSC 104 The American People and Politics (GE) 4
PSYC 200 Introduction to Psychology (GE) 3
EDUC 461 Instructional Design (PS, RM) ++ 4
(If a RM/PS course is not taken in the concentration this course is required)
Select one of the following courses:
EDUC 462 Educational Foundations (WI) ++ 4
(If a WI course is not taken in the concentration this course is required)
SOC 200 Introduction to Sociology 3
Non-Western Heritage (choose one of the following courses)
COM 513 Intercultural Communication (GE) 4
ASIA 301 Sources of Asian Tradition (GE) 4
HIST 330
History of Traditional Chinese Civilization (GE) 4
HIST 331
History of Modern China (GE) 4
PHIL 340
Traditional Chinese Thought and Society (GE) 4
REL 526 The Religions of the World (GE) 4
Religion/Philosophy/ and Culture
REL 101 The History and Religion of Israel (GE) 3
REL 102 The History and Religion of Early Christianity (GE) 3
Select one of the following courses:
PHIL/REL 527 Philosophy of Religion (GE) 4
REL 301 Christianity and Culture (GE) 3