English Teaching Credentials

Education Emphasis and Secondary Teaching Credential

Graduates of the English Education program will be certified to teach English at the Secondary level in California. This is an integrated program: students work on their BA in English as well as teacher certification simultaneously. Since this is a subject matter approved program, students do not need to take the CSET. This certification also includes the areas of Creative Writing, Speech, Journalism, and Drama. Students who wish to specialize in one of these fields (Creative Writing, Speech, Journalism, and Drama) are encouraged to take additional courses in these areas.

Subject Matter Requirements- English

Course ID Course Name Units
General Education Requirements:
ENG 101 English Composition 3
COM 180 Public Speaking and Rhetorical Analysis 4
HUM 111 Western Heritage I 3
HUM 212 Western Heritage II 3
HUM 313 Western Heritage III 3
For the fine arts general education requirement choose one of the following:
THEA 200 Theatre Appreciation (GE)
THEA 201 Introduction to Theatre Research 4
THEA 210 Acting I: Introduction to Acting
Other Required Courses
Prerequisite for all 400-level ENG courses: any 300-level ENG course.
ENG 215 English Studies* 4
ENG 300 Language Theory 4
ENG 306 Advanced Composition 4
ENG 325 British Literature 4
ENG 326 American Literature 4
ENG 401 Literary Theory** 4
ENG 420 Shakespeare 4
ENG 436
Topics in Multicultural American Literature 4
One 400-level ENG British literature course 4
ENG 500 Senior Seminar*** 4

*Prerequisite ENG 101 or equivalent. Students who have taken ENG 315 for GE requirement may substitute it for ENG 215.
**Prerequisite ENG 215 or 315
***Prerequisite ENG 401