Bachelor of Arts in English - Emphasis in Writing and Rhetoric

Course Requirements:

Course ID Course Name Units
General Education requirement: ENG 101 or equivalent (Great Books series, Social Action and Justice Series)
Major requirements (total 40 units):
ENG 215* Literary Study in the English Major
ENG 305 Style and Editing 2
ENG 306 Advanced Composition 4
ENG 395 Writing Center Practicum 2
Choose ONE of the following:
ENG 405
Topics in Professional Writing
ENG 406 Principles of Writing with Technology 4
6 Upper-level Courses (24 units)
(prerequisite for all 400-level English courses: any 300-level English course)
ENG 401 Literary Theory** 4
ENG 402 Rhetoric for Writers** 4
ENG 450 Topics in Rhetoric 4
One 400-level American Literature course 4
One 400-level British Literature course 4
ENG 500 Senior Seminar*** 4
*ENG 315 will also fulfill this requirement.
**Prerequisite ENG 215 or 315
***Prerequisites ENG 401 and ENG 402. These may not be taken concurrently with ENG 500.


Students should complete ENG 101 in their first year. All English majors must take 215 (or ENG 315 as noted) as the first class in the major. Writing/Rhetoric emphasis students should take ENG 305 and 395 by the end of their second year, as well as  ENG 306. They should take ENG 401 no later than the fall of their third year, and ENG 402 by the end of their third year. Students must complete both ENG 401 and ENG 402 before enrolling in ENG 500. Transfer students or students studying abroad should meet with their major advisor to plan a comparable sequence.