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Fine Arts Division

Major and Minors

Seaver College's Art Department offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art, as well as minors in Art and Multimedia Design. In addition, a Secondary Teaching Credential may be earned through the addition of electives.

Bachelor of Arts in Art

The studio art curriculum is designed to foster creative ability and the appreciation of art desirable in any full enlightened human being. There are many opportunities for the competent, creative artist, including careers as a professional artist, teacher of art, craftsman, and designer. Some of these fields require advanced training beyond the bachelor's degree.

Course Requirements

In addition to the general education requirements the art major must complete 5 lower- division and five upper-division courses (forty units). 

Art Major - Senior Art Exhibition

Senior Exhibition: During the senior year, each studio art major will organize and display a major exhibition of work. The senior exhibition will be representative of the student's best work at Pepperdine University.

Permanent Collection: The art faculty makes selections from current work each year to add to a permanent collection of outstanding student work. All work done as a part of class work by regularly enrolled students is the property of the division until released, and the division reserves the right to exhibit or reproduce such work in publications of the University.

First-Year Program

The art major should enroll in the typical first-year program as outlined in the catalog, and should take ART 100 and ART 105 the first semester. ART 102 and ART 106 should be taken the second semester.

Images of art students

Student Learning Outcomes

A student who completes a major in Studio Art should be able to:

  • Converse using the vocabulary specific to art and visual expression.
  • Demonstrate a level of education that provides a foundation for immediate work in many areas of art and art-related areas.
  • Demonstrate an enriched cultural awareness and deeper understanding of the importance of the visual arts within the greater society.
  • Demonstrate a technical facility and conceptual understanding of the discipline at an appropriate level for admission to graduate school.

Art Minor (20 units)

Multimedia Design Minor

A minor in multimedia design is available, emphasizing advanced work in graphic design and multimedia production, including Web page construction and evaluation.

Secondary Teaching Credential

Students seeking a secondary credential in art must satisfy all of the art major requirements. As a part of the electives in art, the student seeking a credential must take ART 250, ART 270, two classes from the art media sequences (ART 350, 360, 370, 450, 460, and 470), and ART 593, Individual Studies.

A student can graduate with a bachelor's degree in art and a California Teaching Credential in art by taking the required thirty 34 units in single subject education as part of the student's undergraduate elective courses and passing the California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET) in art. More information about the credential program can be obtained from the Humanities and Teacher Education Division of Seaver College.