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Communication Division

Public Relations

Public Relations Major

Public relations continues to grow as a field and offers numerous job opportunities, from event planning to speech writing. Whether you are interested in advising a CEO on how to best communicate with various publics or you want to promote your favorite sports team, a degree in public relations can help you get there and do your job well. PR jobs can be found in non-profit organizations, governmental agencies, and businesses; almost anywhere you look, someone is practicing public relations. We write a lot, plan a lot, and tend to work behind the scenes as we build relationships between organizations and their publics. Pepperdine has one of the oldest PR programs west of the Mississippi and currently has approximately 100 students in the major.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students completing the program should be able to:

  1. describe and analyze relevant theories, philosophies, and practices of communication and public relations.
  2. communicate their thoughts clearly, succinctly, and persuasively in textual, visual and oral formats using appropriate style for the situation and medium involved.
  3. critically evaluate their own work and that of others for accuracy, clarity, appropriate style, grammatical correctness, and sensitivity.
  4. demonstrate ethical research, planning, and execution of public relations efforts that integrate faith with the responsibility to serve and engage communities and social justice globally

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Public Relations Requirements