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Communication Division

Graduate Programs


Welcome to the Communication and Media Production Graduate Programs' website. Aspiring communication professors, filmmakers, corporate managers, public relations and advertising executives and strategic thinkers . . . we can help you reach your goals!  Our selective programs provide a learning environment in which graduate students develop close relationships with mentoring faculty who are leaders in their disciplines and professions. An MA in Strategic Communication, or an MA in Media Production from Pepperdine is an excellent way to further your education and dreams.

    • The Master of Arts in Strategic Communication is a non-thesis program encompassing public relations, advertising, integrated marketing communication, and organizational, social, and political issues advocacy. The program allows students to gain advanced expertise for leadership in critical thinking, analysis, and practical skills essential to developing and implementing communications strategies that advance an organization's goals and mission. Minimum of 34 units.
      • Support mastery of knowledge in foundational strategic communication and media theories
      • Synthesize strengths of various theories, models, and principles to strategic communication applications
      • Critically analyze ethical and diversity issues, AND integration of faith related to strategic communication applications
      • Test the mastery of knowledge, skills, and research methods sufficient to carry out an original culminating project in strategic communication

Please take some time to look through the addtional information about each program listed on the left side of the page, or email Judith Tapper in the Communication Division Graduate Programs office for more information (

                                                               Denise P. Ferguson, PhD, APR

                                                               Graduate Chair