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Business Administration Division

Bachelor of Science in International Business

Program Requirements

The international business program requires 60-61 units, plus 7 units in GE courses. An integral part of the international business major is successful completion of at least eight units of study abroad.

The following courses are required for completion of the international business major. Upon successful completion of the standard lower division courses, pre-international business students may apply for full admission to the major.

Course IDCourse NameUnitsTerm
Lower Division Courses (27 units)
AC 224 Financial Accounting 4 F,SP
AC 225 Managerial Accounting 3 F,SP
BA 210 Introduction to Microeconomics (GE) 3 F,SP
BA 212 Business Computing Applications 2 F,SP
BA 216 Statistical Analysis for Business Decisions 4 F,SP
ECON 211 Introduction to Macroeconomics (GE) 3 F,SP
MATH 140 Calculus for Business and Economics (GE) 4 F,SP
MATH 141 Probability, Linear Systems, and Multivariable Optimization (GE) 4 F,SP
Upper Division Courses (33 units)
BA 321 Financial Management 4 F,SP
BA 355 Principles of Marketing 3 F,SP
BA 358 Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business 3 F,SP
BA 366 Organizational Behavior (WI) 3 F,SP
BA 447 International Finance 3 F,SP
BA 451
BA 452
Operations Management

Quantitative Analysis


BA 457 The Legal Environment of International Business 3 F,SP
BA 474 International Marketing 3 F,SP
BA 497 Business Policy, Strategy, and Ethics (RM) 4 F,SP
BA 598 Service Leadership Project (PS) 4 F,SP
Additional 7-8 Units from the Following:
BA 494 International Management 3 F, SP
COM 313
COM 514
Introduction to Intercultural Communication (GE)

International Communication and Negotiation


ECON 351 Global Economics 4 F, SP
POSC 344 International Relations 4 F, SP
POSC 446 International Organizations and Law 4 F
POSC 449
POSC 459
Ethics and International Politics

Religion and Politics in Comparative Perspectives


POSC 542 American Foreign Policy 4 F
REMINDER: As an integral part of the bachelor of science in international business degree requirements, the student is required to successfully complete at least eight units in a fall, spring, or summer residential program abroad. International students are exempt from this requirement.

The above program requirements are excerpted from the Seaver College catalog. This Web page is not an official binding document. To view the actual catalog visit:


Recommended Course Sequences - International Business Majors

Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the international business major will be able to:

• Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the fundamental concepts of accounting, business law, economics, finance, management science, management and organizational behavior, and marketing.

• Evaluate business issues from a transnational perspective, integrating multiple business disciplines, and be able to formulate business plans that incorporate appropriate response to cross-cultural differences and then communicate, and defend recommendations to decision-makers based on those evaluations.

• Produce clearly written, concise business analyses and deliver clear, well- organized, persuasive oral presentations.

• Recognize the importance of diversity and integrate their unique cultural backgrounds with those of other students and with faculty members to develop effective interpersonal and group interactions.

• Analyze business situations in keeping with professional standards and moral values and recommend appropriate courses of action.

• Engage in professional service.


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