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Business Administration Division

Contract Major: Finance

Program Requirements

A student will be considered for admission to the contract major in Finance after completion of 48 units of work, including the standard lower division course requirements with a grade of C- or better in each course, a grade of B or better in BA 321, and an overall grade point average of 2.5 in all classes taken at Seaver College.

Requests for admission will normally occur during a student's fifth semester and can be made during the semester in which the student is completing the required courses.  Final decisions will be made only after grades are received.  Only students accepted into the division will be permitted to enroll in BA 442, 447, 452, 497 and 598.  Students must complete at least 45 units at Seaver College following the signing of the  contract.

The contract major in Finance is an intensive course of study that requires 64-66 units, plus 6 units of GE classes.

Course IDCourse NameUnitsTerm*
Lower Division Courses (25 units)
AC 224 Financial Accounting 4 F,SP
AC 225 Managerial Accounting 3 F,SP
BA 210 Introduction to Microeconomics 3 F,SP
ECON 211 Introduction to Macroeconomics (GE) 3 F,SP
MATH 140 Calculus for Business and Economics (GE) 4 F,SP
MATH 141 Probability, Linear Systems, and Multivariable Optimization 4 F,SP
BA 216 Statistical Analysis for Business Decisions 4 F,SP
BA 212 Business Computing Applications 2 F,SP
Upper Division Courses (39 units)
BA 352
BA 366
Management Theory and Practice

Organizational Behavior


BA 358 Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business 3 F,SP
BA 321 Financial Management 4 F,SP
BA 355 Principles of Marketing 3 F,SP
BA 442 Financial Markets and Institutions 4 F only
BA 447 International Finance 3 F,SP
BA 448 Investments 4 SP only
BA 452 Quantitative Analysis 3 F,SP
BA 497 Business Policy, Strategy and Ethics (RM) 4 F,SP
BA 598 Service Leadership Project (PS) 4 F,SP
ECON 320 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory 4 F,SP
Additional 2 Courses (6-8 Units) from the Following:
BA 440 Real Estate Investment (Prerequisite BA321 or BA220) 4 F only
BA 449 Portfolio Management     (prerequisite BA 448 or consent) 3 F only
BA 450 Applied Portfolio Management    (prerequisite BA 449) 3 SP only
BA 456 Financial Derivatives 3 F only
ECON 412 Money and Banking 4 F only
ECON 429 International Trade and Finance (prerequisite ECON 320) 4 SP only

This web page is not an official binding document. All contract majors must be approved by Business Administration Division faculty in accordance with the Seaver College catalog. Please visit the catalog:

Questions? Please contact the Business Administration Division Office.

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