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The London Year Program

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The City

London is one of the world's largest and most important cultural and commercial centers. A global crossroad, London is an intersection of history and modernity, literature, culture, and world business. Students who study in the London program have the opportunity to experience the city's countless theatres, famous museums, numerous parks, varied shopping districts, and iconic tourist attractions such as British Parliament, the London Eye, the Tower of London, and Buckingham Palace.

56 Prince's Gate

Pepperdine's facility, 56 Prince's Gate is located in South Kensington, minutes away from the University of London's Imperial College of Science, Medicine, and Technology, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Museum of Science and Industry, the Museum of Natural History, Royal Albert Hall, and Hyde Park. The house is a Victorian Grade II listed building that underwent an extensive remodel in 2008. The house includes student dorm rooms, a kitchen, a student center, two classrooms, a library, the visiting faculty apartment, and the program office.


A light breakfast is provided in the house seven days a week which includes crumpets, bread, cereals, yogurt, juice, milk, jam, Nutella, bagels, cream cheese, tea, and coffee. Group dinners are provided at local restaurants on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Students receive money Digitally Disbursed to an account of their choosing for five lunches and two dinners during the week Monday through Friday. There is a kitchen available in the house for student use, should students want to prepare their own meals. Meals while traveling on weekends will be the responsibility of the student.

Educational Field Trips

A weeklong educational field trip (EFT) is included in both the fall and spring semesters of each academic year program. Typically, one EFT goes to a destination where the program language is spoken, while the other is to a neighboring country. Some locations students in the London program have visited in the past include Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Israel, and Jordan.

The Listening Summit

The Listening Summit is a three-day gathering in each location, with a select group of Pepperdine students and local college students from the program cities who are committed to listening and engaging with one another. The summit features distinguished speakers, cultural exchanges, and interactive discussions that leave the student diplomats with an enriched experience and new friends in their host city.

Cultural Outreach Opportunities

In all of our International Programs, students are encouraged to join local organizations or participate in activities that allow them to meet and interact with locals for a more intensive intercultural experience. There are numerous opportunities for students in London to engage with locals. For instance, the students have the opportunity to take equestrian lessons in Hyde Park. Also, adjacent to the London house is Imperial College, a thriving local university. Since our residential facilities do not have a gym or weight room, those students interested in fitness or simply getting in a good workout often choose to obtain monthly gym memberships through Imperial College. A nearby church, Holy Trinity Brompton, as well as All Souls Churches each have volunteer groups that the students can get involved with.

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