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The Heidelberg Year Program

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The Heidelberg Family

The City

Heidelberg is a historic city situated along the banks of the Neckar River in southern Germany. Heidelberg is steeped in history as the home of Germany's oldest university, which opened its doors in 1386, and to the world-famous Heidelberg Castle perched as a sentinel overlooking the storybook city center. Pepperdine's longest continuously operated program, Heidelberg has been hosting Pepperdine students since 1963.

Moore Haus

Three hundred yards from the entrance to Heidelberg's famous castle (Schloß), Moore Haus provides easy access to the bustling main street (Hauptstraße) of Old Town Heidelberg, but is located in the peaceful setting of a quiet, wooded neighborhood. The facilities in Moore Haus contain a library, a computer lab, administrative offices, dorm rooms, a student center, and a faculty apartment. Students attend classes in facilities at Hauptstraße 92, approximately a fifteen-minute walk from Moore Haus, in the heart of the busy Altstadt (Old Town).


A German-style breakfast is served daily in the house. This includes an assortment of breads, pastries, meat and cheese platters, cereal, fruit, and yogurt. Sunday through Thursday evenings, students eat dinner at an authentic German restaurant near the university. Each student receives a cash allowance Digitally Disbursed to an account of their choosing for lunches approximately five days a week. There is a kitchen available in the house for student use, should students want to prepare their own lunch. Meals while traveling on weekends will be the responsibility of the student.

Educational Field Trips

A weeklong educational field trip (EFT) is included in both the fall and spring semesters of each academic year program. Typically, one EFT goes to a destination where the program language is spoken, while the other is to a neighboring country. Some locations students in the Heidelberg program have visited in the past include Vienna, Oberammergau, Madrid, Israel, and Paris.

The Listening Summit

The Listening Summit is a three-day gathering in each location, with a select group of Pepperdine students and local college students from the program cities who are committed to listening and engaging with one another. The summit features distinguished speakers, cultural exchanges, and interactive discussions that leave the student diplomats with an enriched experience and new friends in their host city.

Cultural Outreach Opportunities

In all of our International Programs, students are encouraged to join local organizations or participate in activities that allow them to meet and interact with locals for a more intensive intercultural experience. Among the service projects the Heidelberg students take part in, actively supporting "Kinderreich" (Children's Kingdom) is the project in which our students have the greatest impact and give back the most to the Heidelberg community. "Kinderreich" is an afternoon program for underprivileged children, which meets in the Providence Church (the Protestant Church adjacent to the Pepperdine Classrooms). The Pepperdine students who decide to take part in this program are big brothers and big sisters to the children who meet there on weekdays. Beyond this, many students take part in "Christmas in a Shoebox" during the month of November (buying toys for children in developing countries, decorating the boxes etc.). This past year, students also organized a race to support orphaned children in Peru. In the past years, we have also encouraged the Heidelberg students to organize a service project of their own. Some examples are "The Run for Life" for cancer survivors in 2011 and collecting money to support the victims of the earthquake disaster in Haiti in 2010.

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