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The Buenos Aires Year Program

Buenos Aires

The Buenos Aires Family

The City

Buenos Aires is the dynamic metropolis of Argentina. The city offers a charming combination of European tradition and Latin flair. Home to the tango and often called the "Paris of South America" for its wide boulevards and active sidewalk café life, Buenos Aires is one of the world's greatest cities.

Casa Holden and Casa Olleros

Students in the Buenos Aires program reside with carefully selected homestay families. Pepperdine owns facilities located in the northern, upper-middle class Belgrano neighborhood. Casa Holden acts as a central location for students to meet for convocation, house church, and other events. The facility houses a student center, an auditorium, a computer lab, the visiting faculty apartment, and the program office. There is also a swimming pool and BBQ in the backyard. The Casa is near public transportation including bus stops and a subway station. Adjacent to Casa Holden is the other Pepperdine facility, Casa Olleros, where students take their classes. Casa Olleros features the Patagonia Library, four classrooms (Pampa, Cuyo, Noroeste, and Mesopotamia), and a large study area.


Breakfast and dinner are provided seven days a week at the students' homestays. Students will be given funds Digitally Disbursed to an account of their choosing for lunch and transportation during school days.

Educational Field Trips

A weeklong educational field trip (EFT) is included in both the fall and spring semesters of each academic year program. Typically, one EFT goes to a destination where the program language is spoken, while the other is to a neighboring country. Some locations students in the Buenos Aires program have visited in the past include Salta and Jujuy, Calafate, Patagonia, Rio de Janeiro, Peninsula de Valdez, and Ushuaia.

The Listening Summit

The Listening Summit is a three-day gathering in each location, with a select group of Pepperdine students and local college students from the program cities who are committed to listening and engaging with one another. The summit features distinguished speakers, cultural exchanges, and interactive discussions that leave the student diplomats with an enriched experience and new friends in their host city.

Cultural Outreach Opportunities

In all of our International Programs, students are encouraged to join local organizations or participate in activities that allow them to meet and interact with locals for a more intensive intercultural experience. In Buenos Aires, students have numerous opportunities to serve others in the local community and to engage with the Argentine culture. For example, one of the service opportunities students have is to volunteer for Luchando por una Infancia Feliz y con Esperanza (L.I.F.E.) Argentina, an organization that provides children's art classes, homework help, and organizes sporting activities in low income neighborhoods in Capital Federal and the Province of Buenos Aires. Another service project that students participate in is helping with community development projects and microloans in the rural community of Adulum; this is intended to help local people start their own businesses. 

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