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Academic Integrity

Welcome to the Academic Integrity Home

The Code of Academic Integrity at Seaver College is an integral part of the educational process. It makes possible an atmosphere conducive to the development of the total person through learning experiences. Since a person is more than intellect, learning is more than academic achievement. It includes achievement in all the qualities of an individual -intellectual, spiritual, ethical, emotional, and physical.

Seaver's Code of Academic Integrity provides among students, faculty members, and the administration a spirit of community where such development can take place. Furthermore, it creates a climate of mutual trust, respect, and interpersonal concern, where openness and integrity prevail.

This Code of Academic Integrity will enrich the educational process at Seaver College and encourage the development of a "Seaver spirit." This will lead to a pervasive sense of pride for and loyalty to Seaver's high standards of academic ethics, personal honesty, and spiritual values which imbue Seaver College as part of a Christian university.

The code emphasizes the dignity and development of each individual. The code maintains free competition and independent intellectual effort, not tolerating dishonesty, cheating, or plagiarism in any form. If intentional acts of dishonorable conduct occur, the code outlines infractions and clear-cut procedures as well as sanctions to censure such activity.

But, to be effective, the code must be maintained by the community. This requires a genuine sense of maturity, responsibility, and sensitivity on the part of every member. In particular, each member of the Seaver College community is expected to pursue his or her academic work with honesty and integrity.